Christmas specials 18+

stumbled down the stairs, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and sighing to himself, quietly wishing that he was still in bed asleep. Although the rest of his family was away on a trip to Nigeria to celebrate Christmas, he had been forced to stay home and brave boredom snow, cold  and lonliness due to his hectic work schedule. As if that wasn’t enough he still had to be dragged out of bed early in the morning to skype with his family while they opened gifts.

He entered the living room and paused to admire the Christmas tree, which sat glowing in the early morning light filling the living room with gentle radiance since he had forgotten to unplug it when he went to bed the night before. The gap under the tree was stuffed with gifts, his parents way of apologizing for leaving him at home while they jetted off with his sister.

He sat down on the couch, yawning sleepily and pulled up skype on his laptop. He was annoyed when he noticed that his parents weren’t online yet until he realized that they were several hours behind him since they were in a different time zone. Muttering darkly to himself and lamenting the fact that he had not bothered to research this the night before when he was setting his alarm he was about to head back to the warm embrace of his bed when he noticed a large box that he was positive was not there the night before when he went to bed.

Utterly lacking in wrapping paper and almost large enough to hold a refrigerator the box sat by itself in the middle of the hallway leading towards the back of the house. He was confused and slightly alarmed, since the presence of the box indicated that either he had gotten far more drunk the night before than he thought he had, or someone had been in his house while he was asleep. He sidled over to the box, circling it warily. As boxes went it was nothing special, just a plain cardboard box. It was devoid of any telltale clicking or beeping so he figured it probably wasn’t a bomb… As he circled back to what he presumed was the front of the box he noticed an envelope taped to one side. Freeing the small square of thick white paper he found a plain card, inside which was inscribed in elegant black script: “To Chris, From Santa”

He frowned confused. If this was some sort of ploy by a robber he couldn’t see the point of it. Although the box was easily large enough to hold a full grown person it wouldn’t make any sense for a robber to break into his house and then wait in a box to surprise him. Though he supposed that one of his friends might think that was a fine idea of a joke at his expense. Convinced by now that he had figured out where the box had come from he started to open it, ready for whichever of his friends was lying in wait to pop out at him.

As the box opened the words he had intended to use to turn the tides on his friend died on his lips. Where he had expected an adult male poised to surprise him instead he was greeted by a beautiful, and mostly naked, woman. Appearing to be in her mid 20’s large full breasts and shoulder length blonde hair adorned a body that was obscured only by a short skirt that was vaguely christmas like in nature and a red Santa hat, neither of which did anything to conceal her perfectly formed body. Her box now open she sauntered out and wandered into the living room. He was momentarily struck dumb in shock.

“Uhhh… Who are you?” he asked, finding his voice at last.

She looked over at him as he spoke and her face broke into a wide smile that redirected the blood from his brain to portions of his body a bit further south. “Why I am your Christmas present of course!” she said as if that should be perfectly obvious.

“From who?” he asked. He was slightly amazed that he was able to string two words together in a coherent fashion given how much of his blood was currently gathered in regions below his belt.

“Why from Santa of course silly!” She replied with glee. “Now don’t you want to come and finish unwrapping your present?” She asked one hand trailing suggestively towards the miniscule skirt that hung ineffectually at her waist.

Although he was still not entirely sure what was happening it was at this point that he lost the ability to form rational thoughts or do more than follow his animal instincts as what was left of his higher level reasoning was redirected to his throbbing erection. With her encouragement his hands found the warm supple flesh of her breasts and he ceased to question anything that was happening. Their mouths met in wordless passion as their tongues fought each other for dominance. She pawed at him in an effort to divest him of the clothing that was inhibiting her hands and he obligingly stripped down. As their hands roamed each others bodies the heat between them grew. She moaned into his ear as his hands cupped her ass, pulling her forcefully against him. His stiff cock pressed against her stomach.

She dropped to her knees in front of him, his erect cock in her face. Her lips parted and wrapped themselves gently around the head of his cock. She slid her way slowly down his shaft, taking as much of him into her mouth as she was able before she risked hitting the back of her throat and making an unladylike gagging noise. Working her way back towards the head of his shaft she started to repeat the sequence. Slowly she increased her speed, bobbing along his cock. With her free hand she started to massage his balls, cupping and squeezing them while her mouth worked. He moaned loudly and she blew him with a near obscene amount of skill. Although he had dated a few girls who were fairly adept with their oral skills, none of them came close to this unnamed Christmas present. He could feel his balls start to tighten, a warning that he was going to cum, and he quickly freed his cock from her mouth since he wasn’t ready to be done having fun yet.

He bent her down on all fours, her body bending to his gentle pressure until her bare breasts were pressed against the soft fabric of the family couch. He slid his cock back and forth through the outer lips of her pussy, gathering the moisture of her arousal on the head of his cock before sliding it firmly between her lips. She gasped softly as his cock speared its way inside of her, stretching her cunt around his intruding member. He grasped her hips, pulling her body against his before shoving her away again with the force of his thrusts. The muscles of her pussy gripped his cock deliciously as he slid in and out of her wet hole. Her body radiated an amazing amount of warmth, and it was all that he could do not to cum immediately. All at once she announced that she was cumming, the front half of her body collapsing against the couch, her hips only staying in position due to his tight grip upon them. She shook and thrashed as her orgasm rocked through her. The muscles of her cunt squeezed and gripped his cock with vice like strength and it was too much for him to take. His cock exploded inside of her, coating her womb with his cum while her cunt squeezed every last drop out of him.

He pulled his cock out of her, a satisfying stream of white cum leaking out of her in a thick flow. She collapsed completely with the removal of his support, leaving a smear of cum on the family couch, but he was indifferent to the mess they had made, utterly satisfied as he was.

A sound intruded, breaking through his contentment.

He sat up in bed, bolting upright and throwing the covers from him as he sat up in surprise. As the last vestiges of sleep fled he looked around, trying to piece together what had happened. The dream had been so real, so real in fact that his boxers were soaked in cum. He looked at the cock and realized that it was Christmas day, time to get ready to skype with his family.

Instead of feeling disappointed, or annoyed, he decided that that dream, and the woman with the perfect cunt, was probably the best gift he was going to get that year. He lay back in bed, letting his racing heart slow to its normal pace.

“Merry Christmas” He thought to himself



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