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It had been a month plus since they started the snob contest,not talking but steady stalking eachother the first name on his story was hers and the first name on her story was his..her pictures reminded him of the positions he put her in and her selfies reminded him of how her eyes turned white when he slides in ..Dammm this girl will be the death of me He thought as he watched her Whatsapp story he had to do something he had to make a move, experience had shown him that once they set eyes on each other the fire of their passion will once again be ignited, remembering how they got to the point of not speaking how he answered his phone and the voice on the other end had said yeah this is Chineye’s boyfriend the rain of insults that followed after that he honestly didn’t hear but for the part of don’t call my girlfriend again before the click of the dropped call, he wasn’t even sure how he felt ….they weren’t exclusive they were just fucking of course he liked her a lot but still no label to their relationship just good sex and so the beef started … He recognized the spot in her story she was in Farm city lekki phase 1 an hour from his place in Ikeja and like a guy guided by his Dick and not his brain that she might be with her boyfriend he grabbed his Car keys and off he went to Farm..he looked at his dashboard clock 12:45 am and hoped for the best..

Walking into farm city clueless of what to say or do he scratched his head thinking of how stupid he had dashed down without a game plan , spotting her at the far end with 3 female friends and some guy phew she was tapping away on her phone clearly bored,he was certain she wasn’t with the guy as one of the females had her hands over him clinging on to her property … He got closer taking in the sight of her beauty which was obvious even in the dark he said Hi Chi we need to talk ; she looked up at him her face filled with shock wow did you stalk me here she said her initial  shock was changing to Amusement , of course not he replied I was sitting across and just saw you  ,let’s go somewhere quiet he said while stretching his hands to pull her up hello guys he muttered to her friends and led her away towards the car park ..he wanted to be angry she never mentioned having a boyfriend but he couldn’t she looked amazing in the tight fitting white dress that he was certain will give him a heart attack.he opened his and they both got in.

Why didn’t you Tell me !! What the fuck Chi I felt stu……. she shut him up with a kiss and kept kissing him while he tried to rant .i missed you she said and I’m really sorry I should have told you , his brain froze he hadn’t seen it playing out this way, speechless I see she said as she took his hand and led it slowly to her thighs spreading her legs she let him feel how wet she was oh fuck he cursed under his breath let’s get out of here he said starting his car and putting his right hand back between her thighs slowly massaging her soaked cunt while he tried to stay calm and drive with his left hand to the nearest hotel he could find ….

 As soon as they got into the room He pulled her close, reached a hand to cup her breast and leaned to kiss her. There was a spark when their lips touched… a frenzy engulfed them they needed to be naked. Clothes were shed as their kiss turned passionate and needy. He needed to feel her naked body… the body that had tormented him for a month. She had to feel his naked body… that huge frame and carried his greatly appealing lower appendage. He reached for her waist and pulled her close, grinding his dick on her as their lips drew out scorching passion.

“I need to fuck you… I need to exorcise you from my thoughts…. Fack it! You drive me crazy” She pushed away from him and walked to the window; her naked ass bouncing with every step. He watched her, breathing deep and feeling his dick harden in a way he never thought possible. She turned to him with a warm smile and climbed on the bed, laying on her back and spreading her legs apart. He needed no further invitation. He joined her on the bed and braced himself above her. With the chemistry between them, he couldn’t be bothered with foreplay at that moment. All he wanted to do was ram into her. She raised her leg, bending them at the knees with her feet firmly planted on the bed. He leaned towards her, guided his dick to her pussy and pushed in slowly. Her moan was unexpected it wasn’t their first time but it was different did he get bigger … her eyes widened, her mouth fell open at the feel of him inside of her. Her expression almost made him cum so he closed his eyes to block out her face and thrust in deeper. Another moan escaped her, this time louder and more urgent. He couldn’t hold back… he rammed her hard; fucking her crazily, trying to hold back his cum as she screamed and grabbed his butt with both hands and circled her legs around his waist.
“You’re gonna make me cum…” he groaned out.
He rammed her a few times and groaned again in release. She pushed him out before he could cum inside her pussy. She sat up and grabbed his dick and tugged it gently, watching it in fascination as sperm shot out in spurts. She tugged at his dick again, as if milking an udder and he groaned. He reached out his hand to her and pulled her towards him. She allowed him hold her close and took his kiss eagerly. The mastery of his kisses amazed and aroused her once again. His hand reached down to touch her pussy. She was wet and ready for him. His dick hardened at her wetness but he wasn’t going to fuck her just yet. He wanted to savor every part of her. His kiss was fierce with longing drawing out a fiery response from her. He left her lips and kissed her earlobes softly, sucking them with a tenderness that almost made her scream out. She moaned and sank her teeth into his neck and bit him hard enough to leave teeth-marks. He groaned in pleasure and moved his lips to her nipples. He kneaded and sucked on them hard, feeling her waist buck under him with urgent need.
“Ooooohhhhh….. Oh shet…. what you do with your lips….Gawd!”
He smiled and moved down to her belly-button and sucked on it while his hands remained on her breasts. She grabbed one of his hands and slipped his thumb into her mouth. His head jerked up, their eyes clashing. He watched his thumb go in and out of her mouth.

“Come do that to my dick…” he whispered hoarsely.
She got up as he lay down on his back, crawled across him and placed herself in the 69 position. He looked up at her pussy, his heart beating at the anticipated taste of her juice. Eagerly, he grabbed her ass and pulled her down to taste her. She sank her pussy onto his face and gasped as his tongue touched her clit. She stroked his dick while he ate up her pussy with relish. She was supposed to be sucking on his dick but he was eating her so good that she could barely think straight. She felt him kiss and suck her pussy and screamed out in pleasure. Trying to quell her building orgasm, she decided to suck him off. She took him into her mouth and sucked for dear life. Orlando eased on her pussy and let out a groan.

“Suck that dick baby… suck it good.”

His voice encouraged her and she took him in deeper. He began to move his waist, making his dick go in and out of her mouth. She grabbed the base of his dick and sucked him madly, occasionally stopping to spit on it then taking it back into her mouth. He groaned again and buried his head in her crotch, kissing and sucking her core till he felt her shake on the verge of climax.

“Faccck it…. I’m gonna cum …”
“Cum for me baby. Cum all over my face… let me drink it up. Fack! You taste so good. I can eat you all day…”
He held her ass in place as she climaxed… dripping wetness all over his face. His dick was temporarily abandoned as she screamed and clawed her way through her orgasm before collapsing tiredly on his body. She was breathing hard, her lips dried and her throat parched with the force of the erotic moment. He gently turned her over, placing her on her back. She complied weakly as he lifted her leg on to his shoulder and positioned himself above her. She grabbed his hand and shook him slightly.
“Condom… Use a condom this time….”

He was breathing hard but he obeyed. He got off the bed and walked to his jeans on the floor and got a condom from the pocket tore off the foil and wore it hurriedly. He returned to the bed and pulled at her roughly…. his need desperate to be sated. Lifting her leg and placing it on his shoulder, he aimed his dick at her pussy and entered. She screamed and clutched at her pillow, feeling her breast jiggle and her pussy explode with the force of his thrust. He fucked her hard, fast and rough and watched her cry out in pleasure and spit out vulgar words that spurred him on.

“Oh shet…. fuck me fuck me good. Yeeeaaaaaah…. oh yeeaaaaah… Make my pussy whistle…. Fack! Fack!! Fack!!! Faaaaaack…….. Oh my gawd…. I wanna have your babies I swear!”
Her screams were fucking with his stamina. He tried to hold back his raging release.
“I’m gonna cum…. I’m gonna cum…. oh shet!”
Her whimper finally broke his resolve. He tumbled to the edge and they climaxed together… moans mixing with groans. He was breathing hard as he eased her leg away from his shoulder and removed the used condom. Then he lay beside her, pulling her close and wrapping her in warm embrace. They lay together, breathing hard and trying to catch their breath..he listened to the soft hum of the air conditioner and wondered what sort of relationship they had now 



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