Sunday Specials 18+

The water streamed over their bodies, washing away the sweat and the grime from a long day.

She loved the delicious feeling of his hands on her breasts. His hand sliding and coping as the flesh was made slick by the soap. His hand slipped up and over her breasts and he groped vainly at her nipples, which were spared his touch by the soaps embrace.

She slipped her hands behind her back, she could already feel his erect cock pressing against her back and she grasped at his rigid member. Her pussy was already wet and aching in desire and the touch of his hands on her body only served to amplify her lust. It had been to long since she had felt his embrace and she yearned to have his rock hard cock inside her again

She grasped at his cock. Where the soap made her breasts slippery and difficult to hold on to it only served to amplify her touch on his rigid member, serving as an able lubricant. She slid her hand back and forth along his shaft, stroking along its length. He groaned in her ear and she felt his teeth bite softly into her neck. His tongue cleaned some of the showers water from her and she bit back a groan at the sensation.

His hands increased their pace, continuing to slide and fondle her ample breasts. He had always liked her breasts and there was something about playing in the showers water that made his touch more exciting. Her nipples hardened at the stimulation he was providing as his hands continued their task, supposedly helping her soap up and clean off after a day at the office, but in reality doing little more than fanning the fire of her desire. She pressed her ass against him, pinning his cock between them and grinding forcefully against him.

His cock escaped its prison and slipped between her legs, emerging from between her legs. Its position afforded it the perfect angle to rub against her clit. She slipped up and down, sliding herself along its length. She bit back another moan at the constant stimulation, bringing her ever closer to an orgasm. She wanted his cock inside of her so badly it hurt, but she enjoyed savoring her desire, as much as she enjoyed savoring his.

Powerful hands lifted her off of him and he dropped to his knees in front of her. His rough, calloused hands gently spread her legs, exposing her pussy to both the showers warmth and his examination. She gasped as he buried his face between her legs, his tongue plunging into her depths. His tongue slid along the length of her pussy taking in her scent and her taste, she could hold back her cries no longer and moaned loudly. He explored her aching pussy with his tongue before isolating her clit, diligently lapping at the sensitive organ. She could take it no more and her body shook with the force of her orgasm. She would have collapsed on the shower floor in that moment had his powerful hands not kept her upright, lifting her with the ease that she would lift a kitten.

He positioned himself behind her and she felt him line the head of his cock up with the opening of her pussy before sliding his enormous member inside of her. Her pussy stretched and gripped his cock as though they were made for each other. Grasping one of her shoulders he slipped the other between her legs. As his pace increased his hand continued to stimulate her clit. Another wave of pleasure washed over her and again the only thing that kept her standing was his powerful embrace. She heard him announce his imminent orgasm and groaned in disappointment as she felt his cock leave her. A splash of molten cum landed on her lower back to warm her skin momentarily before being washed away by the water. She turned to embrace him, the feeling of his arms surrounding her providing an unequaled sensation of safety and trust, not to mention that her legs were still weak from their earlier fun. She hoped he would still have enough energy for some more fun in bed later…#crazinigerian



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