My BOSS 18+

“I am sick and tired of this bullshit” Jack thought to himself as he ran yet another batch of papers through the photocopy machine, cursing as it chewed up the first two pages again. Although it was well after time to go home, and Jack suspected he was currently the only one in the business, his boss had stuck him with extra work for the 3rd time this week. Staying late was all well and good, but given that he worked on a salary he was basically just doing extra work for no extra pay.

He cursed his boss as he headed back to his cubicle. The dreary beige walls that made up the edges of the massive cubicle farm that housed the worker drones of the office positively reeked of depression and desperation. A situation which was made no better by the dull overhead lighting that made it impossible to determine if it was high noon or midnight, made worse by the incessant buzzing that drove one to madness. If he had not needed the money so badly he would have left the company long ago.

As if the environment and the sheer drudgery of the job was not bad enough, his boss multiplied his problems tenfold. With the dusky complexion and dark hair of someone with more than a smattering of exotic genetics from places much warmer than Abuja. Large, full breasts a symmetry of features that amounted to nothing short of stunning, and a proclivity for wearing low cut tops, had allowed her to keep most of the men in the office happily under her thumb, and resulted in an excessive amount of arrogance.

Because of the way the men of the office, and not a few of the women for that matter, treated her she had long ago decided that she did not have to dirty her pretty little hands with the minutiae that amounted to her job description, instead choosing to delegate her work to her legion of drooling followers. How Jack had ended up getting stuck with it he still wasn’t quite clear on. Although he would be the first to admit that she was absolutely stunning, he was not some half witted child who couldn’t think through a boner. Though perhaps in the end that was why he was stuck at work after hours so often, perhaps she stuck him with extra work because she sensed that she could not control him the way she did so often… he wasn’t sure, but he was sure that he was tired of it.

So consumed with the thoughts that were running through his head, and the seething hatred he felt for his boss, Jack almost missed the sounds of ecstasy that softly wafted through the silent cubicle farm. At first he was sure that his mind was just playing tricks on him, the combination of long hours and dull work taking their toll on his fragile mind. He listened again and was greeted by silence, however just as he prepared to give up and return to his desk his ears again caught the sounds of wanton pleasure. Sure this time that he was in his right mind Jack followed the sound, honing in through the rows of desks and cloth covered walls until he approached his bosses office. Jack was surprised as he has believed himself to be the only one in the building, and would have bet money that his boss had ducked out of the building hours before, but the soft light of a desk lamp and the unmistakable sound of a poorly concealed orgasm filtered through the partially open office door.

Jack peek through the crack in the door, careful not to open the door any further and risk exposing his snooping. What he saw had him utterly at a loss. His boss sat in her plush leather chair directly opposite the door. Her legs splayed with one resting on the mahogany desks surface gave Jack an intimate view of her exposed pussy, and the pink vibrator that was embedded up to the hilt in it. Her eyes closed as the subtle yet powerful vibrations teased another orgasm from her she pawed at her breasts, already exposed to the empty office.

Jack’s cock instantly reacted to the sight in front of him. Although he was annoyed by his boss’s behaviors, he had never denied that she was attractive, and seeing her exposed with her features warped by bliss was enough to bring his cock to swollen attention. Silently he withdrew his cell phone from his pocket, switching it to record. Not only would this video help him on many lonely nights, but it was essential to the next part of his plan…

After he had recorded enough for what he planned next he stepped into view, pushing the door boldly open. She immediately jerked in response, her foot dropping hurriedly off the desk as she hastily attempted to cover her exposed breasts. She let out a confusing string of syllables, something of a cross between an ill conceived excuse for what she had been doing and indignation that he had barged into her office unannounced, however she dropped off into silence when she saw the still recording camera in his hand.

“You are going to have me fired then?” she asked, her features dropping. She flushed, though he knew not whether it was out of anger or embarrassment for getting caught. It was clear that she was aware of how angry he was at her for the recent increase in the amount of work he had been assigned, and it appeared she thought he would use this evidence of her inappropriate workplace behavior to get rid of her. Although he had considered such a path, his true plan was much different.

“Well now I don’t know…” he said. She looked up sharply at his response, her gaze shifting from embarrassment and defeat to something more appraising. She weighed him, attempting to determine what he might be trying to get out of this encounter.

“If you could be counted on to be… shall we say discreet, and keep this matter between us, I am sure we could come to some kind of understanding” She said. She seemed to sense what he was after before he even named his price, her hands dropping away from their feeble effort to cover her breasts in an unspoken statement of terms.

He nodded in mute agreement and she rose from her chair and came to sit before him on the edge of her desk. As his heart raced with anticipation he dropped to his knees in front of her. The powerful scent of her desire, already elicited by the powerful vibrations of the vibrator she had been using earlier, filled his nose and mouth as he bent to devour her pussy. She moaned as his tongue darted out, delving between the swollen lips of her pussy and teasing out her most sensitive spot from within its folds. His tongue darted and weaved, attempting to isolate her elusive clit before finally pinning it down and pulling it gently into his mouth. Without stopping the efforts of his tongue he slipped first one finger, and then two, within the sopping wet confines of her cunt, eliciting a groan of approval. As he thrust his fingers in and out, penetrating deep inside her dripping hole, he continued to lap at her, his tongue sliding effortlessly between the lips of her vulva.

“Oh gawd! Oh gawd! That feels so good! I am going to cummmm….” she said, the last of her words trailing off as she matched words to actions. Her breasts heaved and swayed as her breathing increased, almost to a pant, as her orgasm washed through her obliterating all thought. He ignored her announcement, continuing his work unabated, and delighting in the taste of her cum.

He withdrew his fingers and her breathing slowly returned to normal, her eyes focusing again as she returned to some semblance of lucidity.

“Well I think you are plenty warmed up now…” he said, trailing off suggestively. He freed his cock, which had stiffened to the point of almost being painful by their escapades. Her eyes widened as she locked her eyes on his massive cock, her tongue darting out to wet her lips in apprehension, or perhaps desire. Obediently she scooted on the desk, lining her tight little cunt up with the edge as she awaited him.

He wasted no time, sliding his rigid meat inside of her waiting cunt. She moaned loudly as he forced his cock into her, the walls of her pussy stretching to accommodate the massive intruder. With no thought for the grace or poise so often described in women’s literature he assaulted her pussy. The force of his thrusts elicited a grunt from her as her breasts swayed with the impact. Each thrust renewed the dancing of her flesh, her whole body rocking in time with his movements. He reached down, taking a breast firmly in each hand, pulling and kneading at the tender flesh. She encouraged him, begging him to be rougher, to fuck her harder, lost to the passion of the moment, no concern for where they were. He obliged her, taking her fully as his own. He speared inside of her, each thrust lifting her bodily from the smooth surface of the desk, her ass slapping resoundingly against the polished wood each time he withdrew. He assaulted her with rabid frenzy, caught between the warring emotions of lust, passion, and anger. His pent up and unacknowledged desire for her balancing his rage at the way she had treated him. The conflict warring inside of him only served to spur him on.

He pulled his cock from her and she moaned piteously as it left her feminine folds. He reached for her, pulling her to her feet by the thin cloth of her blouse before ripping it from her. Her skirt soon joined the remains of her blouse, leaving her perfectly formed body exposed fully before him. She made no protest at his rough treatment of her clothing. In fact, if he had to guess, his dominance excited her. Roughly lifting one leg he forced her to lean against the desk for support before slamming his cock once more into her wanton hole. She moaned in ecstasy at the return of his swollen cock. She swayed unsteadily on her feet as each thrust threatened to knock her from her feet, her only salvation being the hand she had on the desk. So great was the difference between their heights that she had to stand on her tip toes, or be lifted bodily from the ground. However he paid no attention to her predicament lost as he was in the sensual heat that emanated from her pussy and wrapped his cock in its sweet cocoon.

She announced several times during the course of their passion that she was cumming, each announcement accompanied by her body shaking and spasming under his rough handling. Red marks started to show on her breasts, arms and through the dark nylon of her pantyhose, testament to his brutal use of her body. But instead of serving as deterrent, each mark merely whetted her appetite for more. Their passion was animal in its frenzy, and although he was oblivious to her pleasure in his mindless desire to sate his own needs, she found her release time and time again. At last he could feel his body start to respond as his own climax approached. Lost as he was to the act, some part of him none the less warned him that he did not want to cum inside of her. He ripped his cock from her and she instinctively dropped to her knees, taking the length of his cock into her mouth. She made no protest as her tongue cleaned her own cum from his cock, and if anything seemed to delight in the mixture of their fluids. With expert skill she coaxed his orgasm from him, releasing his cum at last in a wave that washed over her breasts, marking her indelibly in a manner as old as time.

He rested, sitting on the edge of her desk as he sought to catch his breath. She was absorbed in the task of cleaning up, running her finger through the trail of cum that marked her breasts before slipping it into her mouth and cleaning it with obvious relish.

“Well that was more fun than I thought it would be.” she said smiling up at him. Stripped of her clothing, covered in his cum and the marks of their passion she was utterly without artifice. The obvious delight she took in being treated so roughly stirred his lust within his chest.

“Well it will give you something to look forward to the next time we work late, now won’t it?” He asked. He expected her to protest, or to remind him of the unspoken terms of their deal, but instead she simply smiled in agreement. Jack decided that perhaps this job was not so bad after all…



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