Sunday specials 18+ Nudes

She was nervous… ok let’s be honest she was utterly terrified. Raised by parents who believed that the human form was dirty and shameful the ingrained shame took a lot to overcome. The very thought of taking a nude, a picture of herself completely exposed and then sending it to another person? That was sheer madness. But she liked this guy. She really liked this guy. Besides that is what all the girls were doing these days wasn’t it? She contemplated these things as she sat, shivering in her room. Just past 19 years of age she had a body that was in the flush of its youth. Large, full breasts that were a legacy of her mother’s genetics and a trait shared by all the women in her family were marked only by a bar piercing, an earlier rebellion that a friend had talked her into. A flat trim stomach that had been toned by years of high school sports and had yet to be touched by the indolence which had proliferated in her life since entering into college. She held her phone out at arm’s length, she knew enough to crop her head out of the shot, a safeguard to provide her with deniability should the unthinkable happen and her picture be distributed to others. She played with the focus, tightening the shot so that just her breasts and stomach were exposed, she was as yet unwilling to show him her pussy. She glanced at the picture a moment before hitting send. Now that the deed was done she felt a fair amount of relief, another rebellion against her religious upbringing had been struck



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