The Judge 18+

The judge slipped into his coat and looked about his office close to the Turkish embassy .He was a careful man and cheated on his wife with the same attention to detail as he handled his cases.Nothing was left to chance. From time to time he did work for the security services and not all of it was savoury .for many reasons it was wise to be circumspect.

 In the underground car park he selected the keys to the old Toyota Camry.only the attendant knew about the Camry and he was topped to the eyebrows.the world in general, his police detail clueless that his boss had stepped out and certainly his family, associated the judge only with his Landcruiser prado which was the standard issue for judges in the state.

Two Years ago, driving home through maitama extension in the early morning ,the judge had chanced to pass a young prostitute named zita. Whether it was his mood at the time, the flux of the moon , or merely the effect of hid headlights on her thighs ,he did not bother to ponder .she possesed a magnificent body, pert little breast and shoulder length hair, he later discovered that Zits alternated a wardrobe of wigs but by then he was hooked .

His table of Rotarian colleagues met on Tuesday evening for nine months of the year and since the judge had never looked at another woman his wife in their appointed flat in asokoro was not suspicious.He developed a routine.once away from the office he exchanged his well tailored suit for a scruffy old blazer and cap that lived in the  Toyota Camry.Thus transformed, he felt h safe from recognition and titillated by the touch of the bizarre, the forbidden, that enhanced the who procedure.

He ceased to be bothered by middle aged feelings of rusting away.Life wad no longer a mundane groove.should he be discovered in pursuit of his perversion .his career and his marriage would joy survive the shock.he savoured indeed nurtured the risk on much the same way as a climber relishes a dizzy void 

Fearing the darker less accessible parts of Mpape the,the judge habitually cruised the main thoroughfares, he invairiably  chose tall ,fair prostitutes à hangover peharps from Zita who had  killed herself not long after introducing him to thé dubious pleasures of thé night .He grew to love thé alien smell of thé earth and thé sounds of thé Forest as he pounded away in thé scrub.To thé judge sex without thé thrill of being caught wasnt sex atall.

 The young lawyer stepped into the vast office space of thé judge ,she had caught  the judge’s attention in court and he couldnt hold back his smile if he was being honest She reminded him of Zita her pert breast and firm thighs tall and light skinned and he couldn’t stop thinking how much he wanted to fuck her standing up she was a far cry away from the girls he had in the bushes every Tuesday night she was sophisticated she would be difficult and if he was being honest he had no idea how to proceed.

She had noticed his constant gaze on her as the case went on ,she had caught him a number of times licking his lips as he gazed on and initially she had felt uncomfortable but then she realized he was just what she needed to move her career forward ,this was proven when he delivered his verdict in her favour and quietly sent for her to come into his office, she knew what he wanted it was what every man wanted and what she had no problem giving it to him if he meant more cases in the bag she had fucked her way through law school now she was going to fuck her way to the top.

 I know why you called me sir, the young lawyer said smiling while fondling with her gown ,the judge adjusted on his seat not sure what next to say he hadn’t pictured it going this way he had even contemplated drugging her but this was far from what he had expected,she walked to his seat and planted a kiss on his forhead and reached down to his crotch he closed his eyes taking in the sudden wave of pleasure as she unzipped him and slipped her hands into his pants releasing his Dick which was in good shape for a man of his age maintaining eye contact with him she went down and slipped his Dick into her mouth stroking and sucking him while making muffled moans of pleasure the judge’s mind was a haze of colours he couldn’t remember the last time he had such intense pleasure the girls of the night had offered him some but none this good soon the lawyer had lifted her gown and sat on his Dick,he was about to utter his objection for the lack of a condom but then she started to move and his mouth couldn’t find the word, just then he realised his office door wasnt locked and his secretary could come in ,the thrill of the  danger of being caught ignited a wave of pleasure in him and soon he was offloading his seed into the lawyer who he didn’t even know her name.

 She stood up and walked into his bathroom 3 minutes later she was out all cleaned up adjusting her gown and hair she said “I have a case on Tuesday In your court sir I hope you know what to do” smilled and walked out. The judge smiled to himself knowing he had found a new fetish he just might have to ditch the old Camry in the parking lot..


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