Adulterous 18+

My husband is fucking another woman .I don’t mean in the “staying late after work” or “coming home smelling like perfume” suspicions type way. I mean he’s fucking her in the room next door. The headboard is banging against the wall and I can hear her moans. She’s a foot and a half away, and my man’s fucking her hard. I’m laying in the dark, naked under a thin sheet, the cool breeze from the window puckering my nipples deliciously. I’m wet, soaking in fact, but I won’t touch myself. Not yet. I want the anticipation to last just a little longer, tolet my fingertips trace over my hip bones and my ears to strain for just a few more minutes. I’m in heaven. I’m inhell.He came home with her about twenty minutes ago. The jangling of keys in the lock, hushed gigges and the slip swoosh of hands on silk. She sounds young, he’s been at the college bars again. I heard her trip over the doorstepand him catch her, I heard them tiptoe to the door of my room and crack it everso slightly.“She’s definitely asleep?”“The pills she takes knocks her out for 8 hours. Sleeps through thunder and fireworks.”My eyes were tight shut, and I forced myself to breathe slowly. I could smell her. Cheap perfume, cheap booze and sweet sweat. I heard them start kissing and risked a quick glance through my almost closed eyes. I couldn’t see much, but could see she was facing me, eyes open as she flicked her tongue into his mouth.They moved away and I heard the guestroom door close. Shuffling and bangingand then the muffled thump as they hit the bed together. I caught snatches of conversation, a quick gasp from her, a growl from him. The sound of rearranging and then just his moans, those gorgeous guttural moans he reserves exclusively for one activity. She’s got his cock in her mouth. I know what’s next. He’s not passive, he’ll take control. The springs move and now I can see them in my minds eye; him standing, her kneeling, his cock in her throat. I strain to listen and all to infrequently I hear her the smack of her lips, or a little cough, every time accompanied by a command too deep to transmit cleanly through the wall.It goes on forever. My pussy is aching and begging me for attention, but I won’t give in just yet. The show is just beginning.A muffled command, and the springs squeak as the next phase begins. Starting slow, the rhythmic thump thump thump of bodies coming together grows louder and louder. She lets out a long moan, cut short and muffled by my husbands hand over her mouth. They’re going faster, getting really into it now. I wonder who’s on top. I wonder how wet she is. I wonder what she looks like, what colour her eyes are, how big her tits are. I wonder what her name is.A brief pause as they change position. Now her voice is louder, she must have her head near the wall. The slapping of flesh against flesh. Doggy, it has to be doggy. She’s groaning like a wild beast and he’s responding by fucking her harder and harder.Oh shit that was a smack. “Yes, again”. Clear as day. Another crack comes through perfectly. “Hit me harder”. He obliges. I can feel the wetness against my thighs, my clit is screaming to be touched. Ok, maybe now I get to play a little.Every smack I hear I get a flick. Just a flick, but it rocks me like ten thousand volts. Still a long way from coming, I begin to urge him on. “Come on baby, give it to her”. Smack. “Yes baby, again, do it again”. Smack.The pace is increasing and I can feel he’s close to coming. I’m losing control, unable to resist extra flicks of my clit, still too far away from my own release.Finally he lets out a roar. It’s not a moan, or a groan, something that primal can only be a roar. She screams too and together they transcend into that space where I’m left behind for now. A few lazy squeaks from the springs as he thrusts into her just a fewmore times, and then silence.The sheet is clinging to me, the breeze slicing across my nipples and I can’t take it anymore. I listen for a minute or two, imagining them curling up to sleep, then my hand slips between my legs and slides into my hot wetness. I don’t wait, I don’t hesitate, I need to fuck myself right now.Suddenly a noise comes from near the door and I freeze, fingers deep inside myself. I come within a breath of lettingout a frustrated whine. My mind’s a red haze of lust and it’s all I can do to stay still. Footsteps are crossing my room. I try to control my breathing and largely fail. My eyes are shut. The bed creaks and leans as a persons weight crosses it. Two strong legs straddle my chest and I can sense the heat of a body just above my lips. I still don’t dare open myeyes. A drip of something salty and musky falls onto my upper lip and I have to nearly bite my tongue to stop it reaching out to taste. The smell of sex fills my nostrils. A hand slips behind my head and grasps my hair, guiding my mouth up to her gift. Her voice comes clear and commanding from above.“I know you’re not asleep. Eat.”!!



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