Custom Story

As a writer I occasionally consider taking stories on a commission, as I have been asked by several people if I would be willing to write specific stories for them I thought I would write a page dedicated to this.



First off some things I will NOT write about

No child porn
No incest
No beastility
No rape


Here are some of the things I will do

Work with you to make sure that you have the plot points and details that turn you on Work with you to make sure that you are satisfied to the best of my abilities Make changes to the initial story to fit your needs Discuss things with you to make sure you get the most out of your money.


Standard Rate: N5,000

For the standard rate I will write a story that uses the specific facets that you want in the story, I will use the pictures you want and use the plot points you want, but I keep all rights to the story and may decide to use it on my blog or not as I desire.

Special Rate: N10,000

For the special rate I will do everything that I do for the standard rate but you get to keep the story between the two of us, I won’t publish it on my blog or anywhere.



At the end of the day erotica is an art form and I reserve the right to refuse any story that I do not feel comfortable with and/or declare a story done when I decide that it is done. This means that if after we have worked together and consulted you are still unsatisfied that is unfortunate but there are no refunds. Contact me if you are interested. +2348097550599 (whatsapp)
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