Stranger 18+

Sweaty and shirtless,his sneakers making squeaky sounds as he ran on along the road,the music from his headphones kept him focused,he loved running at night not only because he didn’t have the time to do so in the morning but it also gave him the opportunity to clear his head from the day’s stress and with the kind of boss he had breathing down his neck all day everyday it was certainly needed…..
He had first noticed her eyes prying on him on his first lap around the block but now she was waving him down to stop as she took long strides towards him, Hi am Dooshima sorry for disturbing you she said rather shyly, ermmm I know its weird I but need a favour, it was dark but he noticed she was beautiful and her eyes were fixated on his abz they were literally crawling all up his body, he replied panting obviously surprised at this sudden development OK sure so how can I help you??? I was wondering if I could join you while you run,its quite scary doing it on my own,sure he said, letting out a smile so when would you be ready?? Am ready now she said let me just go in and change feel free to come in so i wont leave you standing…he stepped in greeting the gateman who was oblivious to his presence..

She hated coming back home to Abuja mainly because it was usually the end of her freedom and start of 5pm curfew and a mountain of chores everyday Abuja was her personal hell she literally counted the days before she had to run back to school and that week had started as normal and annoying as usual until she had to go help her mum get beverage from the shop across her house when she first noticed the 6ft mountain of sexiness running shirtless and reminding her lady part that its been a month shes she last got fucked and it would be another month before she could go back to school and have her some of her boyfriend or at least her  vibrator which she couldnt bring home for obvious reasons, she had spent the rest of the week on her balcony by 8pm which was the time she first saw him and like clock work he was always on time , he was her new favourite reality show her personal telenovela…
Maybe it was the lack of sex or the boredom at home but it was mainly her constant 8pm drolling but after 2weeks she wanted to fuck the running stranger but with her parents always home it was next to impossible,She slept off on the couch and dreamt he had her pinned as he deep fucked her…Dooshima !! Dooshima!!!
Her mothers voice woke her up from fantasy land as she ran up the stairs grumbling at her mum’s nerve to snap her back to reality… I know its impromptu but your father and I are very sorry to leave you all alone  but we have to go the village now its very important or would you just pack a bag and follow us, Dooshima almost yelled No, she assured them she would be fine…she was better that fine she was going to be home alone she thought to her self her father promised her they would be back in 3days as he gave her a wad of cash to take care of her self lock the doors and be careful oo her mother had yelled as they drove out the compound..Dooshima did a quick dance and ran up stairs to watch her parents car drive out of sight ,they are really gone.. she couldnt help the excitement in her,she thought of inviting her Abuja friends over but then she realized she had no friends in Abuja a dark cloud of sadness came crawling over her when she remembered the  running stranger glancing at the time it was 2pm she had raided her brother’s closet for a pack of magnums mentaly telling herself to remember to replace them,she had 6hours to wait till he  passed again she was going to make her move ,it was the longest 6hours ever,she wasn’t a perv neither was she insane what if he was a dangerous person  she mentally told herself by 7:55 when she walked out her gate to wait for him but shook off all the negative thoughts when she saw his sexiness running towards her as she waved him to stop….

Back to the present
He walked into the living room and the welcome chill from the Air-conditioning as he stood at akimbo waiting for her to change into something else so he could continue his run he felt deep down he shouldn’t have agreed to her request,she was going to slow him down but he would be a fool to turn down a body and beauty such as hers….which do you prefer I wear to run he heard her say as he turned around wondering how what to wear can even be a problem he saw her standing there stark naked holding two really short track shorts,his jaw dropped she must have noticed the effect her body had to him as she smiled holding one to her waist she did a little pose for him to check it out, his dick was already poking on his joggers wanting to breathe , 2minutes ago he was running a lonely road now he was standing shirtless in some girl’s living room while she stood butt naked right across from so he did what his dick ordered him to do he took two long strides towards her she had anticipated his move has she dropped the shorts and met him half way locking their lips in the craziest wildest kiss she had ever had.. do you have any condoms??he  whispered in her ears when he managed to break the kiss and turn her around so she backed him with her ass pressed on his dick,her voice was hoarse as she muttered yeah, and pointed to the shelve by the dinning table in seconds he had grabbed them rolled one on and was spreading her legs with his ready to sink in,she stole a quick glance as his dick and became scared at his size it was enomorous, with veins all over ordering her to hold on tight to this couch as he pressed the head of his dick to her pussy she gasped raising her waist a little to accommodate his size as he sunk it deep,he gave her a brief second to adjust and instead of the starting slow pace she was accustomed to while having sex with her boyfriend she had a full ramming, he fucked her so deep and fast she lost her breathe her pussy was taken an assault she had never anticipated,he held her waist coming closer as he deep fucked her ,her voice echoed through the empty house Dooshima screamed in painful pleasure as her legs began to quiver after a few mins of ramming  she knew she was about to cum,something she had only experienced with the help of her Vibrator, her pussy tightened she screamed as her orgasmed washed her and she collapsed to the ground in one swoop he carried her off the ground to his shoulder spanking her ass as he walked to the dinner table ,using his free hands he cleared the table of her books and plates heaped sending them crashing to the ground before dropping her on the table,he spread her legs apart and pulled a chair,he was about to feast on her pussy ,he french kissed her pussy and  tongued fucked her while she pulled on his hair lost in total pleasure as her thighs gripped his neck he could barely breathe but this didn’t stop him he kept on eating her. Soon she was trying to push him off she was running mad with pleasure what the fuck was she doing with his tongue she thought to herself ,he held her hands and kept feasting she wanted to scream his name and beg  him to stop but then she realized she didn’t know his name,soon the waves came back again she didn’t even know she could cum without a didlo and here she was having orgasms twice in the space of 30 minutes,he didn’t let her rest  as he flipped her over on the dinning table pulling her back so her belly and chest rested on the table but her legs touching the floor so her ass was open to him, he had spotted a bottle of virgin oil while he took the magnums and using it as lubricant he started to Press his dick on her asshole trying to fuck her anal, wait…stop.what you doing?? She asked ,what do you think was his reply….but have never she began to say …well you about to was his reply as he pushed his dick in she clawed at the table yelping he pulled out lubricated some more and pushed in,he continued this until he was fully inside her ass fucking her slowly right now he wasn’t even sure if she was crying or moaning but she didn’t try to stop him so he continued not stopping till he pumped his condom full with cum,she collapsed on the floor the moment he pulled out gasping for breathe her asshole tingled her pussy throbbed all she needed was a long shower and probably a bucket of hot water to sit over after the assault her pussy had just received ….she must have dozed off there because by the time she opened her eyes and he was gone ,on the table was a note “see you same time tomorrow” ..fuck she hadnt asked for his name



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