18+ Spices

Borrowing a cup of spice from a neighbor was something Jane had ever done, She was sure that the nice ladies   next door would be more than happy to help her she suspected they were lesbians not like she had anything against lesbians, and really it would save her an unnecessary trip to the supermarket.

She pondered what it was like to be with another girl as she walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Although she had a boyfriend, and had been with a few guys before him, the clumsy, feeble fumblings of the boys she knew had never done much to arouse her or satisfy her in any significant way. Although a close friend had once offered to eat her pussy during a sleep over she had been too shy to take her up on the offer, though the image of another woman kneeling between her legs had burned in her mind for a long time after.

She was confused when no one answered the door. She could tell that they were home because both of their cars were in the drive and there was music playing somewhere back in the house. She waited for a bit before ringing the doorbell.

An unknown impulse clutched at her mind and she tried the door, her heart racing as it swung open on silent hinges. Although they lived in a safe neighborhood it was not so safe that it would be prudent to leave your front door unlocked. Jane was rocked with concern for her neighbors, worrying that some accident or misadventure might have befallen them. She called into the house, enquiring if everything was ok, but only the sound of music from somewhere upstairs answered her cries. Alice and her housemate Stephanie had always been kind to Jane, and so out of concern for her neighbors, or so she would later tell herself, she trespassed into the home.

Glancing briefly around at the sparse but expensive style of decoration which adorned the house Jane sought out the source of the music, treading through empty halls and darkened rooms that were utterly devoid of inhabitants.

She was shocked when she walked in on the source of the sounds. The two women were wrapped up in the plain white sheets of the bed and entwined in each other’s arms. Engaged as they were in their passion they did not at first notice their guest. Jane gazed lustily at the vast expanses of bare flesh that the two women displayed as they writhed together upon the bed, her eyes lingering on their pair of massive breasts as the pressed together. She could feel her pussy start to moisten as she watched them together.

Before the thought occured to leave before they noticed her the opportunity passed. Alice glanced past her lover’s form and witnessed the intruder into their afternoon interlude.

“It looks like we have an uninvited guest…” she said, speaking to her partner. The other woman looked over and smiled at Jane, the predatory smile of a woman fully in the throes of lust.

“It’s rude to stare you know…” Alice said “If you are going to stay then you will have to join.”

Jane was confused, she had expected to be yelled at, to be cursed at, after all she was intruding into their home and had walked in on them having sex. But to be invited to join them? That such a situation could occur had never entered into her mind. Although, if she were to be honest with herself, a part of her had always wanted to experience being with other woman. The opportunity to be with two beautiful women at once was an experience that she could not afford to pass up, especially if it kept her out of trouble for trespassing in their house…

As she approached the bed the two women parted to make room for her between them. Together they pulled off her shirt, exposing her small breasts. She was self conscious about the size of her breasts, especially compared to Alice’s, but the older woman made a throating growl of approval at the sight of her bare body. Under their deft touch her shorts and panties sooned joined her top on the floor, leaving her as nude as the two older women she was with. Jane closed her eyes as her neighbors explored her body, their hands sliding over her warm flesh and into the crevices of her exposed body. She leaned back against Stephanie, feeling the tips of the other womans excited nipples press into her back.

Stephanie’s hands slipped around her waist, caressing and kneading at her breasts with tender insistence. Jane’s eyes snapped open as a warm, wet sensation enveloped her nipple, Alice knelt between her legs pulling her breast into a hungry mouth. Jane moaned at the pleasurable sensation, although her breasts were small they were extremely sensitive and the skillful use of Alice’s tongue excited her already inflamed body. Pressure on her inner thigh indicated the other womans desire and Jane obediently parted her legs. Dextrous fingers slipped past the swollen lips of her aroused pussy, sampling the moisture of her desire before plunging deep into her silken folds. Another throaty groan escaped from Jane’s parted lips as the older woman adeptly brought her to a swift climax, playing with her clit and her g-spot the way a master pianist might play their favorite instrument. The masterful touch of these women was worlds ahead of the clumsy fumbling attempts of her boyfriend, especially since they had already accomplished what he had never been able to, bring her to climax.

Alice moved in front of her and spread her legs, presenting her freshly shaved pussy before Jane. The smell of her aroused sex was intoxicating and Jane breathed her scent in deeply before plunging between her legs. Although she had no idea what she was doing she did have some idea of how a pussy worked and tried to do what she thought would feel good on her, stimulating and playing with the other womans clit with her tongue. She jumped when she felt another tongue slip into her own cunt as Stephenie positioned herself between the younger womans legs and started to messily devour her pussy. Alice pressed Jane’s head firmly between her legs, cutting off her moan with her aroused flesh. Obediently Jane continued her work, slipping her tongue into the folds of the other womans cunt. The taste of her cum was exquisite as it flowed over her tongue. She could hear the sounds of Alice’s pleasure, but it was a distant thing, occupied as she was with the task in front of her. In the end she felt more than heard as the older woman descended into her orgasm, her body spasming and shaking under her inexperienced touch.

Another shift occurred as at last it was Stephanie’s turn to have some fun. She straddled her lovers face, her legs parting to present her cunt to the other womans expert tongue. Jane was unsure what she should do, in the end she started to ride Alice the way she might if she had been male, grinding her pussy against the other womans sensitive cunt. The sensation was powerful, like it had been when she had first discovered masturbation humping her body pillow for the first time. The other womans pussy radiated heat and she could feel the moisture gathering on the lips of her own sex. Stephanie slipped her fingers in between their cunts, helping the stimulation to penetrate the outer lips and reach their clits, although she was heavily distracted by the skillful tongue of her lover.

At last Stephanie came as well, writhing and collapsing as her body shook in the powerful throes of passion. The sound of their love making filled the small clean room, drowning out the sound of the music that had been set to obscure their activities. Jane collapsed onto the bed, her body spent as another orgasm was teased out of her by her more experienced partner. Her surrender to fatigue was the signal the other two had been waiting for and they too collapsed in exhaustion, framing the younger girl with their bare bodies. Sleep came to them all, tangled in a pile of silken flesh and femininity, Jane’s last thoughts as she slid into oblivion was that she might need to give up on men altogether.



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