The taxi pulled up to the terminal gate at the lagos International airport, fighting its way through the unending flow of traffic as people hurried to and from their planes.

She shuffled through her hand bag quickly, her heart rate jumping rapidly. She was positive that she had seen her purse in here somewhere when she left the house, but now that it was time to pay she couldn’t find it anywhere. The taxi driver sighed loudly in obvious annoyance at the delay. She finished tearing her bag apart and came to the unhappy conclusion that her purse simply was not here.

“Problem?” The drive asked, his voice filled with scorn. Appearing to be around the age of 30 he had a body that appeared to have been lovingly crafted by long hours at the gym, and the frown on his face said that he was not the kind of person that you wanted to disappoint, for your own safety.

“Oga I seem to have lost my wallet…” she muttered, she could feel her face flushing red in shame. She had never had something like this happen before. She wasn’t sure what happened to people who couldn’t pay their bills, but she was sure she didn’t want to find out.

“Are you trying to cheat me?!” he asked, his face flushed and the anger on his face would have been visible to a blind person.

“No of course not!” she stuttered, her face blanched in fear. “There must be something I can do, would you take an IOU?” she asked hesitantly.

He looked at her in frank appraisal. At the age of 29 she had a body that attracted a fair amount of attention. Although she had been married for 5 years careful eating and regular exercise and spared her from the extra weight that often started to accumulate in the post nuptial years. A healthy dose of good genes had given her large full breasts and a flawless heart shaped face, improved by the fact that much of the time she was utterly unaware of her own beauty, something which only served to enhance it.

“Well perhaps we can work something out…” he said “Ass, grass or cash, everybody pays. If you haven’t got any cash than you are going to have to pay with some ass.”

“I am a married woman!” she replied, shocked that he would even suggest such a thing.

“I don’t care if you are married with 7 kids!” he replied “You had better pay one way or another, or would you prefer I make noise so people can gather and see what they think about you trying to ditch a bill?” he enquired smugly.

She swallowed uncomfortably, she didn’t want to get in any sort of trouble, and she was sure that her husband would be enraged if she was arrested for something so silly.

“Ok…” she said quietly.

At her agreement he pulled away from the terminal. Whipping through the traffic they quickly reached the short term parking lot. Row after row of empty cars stretched in all directions, with only a few people traveling here and there among them. Heading to the back of the lot they found a spot that was mostly deserted and was hedged from view by a barbed wire fence. Exiting the driver’s seat he joined her in the back and wordlessly started to remove his clothes. She could tell that her first impression of him was correct as thick slabs of muscle covered his body.

She shed her clothes quickly, discarding them without concern, littering the inside of the taxi. Her heart rate rocketed as she sat with her body exposed to his view. He pulled the cups of her bra aside, allowing her breasts to hang freely in front of him. His rough, strong hands cupped one breast gently, running his fingers over the delicate flesh. She watched his cock slowly rise as he ran his fingers over her body.  She spread her legs at his wordless gesture, exposing the smooth lips of her vulva to the later afternoon sun that filtered through the windows of the cab. Wasting little time he lined the head of his penis up with her cunt and forced it inside of her. She moaned softly as his cock slipped inside of her, although she burned with shame at betraying her husband like this, something about this situation filled her with desire. The risk that they could be caught at any moment should have terrified her, but instead it only added to the experience. He worked himself into a steady pattern, his cock sliding in and out of her with practiced efficiency. The ease with which he performed made her suspect that she was not the first client he had made this proposition to, but with his thick cock thrusting inside of her she hardly cared. She had the startling realization that his cock was so much bigger than her husband’s and her body shivered with sudden release as she came upon his cock. Sitting with her back against the seat, her ass on the edge of the narrow ledge of the bench prevented him from completing his thrust, the awkwardness of the position inhibiting them both.

With mute gestures he indicated that he wanted her to stretch out, as he climbed behind her on the narrow bench seat. Obediently she lay back against him, one strong arm slipping around her waist and pulling her tight against his muscular body. She could feel the heat that radiated from his body as their bare skin pressed against each other. She lifted one leg and she slipped his cock back inside of her. She moaned shamelessly at its return. He quickly resumed his pace, the force of his thrusts causing her breasts to bounce and sway as they coupled in their passion. She lost herself in the moment, an earth shattering orgasm rocking through her as he pounded into her, indifferent to her pleasure. His cock thrust inside of her with an efficiency and regularity that was almost mechanical in nature.

Again they changed positions as he grunted, informing her that he was close to finishing. She lay back, leaning her head against the door and silently cursing that they were not somewhere more comfortable. He leaned between her legs, eyes closed tight in  concentration. They were both covered in a fine sheen of sweat from their activities and it highlighted the deep ridges of his well defined muscles. She ran her fingers along his stomach, feeling the firm flesh that could only be won through long hours at the gym. His speed increased, his breathing becoming huskey and uneven as he approached his climax. At last he grunted in rapture as he found his release. She moaned as he filled her, a combination of fulfilled desire and fear as his cum exploded deep inside of her. She felt every spurt as his cock sprayed inside the tight confines of her pussy. She wasn’t sure what she had expected, and she kicked herself for not insisting that he wear a condom when they started, something she didn’t even let her husband get away with. But part of her reveled in the experience, she would worry about what she would tell her husband later should she become pregnant.

Although she didn’t relish sitting on the long flight ahead of her with his cum leaking out of her cunt, it was better than getting disgraced for trying to duck a taxi bill.

He pulled his slowly shrinking cock out of her, followed closely by a thick stream of cum. Wordlessly he started to get dressed, pausing only for a moment to wipe off his cock on his boxers. She followed his example and gathered her clothing from where she had left it strewn about the cab. She sat uncomfortably in the seat, her panties already moist with cum, as he returned to the terminal entrance.

She thanked him as he pulled her suitcase from the trunk and he gave her a knowing smile, merely tipping his head in acknowledgment. She watched as he sped off, quickly losing sight of him in the flow of traffic before rushing to her gate. Perhaps she would see if she could get a ride from him again the next time she was here…



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