His eyes nearly popped out of his head as she tossed the white top of herswimsuit onto the shore. He had thought shewas joking when she had suggested that they go skinny dipping out here in the middle of nowhere. Her large, fullbreastshung proudlyexposedon her chest, the pale white flesh showing the part of her body that was normally covered when she was outside. Although her swim suit had been skimpy enough to do little to conceal her body he had never actually seen hernaked. Every time he had tried previously she had said she wasn’t ready yet, and though frustrated he had honored her decision. Her thick brown hair cascaded down, already dripping from thewaterthat still covered her past her knees. The remaining cloth clung to her body, betraying the full pouting lips of her concealed pussy. She gazed at him, measuring his reaction to her sudden decision before reaching down and slowly removing what was left of herswimsuit. As she stood before him, completely exposed to the warm summer air he felt hiscockharden in response. Quickly casting aside his own dampswimsuithe joinedher in the shallow water of the pond…



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