Rent 18+

“I don’t have the money this month…” she said, hanging her head in shame.“This is the third month in a row!” he exclaimed. Jen was a sweet girl, but she was horrible with her money. He was sick and tired of her making excuses and shorting him on the rent, he had other things he would like to spend his money on after all.“Maybe there is… something else I could do to pay the rent this month…” she said he looked up at her as she trailed off. In one smooth motion she hooked her fingers under the straps of the white tank top she was wearing, pulling it down to expose her enormous breasts. He had long nursed a crush on his sexy roommate, doing what he could to catch her in various states of undress, and although she had shown a proclivity for revealing tank tops and swimsuits this was the first time he had ever seen her breasts fully.“Well… What do you think?” she asked. She smiled coyly at his reaction to her exposed flesh, and she knew that they would be able to work something out.His arm snaked around her waist, pulling her body flush against his. His cock hardened as her bare breasts pressed against his chest. Their lips met and her tongue darted hungrily into his mouth. His free hand cupped one of her breasts, groping and fondling the exposed flesh as their passion mounted. She moaned into his mouth, her body shivering at his indelicate touch. She extracted herself from his embrace, dropping to her knees in front of him. With expert fingers she freed his swollen cock from within the cotton prison of his boxers. She slipped the sensitive head of his cock into her mouth, her tongue testing the small bead of precum that decorated the tip. He groaned loudly as she started to suck on his cock. He had fantasized about this exact situation so many times in the past that he could hardly believe that it was happening now. She stood at last, expert skill telling her that if she did not stop fellating his cock, she would lose the chance to fuck him. She stripped the rest of her clothes with ruthless haste, tossing them sloppily into a pile and pushing him to the ground. She straddled him, feeling his cock press against her cunt and stomach. She had never imagined that his cock was so big… She took the swollen member and slipped it into her hungry cunt, groaning wickedly as she slid down along his length. She writhedand squirmed as his massive cock stretched the very walls of her pussy, until at last she sank down fully upon him. She worked her hips, grinding against him.He reached out, grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her body closer to his, a hungry mouth pulled her erect nipple inside, the warm wetness enveloping the sensitive nub. She moaned again the dual stimulation causing her body to shudder and twist of its own accord.The sounds of their passion filled the living room as their bodies entwined onthe shaggy old carpet of the apartment they shared. Until at last, in a twin moment of ecstasy their bodies surrendered at last. She cried out as the explosion of cum filled her, the ecstatic feeling of the molten fluid spreading through her cunt until it could hold no more. Her clappsed her body against his, her massive breasts pressing against his chest.As their breathing slowly returned to normal she rolled off of him, resting on her back on the living room floor. She could feel his cum leaking out of him and wondered if she had remembered to take her birth control pill that morning…“That was great!” he said happily “You can pay your rent that was as often as you like!”



8 thoughts on “Rent 18+

  1. Dude! TF is wrong with you? Try to make it more realistic…play out the drama. Dont just jump to the shagging part. c’mon!!!


      1. Nice. I like that. You write well, you just to make it more real. Do you read rated erotic? you could take pointers from her. Cheers


  2. Nice work, though u could do better working on the pre-sex thing, too easy, too predictable, try dragging your readers around a bit…I like your vocabulary.


  3. This may not be my favourite read because of the plot.howecer it’s still a fantastic a regulsr visitor to this blog and I have come to realise every story affects every one differently..I visit some erotic blogs n i m left wondering if I just finished reading romance …I love erotica n I love straight fcking at times.#biteme #wordporn


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