Sunday specials the Elevator 18+

The elevator in my building sucks. I mean it really sucks. Breaks down almost every week sucks. Now any sane, normal person would say just take the stairs, but when you like 12 floors up, well that is a lot of stairs. Still sometimes it beat rolling the dice with that stupid pile of crap. The worst time was when it had broken down when I was on my way to a job interview, was stuck in there for 4 hours and needless to say did not get the job. But there were good times too, and this is the story of the best time I ever got stuck in that god forsaken hunk of junk.

I was on my way back from a night out with some friends, a little buzzed and generally in a pretty good mood. As I approached the stairs I just couldn’t bare the thought of having to climb all those flights, and decided to risk taking the elevator. As the doors were closing A woman raced up, calling for me to hold the doors, and since I am a gentleman, even when drunk, I did so. She thanked me as the doors closed behind her. I glanced at her, perhaps being a bit more deliberate in my gaze than I might normally be. She was not someone I had seen around the building before. She appeared to be in her late 30’s to early 40’s but with the build of someone who clearly took care of her body. An ample expanse of cleavage greeted my gaze and when I broke away from staring down her dress our eyes met and she smiled seductively at me. My mind still buzzing from my earlier fun I smiled blearily back at her. The small twinkle of a wedding ring adorned one finger and I cursed silently to myself, all the good ones are taken, I thought.

In a move right out of a movie the elevator picked that exact second to break down. A grinding sound coming from somewhere overhead before the car jerked and then fell still. The lights even went so far as to flicker. We both looked around in surprise before reality trickled into my inebriated brain and I cursed, realizing we were stuck for what could be a long while.

“What happened?” she said, her voice had a note of concern in it and I could tell that she was a little worried.

“The stupid elevator broke down again.” I said, I did my best to try to reassure her, injecting as much calm annoyance into my voice as I could manage, as if to say that this was nothing to worry about, or something that happened all the time. “We could be here for awhile…” I said. I tried not to sound excited by the prospect, though being trapped in a small space with a beautiful woman was not the worst thing that could ever happen.

“Well maybe we should think of something fun to do to pass the time…” she said. The same seductive smile that had filled her face when she had caught me checking her out returned

She pulled down her dress to reveal her very large, very full breast, and hiked up her dress to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties. My mind stalled, when she had said she wanted to have some fun I had thought she had meant play a game on my cell phone or something. My intoxicated mind just couldn’t put what I was seeing in its place. She arched her eyebrow at me as if asking “well what are you waiting for?” That was all of the encouragement I needed, I pounced on her like a starving cat. Her breasts were warm and firm under my hands, and her lips met mine, her tongue pushing its way into my mouth. She moaned through parted lips as we pressed together. I pushed her back against the wall of the elevator, our bodies shaking the small room as we slammed against the wall. She giggled at the noise we made but I was beyond paying attention. One of my hands worked its way down between her legs and her thighs parted for me. Her pussy was already wet and waiting for me as my fingers explored her. She moaned again, louder than before, as my fingers slipped inside of her. Her cunt was tight and warm and my cock hardened in response, straining against the cotton prison of my pants in its desire to replace my fingers. Her hips gyrated in response to my probing fingers, grinding and writhing under my touch. Her moans increased in volume and her eyes closed as she leaned into my touch. One of her hands joined mine, encouraging my fingers to probe ever deeper. All at once she shuddered and gasped, her eyelids fluttering as she came.

My drunken mind fixated on a burning desire to know what her cum tasted like, to know what flavor her cunt was. I pulled her to the dirty carpeted floor of the elevator, spreading her legs to expose the perfection of her pussy. The first taste was divine, the second was like heaven itself. I ran my tongue across the lips of her pussy before plunging inside to taste the sweet nectar of her desire. Her words and her cries urged me on, filling the small metal room with her pleas to devour her cunt. She moaned and squirmed as I worked on her with my tongue. In no time she announced that she was again going to cum, her body convulsing and her legs snapping shut, pinning my face between her sculpted thighs. The scent of her desire filled my nose and mouth as I continued to probe her with my tongue, exploring every part of her pussy.

I could take the torment no longer, I stood helping her to her feet and freeing my cock with one deft flick of my wrist. She smiled at me seductively and leaned against the wall of the elevator, parting her thighs and giving me a perfect view of her cunt. I thrust my cock into her and lifted her from the ground in one motion, pressing her body against the wall. She wrapped her legs around my waist as my cock sunk into her.

As drunk as I was I lasted only a short time. The feel of her cunt tight around me was more than I could endure for long. With her moaning in my ear as I slammed her against the wall of the small metal box I felt my cock explode inside of her, painting the inside of her pussy with my seed. She shook and convulsed, her cries reaching an even greater pitch as she joined me in an orgasm.

Like magic, no sooner than we had reached our mutual climax than the elevator shook and stutted, resuming its path upwards. She smiled at me as the doors open, giving me a friendly wave as she headed down the hall away from me, I could see a small stream of my cum leaking down her thigh as she walked, the only evidence of our tryst.

I never did see her again, I have no idea who she was, or what she was doing in that elevator. But it was the only time I ever thanked god for that stupid pile of junk my building called an elevator.



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