She sighed heavily as she lugged her swollen belly up the stairs. Almost 7 months had passed since her one nightstand. It had been a night of passion, their bodies joining in reckless desire as they coupled with the raw passion that was more animal than human. In the end he had sprayed his seed into her fertile womb, painting the inside of her cunt with his cum and then disappearing into the night. It had taken some time before she realized that her birth control was not working, her period failing to show at the correct time. After that the changes to her bodyhad all been expected. Her stomach had swelled to hold the new life that was growing within her. Her breasts had followed suit, growing and filling with milk with which to nourish her newchild. What she hadn’t expected, what no one had shared with her was how horny she would be. Although she considered herself to have a pretty highsex drive normally, the pregnancy hormones elevated this to a whole new level. She craved cock at almost every waking moment. Man after man had been picked up at the local bar, attracted by her large breasts and the glow of pregnancy, only to spray their seed within her already occupied womb and depart, leaving her only craving more.



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