Part 3 18+ the Nanny(Bondage)

Things started escalating after the threesome as these things usually do. We spent almost every waking second together, every second we could without arousing suspicion, thankfully my mother was as deliberately obtuse as ever, ignoring our comings and goings so long as we did not bother her, or interrupt her precious schedule. Of course we were more than happy to oblige her in this respect…Our favorite pass time was.. of course…sex. She would try on different outfits, modeling expensive underwear until I could resist my baser impulses no more and would rip them off of her. We would spend the rest of the time entangled in each other, our bodies merging into one glorious being.But after awhile I wanted more. Sex, regular sex that is, simply was not enough for me anymore, I wanted it to get more kinky, more dirty, more degrading. I discovered a love of powerand control of the darkest kind. Thankfully she was more than willing to oblige me, becoming my obedient sub as we explored the world of BDSM together.I remember the first time we truly went down that path…Like so many other times she was modeling for me, a skimpy silver bra that did very little, if anything, to cover her massive breasts. It was almost ludicrous to pretend that it was for anywhere other than the bedroom as the dark circle of her areolas peeked around the silver fabric, not that I minded of course.My cock swelled in my pants as I watched her pose in the bra, her breasts swaying seductively, rocking as she posed for me this way and that. The site of her body, as it always did filled me with a relentless lust, the desire to possess her again and again never quite being satisfied no matter how many times we fucked.She could tell that she was turning me on, somehow she always knew. She dropped to her knees in front of where I was sitting, pulling aside the silly pretense of a bra and exposing her breasts to me. My cock jerked inside the prison of my pants, straining to free itself, a task which she facilitated. She released my cock, pressing it between the firm flesh of her breasts.She rose and fell, sliding the length of my cock between her tits, my precum serving as ample lubrication to aid her task. I grabbed her roughly, thrusting more passionately against her, the force of my thrust pushing the breath from her lungs in a sudden gasp of surprise.Her eyes met mine and I saw my passion mirrored there. She always knew how to push my buttons, to turn me on in ways that no one else had ever been able to match. The soft, warm flesh of her breasts surrounded my throbbing cock, which threatened tospew cum across her ample bust, but I was not ready for the fun to be over justyet…I pushed her back, freeing my cock from her cleavage. She gave me a confused look, in all of our time together, all of the multitude of times we had fucked, I had never denied her my cum before. I answered her confusion by standing and crossing to my dresser. Reaching inside I returned with a long length ofrope.She eyes me warily, but the confusion that had been present earlier was now slowly being replaced by excitement. I stripped her bra from her, ripping the flimsy garment from her body with wordless passion, and set to work binding her. With careful hands that showed nothing of my nervousness, I wrapped her body in coarse rope, circling her flawless body and binding her hand and foot. I was deliberate in the placement of every knot, every twistand every turn, carefully replicating the patterns that I had researched online. When I was done a crude harness circled her breasts, circling around and binding her arms together. I was proud of my work, as it rendered her completely at my mercy.She looked up at me, her arms tightly bound behind her back, and again I could see my lust mirrored in her eyes. She was eager to be ravaged, to be used, an obedient fuck toy.“Open your mouth.” I commanded firmly.She obediently spread her lips, her tongue emerging, ready to take my cock again as she knelt helplessly in front of me.I placed my hands on either side of her face, taking her head firmly. She moaned softly at my touch, already filled with urgent lust, ready to be used. Placing the tip of my cock against her lips I teased her, restraining her and preventing her head from moving forward to envelope my cock. She moaned again, this time in frustration instead of desire, and at last I permittedher to lean forward. Her lips wrapped hungrily around my shaft, taking all of my length into her mouth until shegaggedslightly as my rigid flesh hit theback of her throat.Though with foreplay I pushed her backwards and was rewarded with a squeal as she fell helplessly to the flooron her back, unable to resist with her hands still bound behind her. She struggled to sit up, her enormous breasts swaying in their rope prison as she flailed helplessly about.I lifted her, one strong arm encircling her waist, and carried her to the bed. Dropping her unceremoniously onto the bed I wasted no time in spreading her legs. The smooth bare skin of her pussy greeted me, her lips already swollen and inflamed with her lust. I slipped the head of my cock between her outer lips, gathering her moisture before thrusting into her. My cock slammed into her, the wet smack of flesh filling my ears as her cunt devoured me. She moaned loudly, her unstated desire to be fucked being realized at last.Bound as she was she could do nothing but lay helplessly as I assaulted her pussy. Unable to do anything more she was reduced to moaning encouragement as I drove into her. Her breasts bounced enticingly with each thrust, silently urging me on.I decided that things needed to go to the next step, I reached into the bedsidetable and pulled out a little redball gag. Her eyes widened as I presented her with the gag but she obediently openedher mouth to accept the small red ball. Ipressed it between her jaws, gently but firmly pressing it in as far as it could gobefore securing the strap behind her head. A muffled moan escaped her that could have been one of protest or desire.I flipped her over and she obediently raised her hips to present her tight littlehole to me. I thrust into her again, the gag reducing her to unintelligible grunts and groans. She shuddered several times in what was unmistakably an orgasm, though I neither noticed nor cared. I was lost in the rise and fall of our bodies, the wet sound of our copulation and her grunts filling the room. She struggled with her bonds but I had tied her securely and she could do nothing.“I am going to cum!” I moaned loudlyHer eyes widened at the pronouncement and she struggled furiously to free herself. I ignored her silent protest and slammed my cock deeper into her hole, thrusting until my cock exploded in a glorious climax erupting within the tight confines of hercunt. She ceased struggling the moment she felt the wave of molten cum inside of her, the tidal wave of semen pushing her over into another climax of her own and the wet heat filled her.We collapsed together, her still in her gag and bonds, my semen flowing out of her as we lay next to each other on the bed.I am not sure if there is a heaven, but if there is it is between her legs.



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