Part1 Dumebi’s Plight

Dumebi looked on, her sense of despair growing steadily as the young man examined her body. The previous day she had been grabbed off the street by a pair of men in dark suits and dragged into a dark, unmarked van. One of the men had laughed as he subdued her, remarking that his son was going to have a great birthday this year. She had been taken to a nice home in an upscale part of town and stripped of her clothes. Her body had been exposed fully for the first time to another since she had become and adult, they had taken her clothing and dragged her into a shower, washing her roughly before taking the time to shave every hair below her neck, leaving her pussy smooth in a way that it had not been since she was a girl. After she had been dried with all the care they might take with livestock her wrists had been securely bound with soft white rope, her feet soon following suit. At last a simple cloth gag had been forced into her mouth. The man who had appeared to be the leader had slung her over his shoulder like she was nothing, carrying her to another part of the house before dumping her unceremoniously on the floor and departing. With her hands and feet thoroughly secured she knew she had no chance of escaping without help, though she had been about ready to try when a young man, fresh out of his teens had entered the room. At first she had hoped that he might be her salvation, but when he reached out to touch her it was to cup her breasts instead of to free her hands. “I think you will make a good fuck toy, after some training…” he said smiling with predatory glee.


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