A week with the Maid 18+

It was unacceptable, and utterly unforgivable. In fact, if his parents ever found out he was as good as dead. Or worse, disowned. For someone of his social standing to be in love with the maid was social suicide. But god damn, she was beautiful.

He had met her 6 months ago when he got back from school and his parents had moved her into the house from Akwaibom to be their new maid .
With long, dark hair and pert breasts, she was still in the flush of youth, having left her teen years behind only recently she couldn’t have Been more than 19 . She actually spoke English fluently for a village girl, and they had whiled away long hours talking when each should have been doing any number of other things.
The first time he had caught her undressed had been purely an accident. He had stepped out but he had forgotten his wallet and so had unexpectedly returned to the house much sooner than had been expected. He had walked in the front door, consumed in his own thoughts when the sound of gentle but persistent vibrations had penetrated his awareness. His curiosity had gotten the best of him and he attempted to track the sound to its source. He had found her there, in her room, with the door wide open. Her shirt had been pulled back to expose her breasts to her questing hands and her skirt had been pulled up to expose a freshly shaved pussy. She had been wrapped up in her own experience, her eyes closed as she worked on her pussy with the small pink vibrator. One of her hands mauled her breast, teasing and playing with the exposed flesh as the worked at her clit with the vibrator. He snuck closer and could hear the sounds of her pleasure, her moans barely choked back as she approached her orgasm. All at once her hips bucked and she nearly dropped the toy, she cried out as her orgasm rocked her body. She lay back and shivered as the pleasure rolled through her, until at last her eyes opened. Their eyes met then across the small room. She let out a surprised sound and made a vain attempt to cover herself. He apologized profusely, sputtering in his shock, but the rise of his cock through his pants revealed how sorry he actually was.

They had talked later, and he had apologized again, but the sight of her with her legs spread and her breasts exposed as she convulsed in the throes of orgasm was a sight that had never for a moment left his mind since.

In the months that followed they had found every chance they could to be together, away from the watchful eyes of his parents. Sometimes she snuck up to his room, and sometimes he snuck down to hers, but they were together. Although he was no stranger to the female body, he was as shy as a teen with his first girlfriend, doing everything he could to make her smile, and laugh. They explored each others bodies slowly, though both lusted to take that final step and join their bodies together at long last. The chance arrived when his parents announced that they would be taking a trip to Abuja to celebrate their anniversary together and he would be alone in the house for a week. He was thankful that they had not seen his cock suddenly swell as he thoughts about what a week alone with his love would be like.

They were upon each other practically the second that the door had closed behind his parents. They tore at each other, both consumed with lust and passion long denied as they had moved slowly down the path of love.

In moments their clothes were shed, spread around the room wherever they landed as they were tossed casually aside. She stood before him, completely exposed, for the first time since he had walked in on her. He gazed at her for only a moment before they were in each others arms. He thrilled at the touch of her warm, smooth skin against his, and the heat that radiated from between her legs told him of her desire.
She dropped to her knees in front of him, taking his cock in both of her hands as it sprung forth in reaction to her touch. She enveloped the head of his cock in her mouth and he groaned as the wet heat enveloped him. She started to stroke, her hands and mouth working in unison. She slid all the way down the length of his cock, taking it wholly into her mouth. He felt the tip hit the back of her throat and she gagged slightly in response. He could feel the tension building inside of him and knew that he was getting close to cumming under her skilled touch.

Desperate to prolong their union he stopped her, pulling her up onto her hands and knees he wasted no time in penetrating her, his cock sliding inside her cunt like a hot knife through butter. Although she was as tight as a virgin the moisture of her desire aided him. She moaned loudly as his cock thrust inside of her. Immediately she started to rock back and forth, each time almost pulling his cock free before sliding back down. He had never been with someone who did all the work the way she was. She moaned and cried as she fucked him, proclaiming for all to hear of her enjoyment. Taken by sudden inspiration he slapped her ass, leaving a red handprint on the tan expanse of flesh. She made a surprised sound and the muscles of her cunt gripped his cock. She continued unabated in her motions, her breasts swaying in time with her thrusts. He again slapped her ass, this time eliciting a sound of desire, and again her cunt gripped his cock tightly. At last she moaned loudly and collapsed onto the couch on which they were fucking, her legs going weak as she came. A small amount of moisture squirted onto the couch as she came. He was surprised, he had heard of girls squirting before but he had never had the chance to see it himself. The sight, a visual proof of her orgasm, turned him on even more than he already was.

She rose from the couch and pushed him into a sitting position. She rose in front of him, giving him a front row seat to the smooth curves of her perfectly formed body, and straddled him. She rose up on her legs and took his cock in one hand, lining it up with her pussy before thrusting down on top of it. She moaned loudly as his cock thrust up inside of her, stretching out her pussy again. She started to rise and fall, taking him inside of her each time. She worked slowly, grinding her hips against his before rising again and thrusting her hips down to take in his length. Where before she had worked with the urgency of passion, now she worked with a calm sense of purpose and desire.

He had once had a lap dance, a hole in the wall of a strip club on the occasion of his birthday, and the way she rode him but the stripped to shame. He reached out and slipped one arm around her, pulling her closer to him and positioning her breasts in front of him. He slipped one of her nipples into his mouth, biting down softly on the sensitive flesh. She moaned encouragement to him as he started to flick his tongue back and forth across her nipple, eliciting groans and squeals as he worked. His free hand grasped her other breast, savagely mauling the flesh. She yelped in pain and slapped his hand before encouraging him again, this time requesting a greater degree of care on his part.

Again her cries reached a crescendo as an orgasm rocked through her. She shook and convulsed atop him, seeming to lose some degree of control over her body as the pleasure short circuited her brain. Taking the initiative he continued her motion, thrusting his cock into her, pounding her mostly limp form as she rocked in the throes of pleasure. He pulled her against him, feeling the heat rolling off her body as her breasts pressed against his chest. She again gained control of her body and attempted to rise. He held her body tight against his, thrusting rapidly in and out. He could feel his orgasm starting to build and warned her of its imminent arrival.

She quickly rose, and he groaned as his swollen cock sprung free of her. The sickly sweet scent of cum and desire filled his nose as her pussy passed by him. She again dropped to her knees in front of him. This time he stood, determined to mark her as his own. Though his parents could never know of their union, he would mark her in a way that was wholly animalistic in nature. Stroking his cock rapidly he through his head back as he felt his cock explode. Spurt after spurt of sticky, white cum sprayed forth, splashing onto her waiting face as she obediently kneltbefore him to accept his load. Dripped down her cheeks and onto her perfectly formed breasts, leaving her covered in his seed and wholly his.

She ran a finger along her breasts, scooping some of his cum up before slipping it into her mouth. She did this while maintaining eye contact with him. He felt a shudder of renewed desire as he watched her. She made a sound to indicate that she enjoyed the taste of his cum. They lay back together on the couch. Their bodies pressed together and he could feel some of his cum stick to his chest as she pressed her body against his. Nestled into the crook of his arms he held her tightly. Slowly they slipped into the embrace of sleep, each fully satisfied, for the moment. His last thoughts as he drifted off was of all the fun they would have this week…#crazinigerian



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