Teaser 18+

His cock had made in her tight little cunt, stretching and warping the walls of her tender flesh without mercy. She had writhed and cried, pleasure at the intrusion of his massive cock into her most sacred place, but he had ignored her pleasure and continued his assault. In the end she had cum so many times that she had lost count, screaming out her pleasure to fill the room with the sound of her cries as they mixed and fought with the wet smack of his cock forcing its way inside of her. Her massive breasts had bounced and swayed in time with his thrusts, keeping the rhythm, and at times serving as a ready hand rest to give him leverage. She was covered in a sheen of sweat, her body pushed to its limits as she had continues without any sign that he was approaching his climax. At last he had cried that he was going to cum. With all the haste her exhausted body could muster she had dropped to her knees in front of him, obediently taking his cock in her mouth. She could taste the sweet taste of her own cum that covered his cock and savored the illicit flavor of her own cunt. He groaned, announcing that his orgasm was imminent scant seconds before the explosion of cum seared into her flesh, covering her breasts and stomach with his seed. She knew now that she was marked, as surely in her mind as if he had tattooed his name upon her she was his.



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