FuckToy (sunday specials) 18+

It’s a Saturday night, and Chichi is running around her apartment trying to get ready for her date with Troy, her new boyfriend. Things are going really well, his calm and rational behavior a nice detour from the passionate, unsustainable fuck fest that was her last relationship. Troy is vanilla, but a girl needs vanilla every once in a while. He opens doors, slowly hits each base before slipping off her panties, and it’s usually pretty nice. She’s  wearing a loose, flowing dress whose thin fabric clings to the supple curves of her body as if painted on in certain places. It’s strapless, but the dark blue fabric covers her perky chest nicely, contrasting against her pale skin and drawing the eye to a hint of her busty cleavage. The skirt flutters against her bare thighs teasingly, and a little black thong covers her smooth shaven lips beneath. Long, dark brown curls spill over her shoulders, the thick locks teasing at bare skin. She’s  debating what shoes would be most sensible for the night when she hears her apartment door unlock and swing open. By the time she gets over the initial freeze of surprise and cross her bedroom, the door has already shut and lock again.“Adam?” shes standing in the doorway of her bedroom, a look of surprise and anger taking to her porcelain features, her bright eyes almost darkening in irritation. she finds herself crossing both arms beneath her chest in a defensive stance, waiting for one hell of an explanation as she did finally recall having lent him a key once when they were still dating months ago.“Oh c’mon Chichi, didn’t you miss me?” There’s a cocky confidence in his voice, and a lopsided grin skews his handsome features in a way that threatens to weaken her knees. He’s several shades darker than her, a natural tan from a summer winding down in Dubai, He’s wearing jeans that precariously cling to the slant of his hip bones and even from here she can notice a bulge in his jeans that brings color to her cheeks. A black tshirt holds closely to his sculpted, muscular frame and she finds herself too flustered to ask all the right questions.“What the hell are you doing here?” she manages hotly, her irritation not entirely convincing. Already she finds herself embarrassed by his affect on her.“Well I was in the neighborhood, thought I’d stop by.” his simple words implied well enough on their own but were still coupled with the shifting weight of his gaze unabashedly roaming her figure.“I have a boyfriend.” she points out immediately, feeling a twinge of guilt at the thought.“That’s never stopped us before.” an edge of laughter traces his words that only inflames her cheeks more. Who the fuck does he think he is? “C’mon,” he adjusts his growing bulge pointedly and her eyes flicker down to the swell in his jeans. She finds her mouth watering and her lower lips aching for attention in response. She tries to snap back out of the fanfuckingtastic memories of their sex but Its too late, he’s already undoing his jeans and pulling them down to reveal the outline of his cock over black boxer briefs. “Wouldn’t want your new boyfriend to get here and see you sucking my cock. Might as well get it over with.” There was a sultry, low rumble to Adam’s voice at the sound of his suggestion, and all it takes is him easing his cock out of the boxer briefs for her  to reconsider. Adam’s cock had always been her favorite. Thicker than anything she had ever had and long enough to give pause. She could still remember how the skin feels against her tongue and it’s smooth as could be, throbbing and warm. The thoughts lead her away and obediently she falls to her knees before her ex. He won’t leave without something, and she knew Troy would be there to pick her up for their date sometime within the hour. If  she gets this over with, he’ll have to leave. She react as if in a trance, her will completely subject to Adam’s hand at the back of her head, guiding her closer.One hand wraps around the thick base of his cock while her little pink tongue laps at the head, gathering a bead of precum. She traces her lips with the soft, broad head of his cock before they part to take it into her warm mouth. The instantaneous release of groans and sighs lets her know she’s doing good as she takes to sucking Adam’s cock with little resistance. It’s embarrassing how much she missed a real cock and how willing  she is for a taste of it. Convincing herself that this is the furthest she’s  willing to go, she continues working his cock in her mouth, her warm tongue gliding along it’s sides while she relaxes her throat to bring it deeper and deeper in. She gets into this more than she should, loving the hisses of caught breath and the pressure of a guiding hand at the back of her head. Adam begins to fuck her mouth and she holds still, letting his hips thrust his cock further and further until it won’t go deeper, her lips struggling to contain it and her tongue greedily licking the sides. He pulls out abruptly, leaving her with saliva running down her pouty, swollen lips as she looks up to him, confused. “C’mon Chichi, bedroom.” He pulls her up by the arm, and she finds herself following his guidance until she’s  on her back in her own bed. “I have a boyfriend.” she repeats stupidly, her voice soft and inconsequential as Adam loses the shirt and moves atop her body, spreading her legs with his mere presence. He only smirks, planting one arm down at her side and leaning over her. “Tell me his cock makes you cum like mine does.” The low rumble of his words in her ear is a mantra that she can’t let go of, and she lay quietly as he reaches to pull down the loose top of her dress, exposing her heavy breasts and hard, pink nipples. He bends to trace her nipples with his lips in an excruciatingly teasing manner that she remembers well, barely latching on with his warm mouth and sucking at them before moving to the next. Her head falls back into the pillow behind her as one of his hands snakes up her dress, his touch leaving trails of fire in his wake. His large hand deftly skews aside her thong before he guides two fingers up and down her pulsating lips. “There’s my good little slut,” his words are hot in her ears as his fingers slide between her lips, penetrating her one by one. “dripping wet for my cock.” she’s  ashamed and aroused at the same time, her cheeks burning with embarrassment and anger and lust. The presence of his fingers leaves her and her eyes flicker open to see where they’ve gone only to see him guiding the head of his cock to her drenched little pussy lips. “Wait, wear a condom!” she protest in a hushed, surprised whisper but he only smirks and brings the thick head of his cock to her lips, coating it in her juices in a manner that made her thighs tremble. “C’mon Chichi, we both know this is my pussy.” Adam points out stubbornly, and he wins as he pushes inside of her, his warm thickness immediately rendering her speechless it feels so good. “See? Someone’s missed a real cock.” There’s ego and cockiness in his voice that grinds her nerves but she can’t protest, not while he’s beginning to slowly slide in and out, picking up the pace soon enough so that he’s pounding her little pussy that’s way out of shape for his huge cock. She loses herself to being his fucktoy now. Her cheek falls against the pillow, her eyes turned away in shame of how much she  likes her ex forcing himself on her. One of his hands finds her neck and he applies a firm pressure there, gently constricting her airway as he moves to more of a sitting up position. His eyes greedily look down to his prize, and she can only imagine how she looks. Her heavy breasts are out of her dress, bouncing with each thrust, her cheeks red and her face turned aside but skewed in pleasure, her thighs spread eagerly and her little pussy wet enough to drip all down her legs and onto her sheets as his thick cock pierced her again and again. she had never been penetrated more deeply than now,Adam’s cock seemed to be getting to places she hadn’t even felt before and before long she felt heat blossom in the pit of her stomach. Her thighs had been trembling for ages now with electric pulses of sensation, and she knew an orgasm was slowly building. I can’t orgasm she pleads with herself, I can’t get pleasure out of this.“He’ll be here soon,” she realizes choking out her breathless words as Adam takes his hand from her neck and sinks down to lay atop her again. “And I’ll send you on your way with my cum dripping down your thighs.” His words were a promise laced with a growl that  she knew better than to deny. At the idea of being filled with his cum sent her over the edge and a trail of moans part her lips without her permission, cries of ecstasy echoing the tense contractions of her pussy. Adam always loved having her cum over his cock, her pussy tensing over him and squeezing, milking him for every last drop. As if on cue he began to thrust faster, really pounding her red lips until the telltale hints of an orgasm took over his figure, his legs straightening, his cock pulsing inside of her as she feels warmth fill her up to the brim with his sticky cum. Her body is limp now as she lay beneath him, catching her breath as her pussy tingles, overridden with sensation and pleasure. In the relative silence of their hasty breaths she hears a loud knock on her front door and she knows he’s already there.Adam only slides his heavy, still thick cock out of her pussy, followed by a gush of his cum that seeps out as she moves to right her wet panties. She pulls her dress up over her breasts while Adam moves around the room dressing in silence. As soon as she move to stand she feels cum drip into her panties and she knows she shouldn’t like it as much as she does.Adam shoots her a knowing smirk as the knock is heard again, and he gestures for her to walk out of the room. “Don’t worry, I’ll lock up.” he assures her with a wink that she can’t muster a response to. She tries to smooth her tousled hair as she slips into a pair of shoes and head for the door, Adam’s creampie dripping down her thighs and her little pussy pulsing in the wake of her own orgasm.



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