The office party 

The office party never got beyond the boring stage. They never do when senior management pretend they are just part of the team like the rest of us wage salary slaves. No share bonuses in the company for us. I think we were celebrating ten years of the international business in Sydney, so some bright […]

Extra credit 

It wasn’t quite the end to the day that he expected. It wasn’t easy telling a student that her grades were sinking fast and that he was going to have to inform her parents that night that she would have to be dropped down a class. After all, they were paying a lot of money […]

Special delivery 

Christina’s fingertips were white, and she realized that she’d stopped breathing. She got up without grace, and walked to the receptionist’s desk. Her boss had her on the hunt for a very important package―one that, if not received today, made her fear what the rest of the day was going to be like. Knowing paloma, […]

Friday special 

​It was early in June. Dave and Lauren were both seniors at Caleb High School, about to graduate…when the shooting occurred. The morning of the shooting, it was raining. However, the rain could not overpower the excitement that was bubbling under the surface; the anticipation of summer break. For Dave and Lauren, it wasn’t just […]

The Judge 18+

The judge slipped into his coat and looked about his office close to the Turkish embassy .He was a careful man and cheated on his wife with the same attention to detail as he handled his cases.Nothing was left to chance. From time to time he did work for the security services and not all […]

DYKE affairs 18+

​Lisa was ashamed of herself, she did not know how it had come to this… She was 42 years old and felt like she had nothing to show for it. Nothing that is except a failed marriage and a job she hated, despite the fact that it paid very well. This was just not what […]

Weekend specials 18+ Ola 

Ola pulled up the church and stepped out of his Mercedes Benz C63 Amg, he wasn’t there for the sermon he was there for the babes there had to be a reason Femi nicknamed this church “Day by Day christain church of girls”Guy you nor come Lagos come look bridge o you already making this […]