Weekend specials 18+ Ola 

Ola pulled up the church and stepped out of his Mercedes Benz C63 Amg, he wasn’t there for the sermon he was there for the babes there had to be a reason Femi nicknamed this church “Day by Day christain church of girls”Guy you nor come Lagos come look bridge o you already making this money smash some chicks he heard femi’s voice echo in his head and smiled…

  Fresh out of the university of Ibadan ola got a juicy position with NNPC and in 7months was already making so much money,he recently got posted to Lagos and hooked up with his childhood friend Femi the original prototype of a “Yoruba demon” who kept ringing into his ears how he needed to come to his church and see fine babes and so he did dressed from this shoes to cufflinks in designers he stepped into the church did a quick scout and sat beside the finest babe he could see completely ignoring the usher who was directing him elsewhere….

By the end of service Ola had gotten her name and number and even dropped her at home before placing a call to buddy Femi to share the good news..Guy u suppose dey believe my government when I word you na was all femi kept saying till the call ended …Ola had agreed to pick and hang out with Esther the babe from church later that evening by 6pm he Still could bot believe how easy it had been for him, he drove down to her house mentally hailing and hyping himself ,texted her hé was outside and his jaws dropped damm She was even hotter in her short gown showing her yellow thighs and his Dick nodded “i concour” 30mins later he was in Victoria island  at a spot Femi had recommended for him sipping his drink and trying to have à conversation with her She really didnt talk much just smiled and nodded most of thé conversations hé was starting to feel like à chatter Box when She asked him which oil company He was with he replied NNPC with thé smile he loved to give when ever he called thé name,she smiled and brought out her phone dialing à number she asked him do you know usman and Ibe ??? Now Ola was confused…should i know them he asked in reply…usman baby how re you love?? one of your small boys here is disturbing trying to snatch me from you..ok ill send his name She drops thé call and mâkes another Hello Ibe ,kachi baby how re you??? Thén it dawned on Ola ,usman tanko, Ibe kachukwu GMD of NNPC and minister of petroleum ahhhh the oga of all his Ogas ignoring every one around Ola quickly went on his knees and started begging, he didnt want to be posted to sokoto office or even worse Loose his job for dragging babe with his oga

Esther smiled and ended the call promising to call ibe really soon,

“Say Yes ” someone shouted they must have thought he was proposing with him on his Knees ah they had no idea,…handle the bill and meet me by your car she ordered Ola standing up and walking away,he hated himself for looking at her swinging ass,he made a call to femi and quickly narrated his ordeal while settling the bills, Femi was no help only told him inbetween laughter to keep begging,the bill came 12k for drinks..what’s wrong with this people he thought and rushed down to meet her, you kept me waiting she snapped angrily at him, am sorry the waiter delayed, make a turn here she ordered,she had taken the job of GPS since they got in the car and ordered him to stop begging or she would send his name to her Aristos..Gbese,soon enough they were at the reception of fountain hotel,that would be 10,000 sir the receptionist told him,he didn’t have any cash left on him so he gave her his card to swipe,alert came in he checked and he almost popped a nerve 3.5mil naira out of his account,what did you do !!!?? you said its 10,000naira he yelled at the receptionist,No sir its 10,000dollars for the room sir not Naira we don’t accept Naira here she said pointing to a sign behind her, Mogbe!! His inner ibadan was coming out he was about to fight,shutup or ill make another call esther’s voice cautioned him..he sheepishly nooded and followed her behind carrying her bag his eyes red with tears..he met the Devil in church he kept muttering to himself, soon as they were in the room she picked up the menu called the kitchen and ordered for some food, by Now Ola was on his knees again pleading”please ill do anything don’t send my name,I have an aged mother am training my siblings through school I can’t afford to loose my Job” Esther kept tapping her iphone he saw the ocassional flash light come on he knew she was putting it all on snapchat,but he didn’t care….the food was here the waiter holding a POS machine, what’s that for he pointed at it asking the waiter,the surprised waiter replied the bill sir,that would be 900dollars sir ahh for food??? As this room take cost the food nor free??? Shut up and pay him or else!! Esther’s voice tamed him once more holding back tears he gave his card to be swiped again the alert came in 320k naira he swallowed the Lump in his throat sat quietly and growled at the waiter who was waiting for a tip to get out,he just sat there looking at her wondering how someone so beautiful and quiet could be so evil, she just ate the meat drank a cup of water and dumped the rest in the trash calling it crap food,ah 320k crap?? he felt a tear drop and wiped his eyes..she walked up and laid on the bed putting her hand on this back she promised not to get him fired if he does everything she wants he nooded she smilled and undressed laid on the bed and spread her legs,oya starting eating she commanded, ola had never eaten a pussy before he didn’t know what to expect but he was sure they shouldn’t smell so bad,he was choking she wrapped her thighs around his kneck locking him in place as she twirled her body in a  pleasure which was obviously one sided,now he was crying. Trying to free himself but she didn’t let go until a spasm of orgasm flowed through her then she let go, gasping she told him to undress,her stinking pum had caused a derection for him and she held his dick in her hands hissing so this is small thing you want to use to toast your aunty eh Olaa,choi small gal 24 years just called herself his aunty,he shook his head in sadness and managed to say “am sorry ma,it would get bigger” now lie down she ordered him again and sat on his face riding his face with her pussy,Ola was choking and seemed like everything he felt the life leaving him she gave him a little space to breathe then continued, your dick isn’t hard she snapped at him after reaching back to feel it,if it doesn’t get hard in the next 1minute ill call your boss and make sure you are not only fired but no one else would hire you not even as a sales boy,on hearing that,ola wasn’t sure how he did it but his dick was rock hard she touched it smiled and scooted back and sat on it giving him a firm warning if you cum without my permission you are finished in this country…then she started to move he had to admit she had skills but now he had one more reason to be scared aside from his Job he prayed she didn’t give him stinky pussy disease all this thought took his mind far frm the sex which made holding back his cum much easier as she gave him orders on different styles she wanted until she finally allowed  him to cum,go and wash up and come back to bed,her final order to him,she was asleep,when he got back he searched his jeans on the floor for his phone and texted femi detailing his experience with the hotel food and sex,”she sabi fuck??shey you enjoy am ?make I come enter set?” Was Femi’s reply he quickly blocked and deleted his number he didn’t need that kinda friend in his life..Ola went to bed and dreamt he was selling Corn on the streets.

 Later that night He felt her mouth on his dick and laid steady pretending to be asleep hoping she would let him be,he felt her sit on his dick and rode her self to orgasm not minding if he was awake or not.. By the time he opened his eyes that morning she was dressed and eating breakfast,don’t worry I paid for this she said with a smile,huh how come she was nice this morning he went into the shower had a quick bath and got dressed,soon enough he was driving to Yaba to drop her in school,don’t worry baby I won’t send your name to them she said as he dropped her infront of her lecture hall Ola rushed out to open the door for her and dobáled thanking her for forgiving him she pulled him up and kissed him on the cheeks call me later bae she said as she walked to class,Ola drove out of Unilag. Throwing his simcard out the window and headed straight to work to type his letter seeking transfer to another state


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