Extra credit 

It wasn’t quite the end to the day that he expected. It wasn’t easy telling a student that her grades were sinking fast and that he was going to have to inform her parents that night that she would have to be dropped down a class. After all, they were paying a lot of money to send her to his school and they would be horrified to know that she was dropping down. But he had to tell them, it was his duty as her teacher.
As he got up from his desk, ready to leave, there was a knock on the door. “Enter” he said, and the door creaked open. Standing in the doorway was the girl, Charlie. She looked at him and said “Can I talk to you please Sir?”

He looked at his watch and said “Yes, I have a few minutes before I have to leave”

She walks in and stands there, looking scared… “Sir, it’s about my grades.”

He looks up from his desk. “We have discussed this earlier and you know I have to inform your parents how badly you are doing”

“But Sir, if they find out, I will be in so much trouble. Please give me one last chance to get my marks higher Sir.”

He looks up and sees she is sobbing a little, tears running down her smooth young face. He rises from his chair and walks round to her. Offering her a tissue, he tells her to sit on the chair, and he walks to the door and closes it. As the door clicks shut, she hears the key turn in the lock, and wonders why he has locked them in.

He walks back to his desk, but instead of sitting behind it, he lowers himself on the corner directly in front of her. He looks down and notices the buttons of her shirt are open a bit too far down and he sees the soft skin of her pert breasts cupped in her bra. He knows it’s wrong to stare but he finds it impossible to look away.

“I have given you too many chances to improve already” he says “so why should I give you another?”

Charlie looks up at him, her eyes still wet from her tears and says “I know Sir, but this time I would do anything to stop my parents finding out” and she crosses her legs slowly making her skirt ride up her thigh.

His eyes drop as her legs cross and he can’t help but notice a glimpse of white panties on her thigh, as he skirt has lifted just an inch or two too much. He feels a growing sensation in his groin and stands to try and hide it, her face level with his waist.

“You say you will do anything to stop me telling your parents, Charlie?” he asks as he feels his manhood still hardening.

“Oh yes Sir, I will, I will do whatever it takes to keep them from finding out”She looks up at him and nods, “Yes Sir, I understand. And yes, I agree. My life would be hell if you expel me Sir.”

“Very well, he says, you have made your choice and there is no going back now. Fulfil the tasks I set you and your grades will be improved.”

“Thank you Sir. What do you want me to do, tidy the desk, make tea for you?”

He looks down at her and puts a finger over his lips as if to say “Shhhhhhhh”

With her still sat on the chair, he reaches down and unzips the fly on his trousers and they fall to the floor, leaving him there with a bulging erection in his boxers. He slips them over it and his cock is inches from her face…. “Touch it, he tells her.

“But Sir, that’s, that’s, that’s wrong Sir”

“You agreed to my tasks, you do as I say now”

She is shaking a little but knows that she has to do as he bids or get thrown out the school. Her hand slowly moves to the tip and she touches it. She is shocked at how hard it feels. She had heard all about boys and their erections but this was the first time she had even seen one, let alone touched one.

“Hold it in your hand” he says “wrap your fingers round it and rub it”

Her tiny fingers take a grip and she begins to rub the shaft up and down, the foreskin covering then uncovering the deep red head of his cock. He closes his eyes and breaths softly with every stroke.

“Is this what you mean Sir” she asks, looking up at his face. He looks down at her and says ”Oh yes, you are doing that just right. But there is more to come. Now stand up.”

Her hand releases the throbbing cock and she stands as instructed.

“What do you want now then Sir”

“Unbutton your shirt and unzip your skirt for me Charlie” he says.

She knows that its wrong but she also knows she has no choice but to do as he tells her. With her hands shaking, she unbuttons her shirt and it falls open revealing her tight white bra. Her skirt falls to the floor when she unzips it and her little white panties are exposed.

“Take the shirt off”

She obeys and it lies next to her skirt on his office floor. She is left standing in her matching bra and panties, and the cold air makes her young nipples stiffen and press against the smooth cotton of her bra.

He takes a few seconds to look at her, then moves close, and his hand reaches out to rub over her erect nipples, teasing them with his fingers… She lets out a soft moan, she has only ever done this to herself, never has a man touched her there… She tried to hide it but the pleasure running through her veins is too much. Her breathing gets faster as he touches them, her breasts rising and falling with every touch. He reaches behind and with one flick, the bra comes undone and her small firm tits are free, free for him to suck on… his mouth engulfs them in turn, sucking and biting them softly. She has never felt such a feeling as this, and she moans over and over again…

He reaches for her hand and guides it back to his cock, and she knows what he wants… more rubbing. She takes a firm grip again and he feels even harder than before.

Having tasted her nipples, he is dying to put his tongue between her thighs, and he stands upright, and tells her to sit on the edge of the desk… She does as she is told once more, and he stands there, and looks down at the tight white triangle of cotton that is covering her young womanhood. There is a small damp patch there and he knows that she is ready… he kneels and slowly peels her panties down and her pussy is exposed, the soft wispy hairs slightly wet from her juices. He moves in and lets the tip of his tongue run over her lips, softly, gently and she gasps. He lifts her legs up and onto his shoulders and then he presses his face hard on to her… his tongue finds her clitoris and its hot, throbbing and feels as if she is on fire! She tastes so sweet and fresh. He is the only man to have eaten her and she can’t help but writhe with the pleasures his tongue is giving her.

Harder he licks and every so often he sucks hard on her clit… She is so close to having her first real orgasm. She had played on her bed on her own a few times but nothing ever felt as good as this…. Just as she feels the surge of her cum rising, he stops…… Why, don’t stop!!!! Keep licking me!!!

He stands up, lifts her off the desk and turns her round…… “Bend over” that’s all he says “Bend over”

With her pussy still aching Charlie bends over his big desk, and her pert little bottom is in the air… She feels him behind her, and feels that hard cock of his pressing against her cheeks… He reaches down and guides it, the tip nestling on her wet pussy lips, and then he pushes it in, an inch at a time, slowly, gently, until she feels the whole of his girth in her… She lets out a small whimper of pain as it hurts her… “Relax” he says” You are wet and that will make me nice and slippery”

She lets out a deep sigh and then relaxes a little, and she feels him pushing his cock in and out of her pussy… slowly it eases and the more he enters her, the wetter she becomes….She feels more relaxed and now finds herself pushing back to meet each stroke…. His hands grip her waist and he begins to really go deep….. His balls are hitting her cheeks every time he is fully in her…. She feels her body letting go and she knows she is close….. close to that explosion of her orgasm… She can’t help but scream out loudly as she cums for the very first time….

Harder and harder he fucks her… pounding deep… his balls are tightening too as her tight pussy muscles grip and milk him….. He knows he cannot allow his cream to shoot in her pussy so he pulls out….

“Kneel down” he tells her…. “Kneel down now and take my cock in your mouth….

She is so turned on that she sinks to her knees and takes that hard cock in her mouth, and sucks it like she had been sucking cock for years…. He holds the back of her head and fucks her mouth and he knows she will be getting his cum any second…. As the hot cum rises he holds her head tight in place and fills her mouth with his salty load…

Swallow it, he demands, swallow my seed… he keeps her head in place to make her drink his cum. She is swallowing fast as he has filled her moth with a full load of cum…

As the last drop oozes from the tip of his cock, he releases her head and his softening cock falls from her mouth….

She looks up and smiles, and asks “Have I fulfilled my tasks now Sir?”

He slips his clothes back on and say “Yes, for today. However if your grades fall againCharlie, you will have to come to my office again, do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I understand fully…”

He sits back behind his desk and tells her to go, and says he will be keeping a very close eye on her work from now on.

As she leaves she turns round, winks at him and says “I do hope my grades fall again very soon Sir”


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