Friday special 

It was early in June. Dave and Lauren were both seniors at Caleb High School, about to graduate…when the shooting occurred.

The morning of the shooting, it was raining. However, the rain could not overpower the excitement that was bubbling under the surface; the anticipation of summer break. For Dave and Lauren, it wasn’t just summer break that was so exciting; they were graduating! They were both going to college in october, and had been honor students, working their asses off throughout high school.

Dave was 18, and was secretly in love with Lauren. He stood at about 6’2. An athletic guy, Dave played basketball and football, and was a star player, admired by his fellow athletes…and the ladies. Dave, though, never fucked any of them. His virginity was miraculously still intact. He was content with waiting for “the One,” otherwise known as Lauren. So, he jacked off once or twice a day, sometimes at school, sometimes on the way to school, sometimes in the showers after practice. He didn’t care; he was 18, he was filled with testosterone, and he was horny as fuck. Guy’s gotta get off somehow.

Lauren wasn’t anything like Dave. She was artsy, and didn’t care about sports. She was a few months younger than Dave. She had just turned 18, and Dave had gotten her a necklace. It was beautiful; the little green jewel hanging on the end of it sparkled when the light hit it just right.

Lauren stood at about 5’8, Her body was in good shape, but it wasn’t like she looked like a supermodel or anything…but it was her face that was so intimidatingly beautiful. Big, glassy, blue-green eyes, pink lips, and a small, cute little nose that made her look almost like an angel.

Dave loved everything about her. Her small, perfect tits, her hips curving outwards into a fantastic ass, her legs that had been shaped from walking to and from school everyday. Dave thought that they were a perfect match, physically. Dave looked like Christiano Ronaldo did if he was black and lost about half his muscle mass; lean and gorgeous. Dave’s pecs led to an amazing six-pack, which was met with a bushy happy trail that led to an even bushier mass of pubes that he almost never trimmed. The man wasn’t getting any action (not because he didn’t have the opportunity, but because Lauren wasn’t in love with him), so he didn’t keep things tidy down there.

Little did he know, Lauren loved when guys didn’t shave their pubes. The essence of man, she thought, was how hairy he was. Although she wasn’t in love with Dave, she did think he was beautiful…she sometimes watched him play basketball in P.E., with his shirt off and his chest glistening with sweat…the thick tufts of hair underneath his arms almost certainly bereft with the scent of 100% man…the happy trail matted down with sweat, sticking to his beautifully flat stomach. She was sexually attracted to Dave, there was no doubt about that.

So, why hadn’t they fucked yet?

Lauren and Dave had been best friends since primary School, and neither of them wanted to destroy the friendship by (in Dave’s case) pursuing something more, or (in Lauren’s case) complicating things with sex. They were content with their relationship, at least, on the surface.

But on that rainy June day, Simon Adewale rampage would change their relationship.

Would they fuck? Would they kiss? Grow to profess their love?

Or…would one (or both) of them die?


It was just after 1st period. Everyone was packed into the halls. No one cared about class anymore; exams were over, graduation was almost upon them. Dave and Lauren walked down the hall, Dave on the left, and Lauren on the right.

“So what are you doing later today?” Dave asked routinely.

“Eh, I might go see a movie or something,” Lauren said, shrugging.

“Fuck, I’d go with you, but I’m out of money,” Dave said, irritated with the fact that he was broke almost all the time.

Stopping and looking at him, Lauren slyly looked at him, saying, “mm hmm…a backhanded way to get me to pay for you? Oh, I see what this is about, Dave…”

She walked away and Dave ran after her, yelling, “Hey! That’s not what it was at all!”

Giggling, Lauren said, “I know, dummy, come on, of course I’ll get your ticket! Shit, I’ve paid for you so many times before, why is this any different?” she said, punching him playfully in the arm.

“Hey, I’ve…I’ve paid for you other -” Dave began.

But he was cut off by the pop-pop-pop sound of Simon’s semi-automatic gun at the other end of the hall.

Everyone scattered, screaming. Dave grabbed Lauren’s hand and pulled her towards the Men’s Bathroom door.

“FUCK, what’s going on -” Lauren began.

“I don’t know, that sounded like a gun, we need to stay in here!” Dave replied intensely.

“I’m not dying in this goddamn school, for fuck’s sake!” Lauren exclaimed, as they ran into the last stall in the bathroom.

Looking down in disgust and flushing the toilet, Dave responded, “I’m not dying in this fucking bathroom.”

The gunshots sounded closer now. Screams, cries for help, yells of pain could be heard somewhere outside the bathroom door. For some reason, no one else had thought to come into the bathroom for cover. Dave and Lauren were alone. Lauren had her arms wrapped around Dave, who had thrown his backpack off of him as he entered the bathroom. He was wearing a t-shirt and athletic shorts. Lauren had on a tank top, and a long, green skirt.

Dave looked down and saw, around her neck, the necklace he had given her.

“Hey, you’re…you’re wearing the necklace I got you,” he said, surprised and happy.

“What? Oh…yeah. Thank you again for that,” Lauren said, looking up at him, smiling.

They stared at each other for a few seconds, until Dave finally said something.

“Lauren, I…I need to tell you something.”

Lauren let go of him and stood back.

“What?” she asked, anticipating what she knew was coming.

“Lauren, I…for as long as I’ve known you, I’ve…I’ve always -”

Lauren interrupted him. “Don’t use the L-word, please, Dave. We’re in high school. That’s really sweet that you feel that way about me, but…I don’t know -”

“What do you mean, ‘you don’t know’?” Dave asked, indignant.

“I mean, I don’t know how I feel about you! You’re my best friend, I couldn’t live without you! But…am I IN love with you? I…I just don’t know,” Lauren said, looking down.

Grabbing her face, Dave pulled her in for a kiss. She gasped, not expecting it – just as their lips collided, the BANG-BANG-BANG of the gun ended the kiss. Dave and Lauren grabbed each other, crouching down, terrified.

They listened as someone outside the door spoke.

“Simon, you…you don’t need to do this!”

“Ah, Principal Williams, thank you so much for coming to me. It saved me some time!”

“Simon, NO -”


The “thwop” of Principal Williams’ head slamming against the floor startled Lauren, and she pulled herself closer to Dave. She looked up at him.

“Dave, I…I don’t know what to say about that except that…”

Dave looked at her, scared both of Simon and her answer.

“Lauren, what are you trying to say?”

“I…I liked it.”

Dave’s heart filled up with something at that moment, something that felt stronger than anything that could come from a gun. He looked at her.

“Lauren, you have no idea how happy that makes me!”

She pushed him away playfully. “Yeah, well…it took a fucking school shooting to get that -”

Dave laughed nervously, hugging her.

“Yeah, well, I’m not dying a virgin!”

Lauren pulled away and looked at him. After a second, Dave laughed.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding!”

Lauren’s face didn’t change, except for her mouth, which started moving.

“I don’t think you are.”

Dave looked at her, realizing what she meant, and his eyes widened.

“Lauren, what…what are you saying?”

Lauren’s mouth curled upwards into a mischievous smile. Sexily biting her bottom lip, she inhaled quickly and ran her hand through Dave’s hair, saying:

“I think I can help you out with that.”

Lauren slipped her hands down his shorts feeling the length and size of his dick ..oh my she gasped you are huge she smiled before dropping down on her knees and pulling his Dick out and putting it into her mouth Dave held on to the bathroom door the wave of pleasure had caught him unaware  years of watching porn hadnt prepared him for the pleasure he was experiencing, Lauren sucked harder on his Dick making smacking sound that drove Dave mad.soon she was done and on her feet with her back to him and her skirt raised to her waist her panties moved to the side she urged him in ..Dave held his Dick and aimed ..urrghh wrong hole u idiot she yelled, shsshhh don’t let him hear us he whispered  to her,Lauren held his dick and guided him slowly into her waiting cunt already dripping dint spreading her legs and tilting her waist to adjust to his enomorous size..Dave’s eyes turned white as he started to move his senses where going haywire he was lost in it the pleasure was insane ..2mins later he grunted lauren am Cuming, dont you dare cum or ill kill you am enjoying this She muttered inbetween moans ..but i cant help it Dave managed to mumble before Spilling his seed into her womb.

 Lauren stood there pissed and sulking he had cum too fast Which was understandable considering it was his first time, Dave knowing he had fucked up had no idea What to say … dad is out of town until tomorrow am home alone and i know Where he keeps his Viagra .Lauren’s eyes brightened She held his hands and dashed out of thé toilet She was détermined to get some.

 As they opened the toilet door there stood Simon adewale holding a gun in one hand his Dick in another standing over the principal’s body he had been wanking to the sound of them fuck…they be continued#crazinigerian 7B832669


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