Sunday Ramblings part2 18+

Months passed since the first time I made Alyssa mine, and the more time passed the more we belonged to each other. I was delighted to find that not only was her sex drive as high as my own, but that her mind was as disgustingly twisted with perversion. She was all that I could hope for in a lover. The best part of her was her utter lack of possessiveness. Which is to say that she was satisfied with belonging to me, but made no effort to hold me to her alone.She was the most rare of women, content with being an obedient fuck toy, to be used over and over in every perversion I could envision, but was indifferent to my being with other women.As we grew close to each other I discovered that she had a fantasy that she had never quite been able to realize. She had the latent desire to be in a two woman threesome with a younger woman. Given that every man (and any man who denies it is lying) wants to have a threesome this was a vision that I quickly set out to help her realize.To this end I reignited a romance with my high school fling.It is perhaps not the most noble thing I have ever done, restarting a romance with a woman for the primary purpose of using her for sex. But in my defense Iwill say that I never stopped thinking of her.Alexy was my first real love. We had known each other since she moved to my estate with her family when I was in middle school, and we dated on and off through our teen years. Not only was she the first girl I ever fucked, but she set the standard for every girl who followed her, and it was a high bar indeed.I may not have known it at the time but part of what attracted me to her was herresemblance to Alyssa, albeit with a vast age difference. Like Alyssa she had large full breasts, though when we were first together they showed only a hint of their future glory. Short dark hair and wide hips accentuated by dusky skin made her easily the most beautifulgirl in our set.To this day I don’t remember why we separated, I suppose that we may have simply grown apart, but we came together and fell apart with the passion of youth. We had always kept in contact, and we both continued to have a burning lust for each other that was undimmed by the passing of years. So when the time came to think of a willingparticipant she was the first one who came to mind. My selection was aided by the lust in her eyes that I had seen for Alyssa many times when we were still dating. Although I knew that she considered herself to be “straight” she was perhaps a little loser in that definition than many women.So, with her in mind, I set out to have a threesome.The ThreesomeI did my best not to try to rush things along, though the driving desire to see her naked body pressed against Alyssa’s made that hard. Thankfully ourprevious chemistry made picking things up where we left off more than easy. In any normalrelationship weeks or even months can elapse between the time a couple starts dating and the time that they fuck for the first time. With us, we fucked the first time we saw each other.In a way it was like we had never stopped dating. The sex was passionate and rough, the type of sex you might expect a convict to have aftergetting out of prison and seeing a woman for the first time in years. There was no art to it, not a bit of sensual play, it was dirty and degrading, which was the way we liked it.After we had been dating, and fucking, for a few months I set my plan in motion. Weeks before I had introduced her to Alyssa again, playing it off as a random happenstance, and had noted the lust that remained undimmed in hereyes.When at last the day came for the plan to come to its fruition I was as nervous, and excited, as a child at christmas time.She came over to my house as the sun reached its climax. She pretended she was there to hang out, a pretense she always made, but as soon as she determined we were alone she all but pounced on me.She pulled up her tight little pink shirt revealing only bare skin beneath, whichcame as no surprise as the tight fabric of the shirt had clung to her body tightlyenough to betray her bare breasted curves as much as if she had simply been topless. I could feel my cock swell in my pants, a combination of the sight of her exposed body and the anticipation of using her. It had been a labor of love turning Alyssa into my personal fuck toy, and it was a labor that I was gleefully anticipating with Alex. She already followed my every instruction with dutiful obedience which would make the process much easier.Our lips met as I took her in my arms. I thrilled at the sensation of her warm, pliant flesh pressing against mine, her bare breasts pressing against my chest. Her mouth was hungry for mine, her lips parted in breathless anticipation of the days debauchery. She moaned as my hands roved over her body, I grasped her ass roughly andpulled her against me.“I feel so dirty…” she moaned to me.“Well, there is always the shower…” I trailed off, eyeing her body with wordless intent.She smirked at me before promptly turning on her heel and heading in the direction of the bathroom, shedding theremaining pieces of her clothing as shewent.I was quick to follow her.I found her in the bathroom, already wrapped in the shower’s steamy embrace. Her hair slicked back, a torrent of hot water cascading down between her breasts. She crooked her finger, inviting me in.The water was nearly scalding, and I cringed momentarily as I joined her. But the wordless lust that drove me at the sight of her body was enough to make the water’s heat insignificant.I slipped my cock inside of her, the delicious feeling of wet heat amplified by the nearly scalding water that flowedover us both. She moaned salaciously play as my cock stretched the walls of her tight young cunt, the sound of her pleasure reverberating through the tiny shower stall. Neither of us heard the sound as Alyssa, having waited the preordained amount of time, entered the bathroom.I was so lost in the sensation of my girlfriends pussy, that what I looked up and saw Alyssa standing hesitantly outside the shower, as nude as the day she was born, I was momentarily surprised.“Jesus!” Alex cried as she realized that there was another person in the bathroom.She made a vain attempt to cover her body, throwing an arm up to cover her breasts. Her position was made more difficult by my utter refusal to help her in any way as I continued to fuck her from behind. She made a strangled sortof moan as my cock thrust into her again.“Fuck Jeff! Stop fucking me for a second! There is someone here!” She cried. Although she was doing her best to sound angry her voice was colored by her passion, unable to ignore the sensation of my cock within her.“I know, I asked her to join us.” I said. I did my best to sound completely confident, but in reality my heart was beating out of my chest. If I had misjudged her obedience, and her latent desire to have a threesome, then I was in for a world of hurt.“Is that… your nanny?” she asked“Yes, I noticed how you stared at her every time she was around so I asked her if she could help us out. Consider it an early birthday present.” I said“For you or for me?” she said smugly.Although I could sense an undercurrentof sarcasm in her question I could also sense a weakening in her resolve. Although she had not yet given in to mydesires I could tell that she was fighting a losing battle against her own lust. Most telling of all, more so even than the lust in her voice, was that she had ceased trying to get me to stop fucking her. In fact she had started to push back against my cock, meeting every thrust with one of her own.“Well let’s not be rude.” I said “We should go out and keep her company…”I switched off the water to punctuate my statement, an action which was greeted by a moan of protest as the warm water ceased its soothing touch. We stepped out of the stall where Alyssa stood waiting for us. Her breasts heaved with quiet anxiety, and Iknew her well enough by now to know that she was here only to please me. Taking the initiative I stepped up and embraced her, our lips meeting briefly. The sensation of my cock, still covered in my girlfriends cum, pressing against her leg thrilled me to my core.“Alyssa, this is Alex, My girlfriend. Alexy this is Alyssa.” I said as I made the introductionsI met Alyssa’s eyes and silently communicated my desires to her. We had talked before the plan had been setin motion that she needed to be as physical out of the gate as possible so that Alex would be too distracted by lust to be uncomfortable with the older woman.“Any friend of Jeff’s is a friend of mine.”Alyssa said. She pulled the younger woman into a tight embrace, their breasts pressing firmly against each other. One free hand slipped up behind Alex’s head and gently guided her into a kiss. Although Alex started out as rigid as an iron pole, she softened in the other womans embrace until, at last, her arms slipped around her waist and pulled her firmly against herself. The longer the embrace lasted the more passionate it became. Their hands, which started out on the somewhat safe expanse of bare flesh that made up their backs, slipped lower,each cupping the ample posterior of the other.A soft moan escaped from their embrace, muffled by the close contact of their bodies.“If you leave me out much longer I might start to get jealous.”Alexy lay back into Alyssa’s lap spreading her legs and providing me with an excellent view of the beautifullybald lips of her shaven cunt. I slipped my cock back inside of her and was shocked to see that she was even morewet than when we had actually been fucking earlier. It seemed that she might have been more interested in a threesome than even I had anticipated. Her moan was cut off abruptly as Alyssa leaned over, covering her face and mouth with her enormous tits, which Alexy obediently opened her mouth to accept.I found myself consumed by the interactions between the two women, watching as Alexy hungrily suckled at Alyssa’s tits like a starving newborn that I almost forgot what I was doing, standing stock still in rapt amazement. Alexy groaned in sexual frustration and glanced back at me, at which point I realized what I was supposed to be doing. Alyssa smiled in smugly in such a way that strongly implied that she was highly amused by my reaction to her interplay with Alexy.I snapped back into motion, thrusting into the younger woman’s sopping wet cunt with wild abandon. The force of my thrusts rocked her tits, setting them to sway with such force that she may well have been in danger of smacking herself in the face with her own copious mammaries. I locked my hands around her waist, pulling her against me with all the strength that I could muster, determined to make a good showing of my bedroom prowess (even if this was technically the bathroom and not the bedroom…)Alex shuddered and shook as she cum, the force of my assault on her cunt delivering her a powerful orgasm. Suchwas the strength of her pleasure that her hands dropped to her side, falling still from their previous activity of teasing Alyssa’s nipples, and her eyes rolled up back into her head.“Gooooodddddd… You fuck like a champion!” Alex moaned, her eyes still half closed in ecstasy.“My turn.” Alyssa saidAlex groaned in disappointment, but reluctantly surrendered her between my legs, sitting to one side on the rim of the bathtub.I grabbed a fist full of Alyssa’s hair, causing her back to arch up in a mixture of pain and pleasure, a throaty growl of delight escaping her lips at therough treatment. I pulled her up, forcingher body between Alex’s legs. Alyssa, ever the quick learner, obediently began to eating the pussy in front of herwith a fervor that was born from lust. Alex shuddered as the older woman devoured her, pressing her head firmly into the back of Alyssa’s head to encourage her to ever greater levels of depravity.I seized my opportunity while Alyssa was bent over and slammed my cock into her exposed pussy and was rewarded with a muffled moan. The sight of her eating the other woman’s cunt burned into my mind and filled me with lust until it felt as if my body were almost vibrating with desire. I slammedinto her with enough force to lift her from the ground.The sounds of our debauchery echoed off the walls around us, a symphony of passion and lust. The sounds of our cries harmonizing with the wet smack of flesh on flesh as my cock slammed into her sopping wet pussy.All at once I felt the rhythmic pressure on my cock as her cunt squeezed mine,her hips writhing in pleasure as she came.“Fuck! Your pussy is so tight!” I moaned as her pussy squeezed my cock like a vice. “I am going to cum.” I moanedBoth women reacted as if they had been burned, jumping to their knees in front of me. I groaned in disappointment as my cock was rippedfrom the wet fire of Alyssa’s cunt, but she quickly enveloped it again, wrapping her lips around my still rigid shaft. She silently shouldered the younger woman out of the way, asserting her position as my fuck toy. She sucked for all that she was worth, her head bobbing on my cock with increasing fervor as skill was abandoned for speed. She pulled back just as I felt my ball tighten in warning as cum surged from my cock. Wave after wave of molten cum sprayed forth,coating both women in my seed.I sagged to my knees, exhausted at last. Although our session had been short what it lacked in duration it more than made up for in passion. The two women joined me, laying on either side of my sweat covered body as I fought toslow my ragged breathing and racing heart. We lay together on the cool tile ofthe bathroom floor, their bodies pressed against mine.I sighed in contentment, Alyssa had learned well and was mine body and soul. Soon Alexy would join her and I would have two obedient little fuck toys to play with.Life was good.



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