Share a Bath 18+

She had known that she was a cheating little whore since the first second she had laid eyes on her. Jane, the next door neighbor, had always strutted around the neighborhood like she owned the place, showing off her tight little body in skimpy little outfits that pissed off every wife on the block, except for the odd lesbian couple down the street. But for Alexy, she hadn’t as really thought much about her until the first time that she had caught her in the bathtub with her husband…

She had been away on a business trip and wasn’t due to be home until late the next day, but with some crafty negotiating she had managed to change her flight to a day earlier. Instead of telling her husband she thought she would surprise him. Though in retrospect she realized that just such a scenario was how so many divorce proceedings must have started.

Her first cue that something out of the ordinary was going on occurred scarcely seconds after she walked through the front door. She expected her husband to be sitting in his favorite chair, watching football like he always was at this time of day. Instead the living room was empty and the tv was dark. Instead of the sounds of cheering, what greeted her was the sounds of water splashing and other, less identifiable sounds. Immediately she knew something was wrong, because although her husband was a clean man, he had always hated baths. As she had ascended the stairs her confusion had grown as more splashing, interspersed with the odd giggle, had assaulted her ears. Stealthily she had climbed the stairs, her heart filled with dread, dread that was soon fully realized as she silently entered the master bathroom.

The sight that greeted her froze her in her spot. Her husband and the little whore from down the street shared a tub that held only faint remnants of its earlier fullness. Both clad in only the suits that they had been given on their first birthdays the slutty girl from down the street was devouring her husbands cock with the kind of zeal that is usually reserved for overpriced prostitutes. She worked valiantly to fit the entirety of her husband’s erect cock into her mouth, stopping only when his oversized member hit the back of her throat, eliciting a gagging sound followed by the giggles which had haunted Alexy all the way up the stairs.

Everything that filled every wife’s worst nightmares were in place, except for Alexy’s reaction to the tableau before her. Instead of feeling angry, or repulsed, or even sad, instead she felt… horny. The sight of the younger woman sliding and bobbing away on her husbands cock filled her with lust. The sight of her firm young breasts sparkling with a smattering of droplets from the baths embrace and covered in a sheen of wetness caused her nipples to instantly stiffen in desire.

She cleared her throat dramatically and part of her relished the fear and confusion which instantly followed her appearance. The young whore instantly tried to cover both her breasts and her pussy at the same time, mostly failing utterly to cover either to any significant degree, while her husband tried to cover his bulging cock while vainly reassuring her that this was not what it looked like (or some other cliche excuse, if she were to be honest she really wasn’t paying attention)

“Oh please, don’t stop on my account, I was rather enjoying the show.” she said. Her free hand slipped up to cup her breast through the silken top of the blouse she was wearing, teasing and playing with nipples already firmed by the scene in front of her. The adulterous couple shared a look of textbook confusion that would not have been out of place on a TV show.

“Honey?” Her husband asked. He was clearly confused by her reaction, although her tone was positively dripping with sarcasm the fact that she was now playing with herself made him utterly unsure of how he should proceed.

“I said keep fucking your little whore, I am getting turned on watching.” She said. The younger woman flinched at the obvious scorn that the word whore had been laced with, but she was as confused as he was. Alexy relished their confusion and in order to add to it started to undress, removing her blouse and exposing her breasts. Again the couple shared a look of confusion as the scorn and sarcasm that dripped from Alexy’s words were in stark contrast to her actions.

“I want to join your fun.” she finished. She continued to remove her clothing, dropping each piece of her outfit into a neat pile on the floor beside her, until she stood completely bare before them. Although she was approaching middle age, she was proud of her body and the amount of work that she had invested into her appearance was not insignificant. When at last she stood as naked as they, she joined them in the bath.

“You seem to have liked the taste of my husbands cock, let’s see how well it fits in your cute little cunt.” she said.  The more she talked the more of her scorn melted away and was replaced by pure lust.

She reached out and grabbed a fist full of the other woman’s hair, encouraging her to stand and eliciting a sharp sound of pain followed by obedience. Her husband said nothing to protect his fuck toy as his wife man handled her. Alex felt instant and electric arousal as she forced the other woman to her feet. She urged her into position over her husband’s cock and then pulled her down onto it. Jane moaned as her husband’s thick cock forced its way into her tight little hole, stretching her cunt to fit the intruding member. Slowly, with Alexy’s forceful encouragement, Jane started to work out a rhythm, her hips rising and falling as she rode the older man’s swollen cock.

She bit her lip, shyly trying to hold back her moans of pleasure, unsure even at this point if her overt enjoyment would bring down the scorned wife’s wrath. Alexy slipped her hand between the other womans legs, finding the lips of her cunt where they were split by her husbands cock and working her way up to her clit. With one hand still firmly holding her hair she started to rub vigorously. Jane did all that she could to silence herself but at last the dual stimulation of the older woman’s hands and the massive cock that filled her was simply too much. Her eyes rolling back into her head she moaned and cried, writhing on her perch as she came.

Alexy instantly freed her husbands cock from inside the whore’s tight little cunt. Bending over she slipped his cock, still wet from the other womans orgasm, into her mouth. She could taste the salty sweet taste of her cum as it mixed with the precum that leaked from his tip. So close to the other woman, she could smell her arousal, and it filled her with a heady pleasure that she had never known before. The taste of another woman’s cum filled her with lust and desire that was unmatched by her previous sexual experiences.

Although she had briefly considered herself ‘bi” in college, she had in actuality never done anything more than make out with another woman before this moment. Now, standing in a tub of water sucking a younger woman’s cum off her husbands cock she wondered how she had ever missed out on such an experience.

She decided after a time that her husband’s cock was now sufficiently free of the whores cum to be acceptable into her pussy. Again taking the role of dom in this sexual encounter she instructed the other woman to lay on her back on the edge of the tub. Once she had obeyed she positioned herself above the other woman, splaying her legs so that her pussy was positioned directly above the tramps face, ready to give her a front row seat as her husband fucked her properly. Her husband obliged her at her instruction, sliding his cock into her well lubricated cunt directly above the watching face of his slut. Alex moaned as his cock forced its way inside of her, but was caught by surprise as something else penetrated between the swollen lips of her cunt. The other womans tongue darted between the lips of her vulva, gathering the moisture of her arousal and lapping it up with obvious desire. Alexy moaned at the double assault on her sex.

After scarcely a moment, or so it seemed to her, she felt her body release as her orgasm seethed through her. She took some pleasure in feeling the other woman get a face full of her cum as her body bucked under the pleasures touch. She cried out, the sound of her pleasure echoing off the walls of the bathroom around her. Although her sex life had never been lacking with her husband, she had never cum like this before, with another woman’s face pressed up between her legs.

Her husband announced that he was getting close, and to be honest Alexy was surprised that he had managed to last this long, given that he was already getting his cock sucked before she came in. Standing up she dragged the other woman down to her knees, crouching beside her in the stagnant water that still filled the bottom of the tub. With deft movements she stroked her husband, pointing his cock squarely at the other woman’s face. This was at last to much for him, and with a groan of pleasure his orgasm found him, a spray of hot cum erupting from his face to splash upon the two women. Without breaking eye contact with her husband Alex turned and deliberately ran her tongue across the Jane’s face, pulling some of his cum into her mouth. With satisfaction she felt the other woman shudder in suppressed desire at the contact, while her husband’s eyes widened.

Although Alexy wasn’t sure what was going to happen between herself and her husband, she realized that she had enjoyed dominating the younger woman, and decided that with or without her husband, this would not be the last time she enjoyed this whore.



3 thoughts on “Share a Bath 18+

  1. This is really good. It’s like watching porn but better. When one watches,you know reactions but reading in form of this-gives the pleasure of knowing their thoughts. All making it something one can imagine colourfully.


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