Marked 18+

She moaned. His cock was so large, larger than anything that she had ever had inside of her before. Her legs were completely spread, her feet being almost back to her ears, leaving her pussy lips spread and exposed before him. She was covered in a sheen of sweat and oil, a testament to the fun they had already had. She struggled to stay in the position that he had commanded as another orgasm rocked through her body, reducing her brain to putty before it. She knew she would be in trouble for not asking before she came again, he would force her to clean her cum off of his cock, but she was ok with that, the loved the taste of her own pussy. His assault on her cunt continued unabated, pounding into her with the relentless precision that was normally reserved for the mechanical realm. Her lush, full breasts bounced and swayed in time to their passion, serving only to excite him. She could tell from his movements and the quickening of his breath that he was going to cum soon. She wondered if he would cum on her or in her? Marking her as his own as he sprayed his cum across her chest, or pumping her fertile womb full of his seed. She didn’t know which outcome she hoped for more, to she was already his property now, and to be marked by his cum would be an honor, but part of her hopped that he would fill her, leaving her belly to spread and expand with his child. But as in all other things she would obey him, whicher course he chose.



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