Trìo Sexual 18+

They were the best of friends. Had been since boarding school when they had first sat across from each other at lunch. The kind of friends who had lasted through good relationships and bad, though rotten ex-boyfriends, and rotten fights. There has even been that brief period where they had dated when she was going through that lesbian phase of her life. They were completely comfortable with each other, they had been swimming together since before they had breasts, and neither thought anything about changing clothes in front of the other. So when her boyfriend had gotten on a kick about wanting a threesome, there was only one person in the world that she could picture feeling safe enough with to allow it to happen. She was a little conflicted when  Uduak had agreed so readily, since she had kind of been hoping she would shoot her idea down right away so she could tell her boyfriend she had tried and let the idea die. But it also turned her on. It had been a long time since they had spent their lazy afternoons locked up in her bedroom, exploring each other’s bodies. After all Uduak had been the first person to ever make her cum, and to show her how to make herself cum, so she was eager to see how much her skill had increased.

The date was arranged. It was decided that they would put out a matress on the rooftop of the house that Bill and Mercy shared, taking advantage of the warm weather and seclusion of their house.

When the day finally arrived Bill acted like a child on Christmas, having difficulty sleeping the night before as his excitement mounted. When the doorbell rang, announcing Uduak’s arrival,Bill  almost beat mercy to the door. The two women embraced as they always did, and then shared a passionate kiss, partly to get their motors running, but mostly just to tease Bill. The look on his face was more than worth it. They made small talk for awhile, again mostly to tease Bill, before heading to the spot that had been prepared. The two girls started to strip, slowly removing their clothes, their eyes fixed on Bill the entire time, taking in every look, every movement as he watched their show.

Uduak and mercy both stripped completely out of their clothes, leaving them bare and exposed to Bill. She felt her pussy start to get moist with desire as she saw him look them up and down. Uduak reclined on the matress provided and spread her legs providing access to her perfectly groomed pussy. Mercy got down on her hands and knees and buried her face in between Uduak’s legs. The scent of her pussy was exoctic and addicitive and filled her with desire. Her tongue darted in between the plump full lips of the other womans pussy and she could taste the other womans arousal, a taste as addictive as the smell. She was so absorbed in what she was doing that she was caught completely by surprise when she felt another tongue slip in between the lips of her own pussy. She realized that as she had been bent down between Uduak’s legs she had exposed herself and her boyfriend had decided to take advantage of the situation. She moaned into Uduak’s pussy as his tongue slipped inside of her but Uduka’s hand on the back of her head reminded her to continue what she was doing and she resumed her work.

“I am going to cum!” uduak cried. Mercy redoubled her efforts, sucking Uduak’s clit into her mouth and flicking it with her tongue. She was rewarded with uduak’s moans. She added one of her fingers to the mix, sliding her index and middle finger into the tight wet hole while she continued to lap at the outside. Uduak’s pussy gripped her fingers as the rapidly slid in and out and the sounds of her desire redoubled. She shuddered as her orgasm rocked through her and Mercy smiled to herself in satisfaction. Meanwhile her boyfriend continued to lap at her pussy and she could feel herself getting close as well. She crouched down a bit, arching her back and spreading her legs so as to provide him with better access to her cunt. He took advantage of the chance and grabbed onto her hips and pulled her against his face, forcing his tongue as deeply into her pussy as he could. She ground her hips against his face in an unconscious motion to stimulate herself, her hips rolling forward and back in a sensious dance. She shuddered as the rolling waves of pleasure rocked her body and moaned loudly, alerting everyone in the room that she was cumming. Her boyfriend pulled back and slapped her ass with a resounding smack. Mercy moved forward and embraced Uduak, their naked bodies pressing together. Although neither Mercy and Uduak were thrilled at the sensation of their breasts pressing together. The smooth expanses of skin meeting as they embraced. One of Mercy’s arms snaked around Uduak’s shoulders and pulled her into a deep kiss, their tongues briefly doing battle as she shared the taste of the other womans cum with her, her pussy still heavy on her lips. As their kiss ended they turned back to look at Bill, who had shed his boxers  and was eagerly stroking his erect cock as he watched them. They smiled at each other and beckoned him to join them.

Bill sprawled out on the bed and the two girls almost smacked heads as they both raced to his cock. Both were considered expert cocksuckers, and both enjoyed the sensation of a nice hard cock in their mouth. They took turns, one playing with the rigid member while the other played with his balls, or rubbed their breasts on his body. At one point they shared a passionate kiss, his cock trapped in the middle between their warring lips. Mercy could taste the familiar taste of his precum as they worked on his cock, the sickly sweet taste like candy to her tongue. He reached out, taking one of their breasts in each of his hands as they sucked on his cock, idly squeezing and playing with the soft tissue. Uduak moaned as he found her nipple and twisted it gently back and forth between his thumb and index fingers. Mercy recalled that Uduak had always enjoyed having her nipples played with.

Bill pushed himself upright, reaching the end of what he was willing to take of their teasing play with his cock. He took uduak and pushed her down on her chest, spread her legs, and shoved his cock into her waiting cunt. She moaned loudly as he thrust inside of her, grabbing hold of her hips and pulling her body back against his. Mercy felt an odd twinge as she watched her boyfriend, the man she loved, thrust his cock into her best friend. Mostly she was jealous that it wasn’t her cunt that he was inside. She sat before her best friend and spread her legs before firmly pushing her face into her pussy. Uduak obediently started to eat her pussy while she was fucked from behind. Mercy could hear the muffled moans as she struggled to eat her pussy. Mercy quickly came, the speed of her orgasm shocking her, it seemed that Uduak had improved in skill after all. She closed her eyes in satisfaction as her body shook involuntarily as the other womans skilled tongue slid and darted around her pussy, playing her like a finely tuned instrument.

Finally it was Mercy’s turn to get fucked. Bill pulled his cock out of her friend cunt and gestured at her. She scooted closer and spread her legs eagerly. She moaned even louder than her friend had when his cock, still covered in her best friends cum, slipped inside of her. He quickly worked himself up to a regular pace, thrusting and grinding against her. She was lost in the sensation of being fucked when she felt a presence above her. She opened her eyes to see Uduak’s cunt hovering above her. She pulled her down onto her, encouraging the other woman to sit on her face. The musky smell of her cum and her pussy filled her nostrils as she crouched above her, she devoured the other woman, licking and lapping at her pussy like a starving dog. She had been worried that the threesome wouldn’t work out, but she had never been as turned on as she was in that moment, her cunt filled with her boyfriends nice thick cock, and the taste of her best friend’s cunt on her lips. She heard passionate cries from above her and a splash of liquid squirted onto her face, she realized that her deft work with her tongue had caused Uduak to cum again.

Bill announced that he was getting close and the two girls reluctantly traded places again. They had agreed beforehand that Bill would cum in Uduak, since she was on the pill and Mercy wasn’t. Moving onto her hands and knees Uduak presented her pussy to him and he slammed his cock eagerly into her gaping hole. All symbolance of pattern or routine was gone as he thrust into her. His thrusts and his breath were ragged and both girls could tell that he was close. Mercy spread her legs again and Uduak again buried her face in between them, but they were both waiting for him to cum. He gasped and shuddered, closing his eyes as they rolled back in his head and going completely still. Uduak too gasped as the wave of hot cum exploded inside of her, pushing her over the edge into another orgasm. All three of them collapsed into a sweaty pile on the bed, sprawled out together, their bodies entwined in the aftermath of their fun. They lay their making sleepy sounds when a sudden thought entered Mercy’s mind and simply would not let her rest, she wanted to know what her boyfriends cum tasted like out of her friends cunt. Mercy separated herself from the pile and pushed uduak onto her back, parting her legs. Her face again dipped between the other womans legs and her tongue darted inside of her, questing to find the cum that was waiting inside of her. She felt her hand on the back of her head, urging her onward. It didn’t take her much effort to find the load of cum, and she lapped at it eagerly, pulling as much of it out of her and into her mouth. She heard uduak say that she was cumming again, but she payed it no mind, intent on her mission. At last she had licked the other woman’s pussy clean, and she collapsed into the waiting arms of the two most important people to her in the world satiated at last…#crazinigerian



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