The Masseuse

Touching her… rubbing her? No thanks… But her friends has all put in to get her this massage and it would be kind of insulting to them if she threw it back in their face by refusing to go after they had paid for it.
“Besides…” she thought to herself “they did say that the masseuse was hot”

She headed into the massage parlour and was greeted by the rather grumpy receptionist at the front desk.

“Hmmmm…. not a good omen” she muttered under her breath. She provided the gift certificate that her friends had given her when prompted and was informed that the masseuse was still with his last client and would be out in a few minutes.

She idled away the time nervously paging through an outdated magazine while she waited for her masseuse to finish with his last client. Finely a sweaty looking woman appeared from down the hall and headed out the front door, swiftly followed by what she assumed was some sort of Greek god, a statue of a man chiseled out of the highest quality stone by a master craftsman. She was so enamored with him that she almost missed him calling her name a second time. She blushed and quickly stood up to shake his hand in greeting. He indicated that she should follow him down the hall and she did so.

The massage room was small but cozy, blue walls and some accouterments made the space feel safe and comforting. The masseuse instructed her that she should disrobe, and although she was quite sure that he meant all the way, she stripped down to her bra and panties, firmly leaving them on, which earned her a raised eyebrow but no comment. At his bidding she lay down on the massage table, lying face down. He started at her feet, gently caressing her calves and massaging her skin with some sort of mineral oil that left her skin feeling sleek and smooth. She closed her eyes as he worked and lost track of time, enveloped by the calm room and the feeling of his firm, muscular hands caressing her body.

She was a little shocked when he started to massage her ass, cupping and kneading her cheeks gently but firmly. She still had some coverage, since she was still wearing her skimpy black panties, and she supposed that this is what her friends had paid for after all, but she was starting to get aroused by the overly familiar contact. His hands slipped down lower, kneading her upper thighs and treading dangerously close to her pussy. She could feel herself starting to get wet and secretly urged his hands to cross the miniscule distance and slip inside her. She was surprised at the turn that her thoughts had taken, she knew it had been awhile since she had been laid but that didn’t really account for how horny she was. She was still musing to herself when she felt the tip of his finger caress the outer lips of her vagina, tentatively at first, and then more insistent when she failed to comment on his presence. She spread her legs a little, giving him better access. She silently cursed herself, sure that she had just imagined his fingers, and that she would look like an idiot spreading her legs for him like a horny schoolgirl with a crush. She felt him silently slip aside the flimsy piece of cotton that shielded her crotch from him, exposing the lips of her pussy to his gaze. She bit her lip and shuddered with barely controlled desire as he slipped a finger inside of her, the moisture from her arousal providing ample lubrication for the intruding digit.

With the expert skill that you would expect from someone who touched people professionally the slender finger isolated her g-spot and quickly brought her to a silent climax. She knew without having to be told that if she were to make any noise that could be heard in the waiting room all contact would cease. She bit her lip as he manipulated her pussy to bring her to a rapid second climax. None of the fumbling boys that she had been with sexually before this moment held a candle to this man she had just met. Her hips bucked involuntarily as he slipped a second finger into her slick hole. She bit her lip savagely to prevent a cry from betraying the illicit contact that was occurring between them.

She felt his hand graze her back and realized that with deft fingers he had undone her bra strap (something her last boyfriend had struggled mightily to do every time they fucked). She obligingly freed herself from the garment before raising her hips to invite him to free her of her other one. She quickly shed the cotton panties and watched as they fell to the floor beside the rest of her clothing. She realized with a sudden moment of clarity that she was now completely exposed in front of a stranger for the first time in her life, not counting her doctor, since she had always insisted on wearing a bra or panties or something when she had fooled around with her ex’s. But this stranger had stripped her of her clothing with the same amount of skill that he had used to bring her to orgasm so swiftly. She bit her lip nervously when she heard the sound of a zipper being undone and realized that he was likely going to take advantage of her willingly shedding her garments.

She bit her lip again as she felt the pressure from the tip of his cock press against the lips of her pussy. His cock was so much bigger than the other men she had been with and she grimaced from the mixture of pleasure and pain as the massive member stretched her pussy. She was fortunate that he had been so thorough in his seduction as her pussy was well lubricated, which helped his cock slide inside of her. She felt his balls slap against her pussy as his thrust hit home. She moaned quietly as her started his assault on her pussy. He pulled her to the edge of the table, helping him to get a better position so that he could have the leverage to fuck her. Her body was slick with the oils that he had used earlier in the massage and she slid easily across the small table. He fucked her with the constituency of a metronome, slamming into her cunt in perfect time. One of his hands slid over her oiled body up to cup her breast, mauling the slippery flesh while continuing to keep time. She covered her mouth to forestall a moan at the added sensation. She had always loved having her breasts played with, and if she were being honest with herself, she had a difficult time cumming without some sort of breast stimulation. He had a difficult time keeping a hold on her breasts as they fought to escape his grasp, slick with the mineral oil that coated a fair portion of her body.

She moaned in disappointment as he pulled his cock from her, but obediently rolled over onto her side at his urging. With little pause he slipped his cock back inside of her. With her legs closed his cock had a more difficult time penetrating her and she thought she could feel every vein in his member as he forced it back into place. He gripped her around the hips and pulled her body against his with the same rhythm he had used before, causing her breasts to bounce and slap against each other with the force of his thrusts. She felt her orgasm building inside of her, the added sensation from closing her legs bringing her to climax again. She forgot what she was doing and moaned loudly, only to have her sound sharply cut off as his hand clamped over her mouth. When he saw that she was again silent he held one finger up to his lips in a conspiratorial fashion and she smiled. He lifted one of her legs, wrapping his arms around it and using the leverage to continue to pull her body against his. One of his hands dipped down between her legs, slipping between the lips of her pussy and finding her clit. His cock continued to slide in and out of her while his fingers stimulated her clit. After scarcely a moment she could take the added stimulation no more, her hips bucked and she shook as a the most powerful orgasm she had ever had rocked through her body. She somehow managed to keep her voice down, though if you had asked her after how she did it she never would have been able to tell you… She collapsed, spent on the massage table, she had never felt so completely and utterly satisfied as she did in that moment. Her body shivered a few times as the aftershocks of her orgasm rocked through her body. She had expected him to cum, either in her or on her, at this point she didn’t really care, but she was surprised to see him getting dressed again. She supposed that she had paid for this service, so in a way it was all about her, but part of her was disappointed. She would have loved a nice mouthful of cum. But you can’t win them all she supposed. Two thing she was sure of, he would be getting a big tip, and she would be coming back for another massage.



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