Friend zone part2

I stood transfixed as Thonia walked into the room signaling me with her index finger to follow her in, it felt like a dream this girl was trying to mess with my head again and it won’t work so I did the impossible and went into my room closing the door but not locking it, fucking Ronke had eased down my conji as I lay in my bed I dozed off thinking of Thonia ass as she signaled me in…….
    Left hand in boxers scratching my balls and right hand scratching my hair I walked out my room yawning till I got hit in the face by the delicious aroma coming from the kitchen, shocked to see Thonia whiping up breakfast as usual wearing one of her really short skirts i was even more shocked she woke up this early after all that Vodka,than the fact she was cooking, I mean she never cooked we ate take out every damm day,what changed…Thonia threw a goodmorning my way as I caught her catching a glismpe of my early morning Bonner,she didn’t try to hide her look just said hmmm impressive and continued what she was doing…soon enough breakfast was served and as we sat there munching she said out plainly so you rejected me yesterday.. no Guy has ever rejected me before I don’t know if its a turn on for me or I just hate you right now for letting me sleep really wet last night,I sat there looking like a lost puppy so she was serious last night not one of her usual pranks I thought to myself biting my lower lips in regret….won’t you say anything ?? Her voice startled me back to the present ermmm don’t you have a vibrator again I asked right back she looked sharp at me probably wondering how I knew she had a Vibrator,she probably realized I heard all the late night humming and soft moans coming out of her room on most nights,she blushed saying I was too tired and drunk to fuck my self I needed a real dick u know my boyfriend isn’t around now…arrgghh enough with this boyfriend talk I shocked myself with the tone of my voice I saw a look in her eyes it wasnt fear that I just shouted at her it was lust,could it be that she was one of those babes into domination…
Thonia stoodup the look on her face scared me as she broke the space between us jumping right on me she started kissing me..really hard really fast and really passionate. As I carried her walking backwards into my room, tossing her on the bed I stood at akimbo admiring her body as she slowly took off her singlet and miniskirt  and spread her legs for me pointing to her pussy urging me to feast on her, french kiss my cunt she ordered an order I was happy to oblige,her thighs squeezing my kneck strangling me as I lapped her juice her moans filled the room as I drove her insane with my tongue I felt a sharp pain as she dug her fingers into my back and the slow cold trinkle of blood that flowed at my back as she ripped my skin in esctacy.
Stick your dick in me bare,” she said. “Don’t worry about a condom. Just fuck me. Fuck me now, goddam it. I want you in me.”She let out a begging whine.“Please….”These are the final pre-penetration words Thonia said to me. And i flipped her around Once my cock was inside of her, she would own my dick and the next 1 year of my life. Once I was inside of her, however… I wanted to know every goddamn thing about her pussy, every goddamn thing about the pussy that had friend zoned me for 4years!I pierced her slowly, taking it all in, savoring every sensation. Thonia’s 23years pussy was taut. Her pussy was steaming hot.Her pussy was thick & meaty and snug as hell. And her pussy was soaking wet, drippingly so– a glistening pussy that welcomed and begged for my cock. Thonia’s pussy was fleshy heaven. I started to cum the moment my dick was fully inserted. Her hot wet tightness gripped my pulsing cock as I pounded her  and I ejaculated inside of her within it over excitement but There was no holding back.One. One thrust inside of her perfect pussy and mydick was convulsing and firing the thickest of loads in furious amounts. I gripped her tits tightly and continued to convulse into her as I moaned and called her name.Thonia.Thonia and her mystic pussy.I couldn’t even thrust more. I was frozen inside of her, filling her bare cunt with what felt like buckets and buckets of my  sperm.And Thonia fucking loved it. The moment I erupted inside of her, I felt her pussy tighten around me,her pink pulling me in further. As my thick soup filled her fuck bowl, her mouth dropped open, she held her breath and she came with me. And equally as hard.We screamed into my bedroom air in unison as I emptied my jizz inside her. Thonia had a cum fetish, a rather rowdy one and one that she rarely got fulfilled.I pulled out and collapsed next to her naked body still trembling with her own O’s.She lowered her legs andinstantly squealed.“My fucking Gawd, look at that!!” she exclaimed.It was my pooled cum that had filled her up and gushed out of her hole. It was the size of large pillow, a wet spot that ranfrom between her legs down to nearly her feet.She shoved her own fingers inside of herself to feel how covered she was in my shots. Arousal washed over her again.Enthusiastically Thonia fingered away at her cum-soiled hole until I replaced her fingers with my own. The excess of my cum allowed for greater penetration. Deeper and more fingers.She obviously enjoyed this.Without provocation she flipped herself over face down into the wet spot, licking and sucking away at the sheets.Her ass and pussy in the air, I slowly inserted all five fingers into Thonia. She growled into my wet spot and pushed into my hand, my fist now firmly inside of her. She rocked her body, fucking my fist as she lapped up my load.Thonia’s orgasm was long and hard. I’d never witnessed such beauty. I fisted her harder. She came harder. Amazing how that worked.I don’t know if she begged me to stop first or if my arm gave out first, but we collapsed into a pile on the bed when I pulled my fist out.I didn’t even realize how erect I was again until I felt her mouth around me. She sucked me slowly, savoring the taste of her own pussy on my dick.I ran my pussy drenched fingers through her hair as she brought me to a quick climax. Another heavy load, this time shooting directly into her mouth and throat. She swallowed every drop and even sucked at my tip for more.I almost loved it more than nutting in her pussy.Almost as I kissed her on her mouth, neck and tits. I knew how the rest of my day would go



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