Sunday specials… Daddy issues 18+

It was wrong! Utterly and completely wrong… and yet, that was partly what made it so good…The girls have beenfriends since the jss1. I had literally watched them grow up together. Now don’t get me wrong , I am no pedophile, I am not into underage girls. But man did puberty hit her like a ton of bricks.One day she is a skinny little 12 year old, the next day she is a 19 year old with a set of double D’s. I tried not to notice at first. Averting my eyes whenever they strayed to her chest or her exposed cleavage. But damn she made it tough.She seemed to relish my discomfort, wearing hardly anything at all, as if she was daring me to look. The worst was the summer we had thepool put in, I swear she was over almost every day, and that bikini might as well have been made out of dental floss for all that it covered. My daughter, bless her heart, never really seemed to notice my discomfort. Something for which I am eternally grateful.What I never expected was the looks I started getting back. She started noticing when my eyes would drift, and instead of being angry, or embarrassed,she was… aroused is really the only word that fit… She would find some excuse to touch herself, adjusting her bra or outright playing with her tits when she caught me watching her. After awhile she started finding reasons to touch me, putting her hand on my arm while laughing at a joke, or hugging me goodbye and pressing her whole body against mine. After awhile I gave in, after all I am only human.It was the shower that did me in for good.It was after a day of swimming. I guess I should have realized something was up since both of the showers were in use, but honestly I never once expected that it would be her in my shower, my wife maybe, but never her. I snuck in there with the intention of surprising my wife with some quick, wet fun, but what I found was my undoing, and it will stay with me until my dying day. She was so perfect it was almost wrong. Her breasts stood proudly on her chest, seeming to defy gravity and stand upright despite their size. The sun had left her body deeply tanned, with only the pale outline of her bikini etched into her skin. The water coursed over her body in rivulets,leaving twisting and turning trails over her flesh that my fingers instantly longed to follow. She hadn’t heard me enter, the sound of the running water lending me a blessed amount of stealth. I stood there far longer than I should have, my eyes traveling over every curve of her fresh, young body as if I was desperate to etch the image of her into my very soul. Her hands slipped and slid over her flesh in an unseemly display, leaving a lingering trail of soap in their wake. I don’t know if it was wishful thinking, but as her hand slipped between her legs I swear Isaw her lips part in ecstasy and desire that could never have been born out of a desire to be clean.In the end it was my unholy lust that did me in, my desire to take in every inch ofher that led to my downfall. If only I had turned around and left as soon as I realized it was not my wife in the water’s steamy embrace, perhaps I would never have fallen into temptation. But her body worked its unholy magic upon my soul and from the moment my eyes found her exposed before me I was lost. As I stood in the master bathroom stroking my growing cock and watching her until, at last, she became aware of my presence. By any normal expectation she should have screamed, or yelled, or cursed at me. At the very least she should have made some effort to cover her body, but she didn’t…I rushed from the bathroom with the sound of my blood pounding in my ears. I knew that I was lost, but even with my damnation assured still my mind would not turn away from thoughts of her, the image of her soapy flesh haunted my eyes.I sat on my bed, waiting for the inevitable confrontation and hung my head in shame, though I could find no solace behind closed eyes. In time the shower stopped and the bathroom door opened.She stood before me, wearing only a pale pink shirt that did nothing to obscure the fact that she wore nothing beneath. The twin peaks of her nipples pressing through the sheer cloth. She stood before me and our eyes met, mirror images of ecstasy and desire shining within. With shaking hands I reached out to her, I ached for her to stop me, to save me from myself, but I encountered no resistance as I reached out and pulled her shirt down, exposing her to me once again.She backed away from me and in one swift movement she pulled her shirt up and over her head, exposing her enormous, and downright perfect, young body. She sat before me in youthful glory. The fresh scent of soap filled my nose and her flesh still had a hue of pinkness brought on by the showers embrace. She waited, pausing to see what I would do next. I could somehow tell that she had been hoping for this, waiting for some pretense, for along time, and while I was terrified she was ecstatic. Perhaps she had “daddy issues” but the fact that she lusted after me as much as I lusted after her was erotic.“What do you want me to do?” She asked, her voice meek and submissive.“Suck my Dick…” I ordered, my voice quavering with a mixture of lust and terror.“Yes sir…” she responded.My heart thrilled at my words. Although my love life with my wife was mostly fulfilling she had always resisted my secret desire to dominate, to possess, and thus left that urge unfulfilled. How this young woman instinctively knew what to do, what to say, I will never know, but the effect was immediate. I could feel my dick straining in my pants, fighting against the cloth in a bid to be free.She dropped to her knees in front of me, pulling my pants down and exposing my engorged manhood. She made a primal sound of satisfaction at the sight of my arousal and pulled my cock into her mouth with unsavory haste. I nearly ended the afternoon right there in her pretty, young mouth. The sensation of her tongue on my shaft was almost more than I could take. Although I had thought of her as mostly innocent, after all I had watched her grow up, she clearly knew her way around a dick and she fellated me with a passion.“Stop!” I commanded as I felt the urge to cum rising within me. I was desperate not to be done, not to miss the chance to feel my cock inside her tight young hole.“Did I do something wrong?” She asked. She looked at me with a mixture of confusion and concern.“No, I want to fuck you before I cum.” I said.She smiled widely and obligingly lay back and spread her legs. I could smell the scent of her arousal, the heady smell of lust and sex. The perfectly smooth lips of her vulva were almost disturbing in their perfection and I plunged my cock into her with abandon. She let out a throaty moan as my cock forced itself inside of her, stretching the walls of her cunt out as it made its way into her. I paused but a moment to enjoy the wet heat the enveloped my member before starting to thrust into her. My eyes were locked on her chest, the rhythmic sway of her breasts matching my thrusts.She moaned and writhed, each thrust bringing us both closer to a climax. In the end she beat me to it, her face flushing as her orgasm washed over her. She made a vague effort to inform me that she was cumming but ecstasy ripped the sense from her brain and all that came out was unintelligible gibberish and “cumming”. In a scene that might have been in an erotic version of the exorcist her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and she collapsed into the bed. I however was chasing my own orgasm and paid her pleasure little heed. I worked with all the precision of a hammer, slamming into her time and again as I sought my climax. When it came at last I was almost caught unprepared.I ripped my cock from her, freeing it from her cunt moments in time. As my orgasm rolled over me I sprayed her stomach and breasts with my cum, eliciting a squeal or surprise as the molten fluid covered her body in a wave, though she made no sound of protest. I stood there looking down at her, a girl I had known for most of her life,naked before me and covered in my cum. My brain stopped working, part of me said that I should be ashamed of what I had just done, that I should plead for forgiveness, the other part of me thrilled at the fulfillment of a long held fantasy. She lay still, rivulets of cum running down her breasts.I had no idea what to do next, no script or experience I had ever had before now prepared me for what I was supposed to do next. I knew that my wife, if not home already, would be soon and that to be caught in this position would result in a swift divorce, if not outright murder. An equal outcome would occur if my daughter caught us
together, though thankfully I could still hear the water of the other shower running which her love of long showers for once being a blessing instead of just a curse to the water bill.“What do we do now…” I asked softly.“Whatever you want… Sir…” she replied.



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