Midweek specials LuSt 18+

As she slipped her leg through the sheerblackpantyhose, the man admired her steady gestures from afar, making certain she did not catch his watchful gaze. She had chosen to wear ablack, laced matching set, which caused his erection to increase in size. What the woman had failed to realize; she had worn his favorite set. Grasping the brush, she tilted her head to the right, her long hair cascading over to her shoulder.Quietly, the man strode into the room, his eyes unfaltering from her backside. He leaned forward slightly, careful to remain silent. Once his cool breath reached the nape of her neck, the woman froze, her body stiffening immediately. Her eyes drifted to the right, and as she met his piercing eyes, the woman grew startled by what she witnessed. In his eyes alone, she could decipher the intense desire he possessed for her at that moment. Attempting to catch a breath, her heartbeat quickened. Not once had a man peered at her with extreme passion. She knew right then how much the man was devoted to her.The couple stared at one another, silently admiring before he leaned closer to her, his chest purposely brushing her backside. The man sensed her body shudder against his, moving towards her neck. He was eager to place his marks all over her soft, bare skin. Closing her eyes, the woman anticipated for his lips to touch her skin. She gasped as his teeth unexpectedly sunk in, her nerves tingling as the slight pain traveled through her body. He proceeded to ascend to her ears, drawing in the earlobe before circling it with his tongue.“Can I have you?” the man pleaded, whispering huskily.Speechless, the woman nodded, afraid her voice would break from every emotion racing inwardly. Turning about, he picked her up swiftly, moving towards the armchair. As he sat down gently, he placed her on top, her legs tightening against his waist. Gazing into her eyes, the man detected how they were filled with lust, her body willingly giving itself to him.He slid her hidden bud out of the laced bra, stroking the hardened nipple with his thumb and forefinger. As the woman bit her bottom lip, she strained not to screech in pleasure. Her hips went about in a circular motion, movingagainst his throbbing erection. For a second, this caused the man to lose hissense of mind. He roughly whipped her left breast out, hungry for a taste of the woman.Her moans intensified as her body trembled, her hands reaching out to grab his full hair tightly. The man guided his hands downward, preparing to stroke her pearl until he felt the area had been moist to the touch.  Gripping herpanties, he ripped them off carelessly, tossing it to the side. Snatching his member out from the briefs, he lifted the woman slightly before placing his manhood near her opening, slowly inching his way in. Every second that passed by grew unbearable for the woman.Attempting toforceherself down upon him to feel him completely, his grip tightened around her slim waist prompting her to cease. She whimpered as she felt her walls close in tightly around him, her secretions causing the stroke to slide through easily. When the man had reached his full potential, he wrapped his arms around the woman’s midsection, thrusting at a slow, steady beat. She mounted his member, pushing herself against him as he penetrated in and out.The speed quickened and as the man decided to bring out his wickedness, heviciously rammed back and forth. The woman reached towards his back, her fingers digging into it as she unconsciously left her marks on it as well. The man understood; she was indicating anorgasmwas drawing near. Emanating with sweat, the two continued to please one another, as if designed to be as one. He kissed her sensually while he pounced back and forth repeatedly, sending her in hysteria. For a brief moment, her body remained still, inhaling deeply while hereyes closed from the tremendous euphoria spreading throughout. At last, the woman burst onto the man, her guttural moans filling the room. He continued on before he erupted into herseveral seconds afterwards.  Leaning forward towards the woman, the couplesat still while their eyes met once again, their gaze unwavering until she softly kissed his lips.



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