leakage 18+

Normally i hated Sundays, but this one just had a great feeling to it. I had slept in till noon and not bothered to change into actual clothing, and why should i? Roommate’s out of town and my schedule’s blissfully empty. A day of lounging around my apartment in my panties before the semester begins is practically necessary.

I’d put the tea kettle on and pulled my sloppy ponytail loose, letting my thick, dark brown curls to fall past my shoulders in a tousle typical of a long night in bed. I had on some high school t-shirt that i’d cut the collar out of, providing generous glimpses of my sloping, pale collar bones and chest. That and a pair of black lacy panties that don’t quite contain the curve of my ass, but few panties do.

Just when my kettle began to whistle and i was pressed into the counter, reaching for a mug did i hear a knock at the door. She padded across the living room, barefoot atop the tiles to open the door, finding my sister’s boyfriend. I didn’t know how Amy always got guys like this, but Adam was my favorite so far. Tanned skin, dark brown hair in that artful sweep that’s just messy enough to assure you they didn’t try, a perpetual 5 o’clock shadow, and blue eyes. Swoon.

“Hey Anita, Amy said you had a pipe out or something?” Adam picked up the slack where I’d fallen silent, my gaze unabashedly traveling down his figure. White t-shirt, rugged work jeans, my own personal handyman. “Oh yeah, I guess I do.” I recall at last, flashing my sister’s boyfriend a brilliant smile as I stepped aside to let him in, relishing the weight of his eyes on my figure.

“Sorry, Amy’s not so good with dates. I didn’t think you’d be coming by today.” I explain, leading the way to the kitchen to give him a good view of my swaying hips and not-quite-contained ass. One hand coursed through my hair, pushing the locks off of one shoulder, baring it completely as I gesture to the problem sink. “It’s just been dripping from the base there.” I explain to the full extent of my knowledge.

Poor Adam, when I looked back to him following my explanation I caught his eyes lingering on my hips, his full lips parted just so. Not a multi-tasker, that one. I ignored his fumbling nod and assertion that with the tool box he’d gotten me for Christmas he could fix it right up, my gaze instead falling to his waist where I found a promising bulge in his jeans already. Deciding to exploit it, I turned up the tease a bit.

“Can I get you a beer or something? It’s past noon.” I ask, my chin tilted back over my shoulder, my voice oozing invitation as I moved to the fridge, my back to him as I opened it, bending at the waist, my curvy ass up in the air, the small of my back bent just so as my panties tightened around me, doing their best but failing quite miserably. I’m sure he could see a hint of my lips from that position and I’ve gotta say, I was getting pretty wet at the teasing.

Before I could finish listing off the kinds of beer I had I heard the floor creak with approaching steps and Adam was behind me, pressing his waist into my ass, the bulge of his pants finding its target against my lips. One of his hands moved to my hip, firmly anchoring me in place. A low groan parted his lips and that’s all the permission I needed. Grinding back into his waist as I did so, I straightened up, closing the fridge and taking his wrist in one hand, leading him to my bedroom.

Once we were in the bedroom clothes fell to the floor as if we were racing, my shirt then his, his belt and shoes, almost everything. Just as I was slipping my panties down my hips he moved forward, still in his boxers as he pushed me onto the bed, my knees planted firmly, my cheek pressed into the comforter. My ass was in the air again, blissfully exposing my wet, pink lips that were begging for attention. Never the one to disappoint, he went straight to work.

I might not have pegged him for it, but his lips went straight to my ass, kissing it all over while one of his hands explored my dripping lips, just teasingly moving over my smooth, shaven skin. His other hand was planted on my back, firmly keeping me right where he wanted me. His touch left trails of heat in its wake and I found myself sounding this slow, continuous moan in response to his teasing. Finally one of his large fingers slipped into my tight pussy just as his lips found my asshole. The sensation was incredible, and I’d never felt tighter than as he worked that one finger in me, stroking my walls from the inside and slowly working me up before he added another, thrusting them in a nice rhythm. His tongue lingered at my puckered ass, just teasing before he finally pushed it inside, much to my surprise and pleasure. I squirmed a bit before surrendering and relaxing, opening myself up to his wants as he ate out my ass and fingered me expertly.

Maybe sensing that I was so consumed by pleasure that I wouldn’t dare move now, his other hand moved to my pussy too, gathering some of my wetness before finding my swollen little clit and beginning to work that in small circles. My thighs were trembling then, pleasure blossoming in the pit of my stomach and drawing louder moans from my lips Adam eventually took one finger out of my pussy only to slowly ease it into my asshole, using my own wetness to work me up. One finger became two, and I couldn’t believe how incredible this felt.

Before long the head of his cock was teasing at my entrance, but nothing more than that. Dipping low enough to part my welcoming lips, coating his thick head in my juices but instead he replaced his fingers with his head, gently testing my boundaries by resting it against my asshole. Excitedly, I leaned back into it, trying to relax and rewarded with a pleasant groan from him. Both hands went to teasing my pussy while he patiently stretched me out enough to fill my ass with his cock, facilitated by a bottle of lube I’d desperately gestured to on my night stand.

So there I was, my ass up, my thighs spread widely, begging for it as lube and arousal dripped down my skin, my moans mingling with his grunts as he fucked my ass while fingering me. With all of the attention he’d paid my tight pussy and wanting clit, I was worked to an orgasm in no time after he’d entered me and I melted around his cock, clenching and calling out for more as my fists clenched the blankets beneath me, my hair splattered out around my shoulders. Both of his hands went to my hips then, holding me steady as he fucked me determinedly, soon filling my ass with his hot, dripping cum and shuddering his own moan.

We said goodbye in my doorway after making another appointment for next week, my faucet, my asshole, and my pussy all pleasantly leaking when he left.



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