Vanessa 18+

Sup dear
Good morning …..
So because you are fine you won’t reply somebody Abi?? One day one day you will get old and wrinkled
Adam wasn’t sure why he had just sent her that but after weeks of trying to slide into her DM without a response he had lost his cool babe kept reading and ignoring him 

*phone beeps**
You are a foolish ,stupid, nonsense human being and I hope you get hit by a truck
She had finally replied even though it was with an insult, he ignored it, he knew he deserved it he shudnt have come at her like that …three hours later she’s throwing subs on snapchat she had even given out his handle to her friends to join in the hurricane of insults today wasn’t going to be a good day Adam thought to himself as he turned off his phone Good thing he had never put up a picture of his face no more slidding into DM he thought out loud …
Saturdays were just the worse at the mall there was never anywhere to park and he hated the fact that Ads his bestfriend wanted them to chill there, after going round in circles for what seemed like an eternity Adam finally spotted a white truck pulling out from a spot he drew closer waiting for the truck to drive out so he could park but the very moment the truck pulled out ,a car pulled in before he could blink stealingaroundhis spot hornking and thrashing around in frustration in his car he drove else where as the driver of the car stuck out a middle finger and was lucky to get another spot at the far end of the mall.meeting up with Ada at Raposdy bar he gisted her about how is day had been sucking right from the insults to his stolen parking space until he noticed she wasn’t even paying attention to him rather she was snapchatting away as usual he immediately kept hush and focused on the game showing on the big screen 
My friend said she’s also in the mall and would stop by here before leaving Ada said like she suddenly realized he was there, he nodded without taking his eyes off the game, five minutes later the friend was sitting across from him and she was a sight to behold ,light skin full pink lips ,curvy with tattoos, he thought she looked familar but wasn’t sure he had seen those tattoos somewhere on snapchat,turning on his phone Which had Been off ever since he sent through his updates and saw her,shoot was the same girl dishing out thé insults to him that morning…quickly texting “she’s the girl I told you about” Ada replied “which girl??”  Nawa so you didnt even hear a word I said…. He was sure she wont recognize him none of his social media accounts had a picture of him and crazynigerian wasn’t his real name so he eased up a bit she seemed nice her name was Vanessa then she started gisting them about some idiot that insulted her that morning and how she finished him and also about some idiot that wanted to pick a fight at the parking lot because she was faster than him at his point Adam knew he was the idiot in both stories and it made him feel lower in his chair ..
 Ada this your Bestie Is cute o how come have never met him ?? He just moved back to Lagos Ada replied her eyes not leaving her 

while Adam pretended to be focused on the game ignoring the fact they talked about him like he wasn’t sitting right there he didn’t know when his eyes had wondered and was fixated on her chest and lips damm those lips ,Vanessa kicked his leg, young man what are you starig  at?? Adam started to stammer but then took control of his mind and blurted out,your face you are really pretty love your lips and nice boobs by the way,Ada sighed and called him a pervert before excusing herself to go to the little girls room. Vanessa felt weird at his boldness but proceeded to keep the conversation going , oh really ?? What about my lips do u like ?? Just wondering what it would be like to kiss them Adam replied lowering his voice, hmmm so you want to kiss my lips, yes I do ..the both of them.., both of them??she said then realized what he meant ohh she gasped feeling a thingly sensation between her thighs..Adam noticed her face flush red and on impulse he got up and asked her to follow him,taking her hand and passing Ada by the door he dropped a quick we are coming back now and in seconds they were down the stairs striding across the car park..where are you taking me too ? Vanessa asked shyly don’t worry you will soon see  ..still in tow Adam led her to renaissance hotel beside the mall brought out his card and paid for a room,Vanessa followed him like someone in a trance not sure why she wasn’t protesting or why she was following him to a hotel room when she just met him but the way he had twirled the words kiss both lips had put her in the trance she was currently in … soon they were in the room and she was expecting an awkward silence Adam seemed like a shy guy.he closed the door and asked her to sit down on the bed “about the lower lips I want to kiss ” he said before kneeling between her thighs pulling her shirt up and spreading her legs…using his right hands he slowly pushed her to lay down and pulled her closer with his left her skirt was at her waist and her panties had been flunged somewhere in the room as he feasted on her pussy all she could do was thrash and scream in pleasure..Adam worked his way on her cunt spitting licking sucking and finger fucking her hitting every pleasurable nerve in her body her pussy was pink and tight just how he liked it and he took his time on it, after what seemed like an eternity of orgasms he let her be and stood up dropping his pants and freeing his dick she gasped her eyes widened oh my it’s huge he smiled yeah I know and reached for the complimentary condom on the bed side table sliding it on with efficiency he lifted her off the bed her too legs on his each of his arms spreading them apart her hands on his kneck he slid in she grabbed on tight as he started to stroke each stroke hitting her gspot she was lost in it clawing his kneck  and back as far back as her hands could reach he was quite tall and she was well far from the ground and feeling the rush of another orgasm..oh fuckkkkk she screamed as she felt the wave, Adam put her down turning her back to him he slid back in right in d wave of her orgasm this sent her wild as he started to thrust really fast spanking her ass as he stroked  she bit and clawed on the pillow until she heard it tear just then he held on her waist and thrust one final time before emptying his load into the condom… falling to the side he caught his breathe and reached for his phone to send a text …Bestie I’ll be gone for a while I’ll text you … to be continued


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