18+ friday specials

Chioma , we will be back around 9’o clock tonight” he said “we left you some money on the counter by the phone,incase of emergency microwave food in the fridge for you and the kids tonight. I want them in bed…”

“By 8, I know the drill Mr. Davis” She said with a laugh

Mr. Davis smiled, chioma had been babysitting for them almost as long as they had lived there. She was only 16 when she started so in a way he felt like he had watched her grow up over the past three years, and oh had she grown up. From an awkward teenage girl to big for her body she had matured into an amazingly beautiful young woman. Recently he had caught himself paying more attention than he probably should be when she would bend over, or show any amount of skin. He even thought that she had caught him staring at her a couple of times, and unless he was crazy she hadn’t looked unhappy about the attention. His wife had insisted for years that she had a crush on him but he had never taken her seriously before.

“Alright guys, we are headed out.” he said. He kissed his kids good bye and headed out, he was not looking forward to going to parent teacher conferences  but the sooner they got it done the better.


“We’re home!” he called into the quiet house. He cringed as his wife smacked him. He always forgot that the kids would be asleep by the time that they got home, so calling out would do nothing but wake them up. His wife rolled her eyes and headed upstairs to get ready for bed.

“Mr. Davis, would you mind giving me a ride back to my place?” chioma asked “My ride fell through and it is dark and a long walk back to my house ”

“Of course chioma” he said “I wouldn’t make you walk home this time of night. Let me go tell my wife . and we will get you home.” He popped upstairs and told his wife that he was going to take the babysitter home, earning him an indifferent grunt.

“Be quiet when you come home would you?” she said “I have to be up early tomorrow so I am going to bed now.”

“Ok…” he said. He had been hoping that they could have sex since the kids were already asleep, but it looked like that option was off the table. Since their youngest child had been born his wife just hadn’t been interested in sex like she was before. What had started out as an almost nightly occurrence had been reduced to a once or twice a month, or on special days like elections at best.

He headed downstairs and  found chioma waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs and he guiltily averted his eyes when he realized that he could see straight down her shirt from the top of the stairs.

“Are you ready to go?” he asked

“Yes Sir !” she said


He pulled the car into the dark parking lot, pulling into the covered space in front of her building. He let the car idle for a moment before switching it off.

“Well… here we are…” he said awkwardly

“You have to come up and see my place!” chioma said enthusiastically

Although he tried to talk his way out of it she simply would not take no for an answer. So not more than a few moments later he found himself in the small one bedroom apartment that belonged to his babysiter he remembered when she first told him she got a place wanting to be independent from her parents . He glanced around the room, examining the pile of dirty dishes in the sink, the discarded pieces of clothing and underwear that littered the small alcove where she kept her washer and dryer. It wasn’t a great deal different from his own first apartment, many years ago.

“Nice place you have…” he started to say. He turned around to talk to her and discovered that she had started to undress, bearing her young, full breasts. He choked on the rest of his sentence and stared in shocked silence.

Her breasts were bigger than he would have expected, and pert and full in the way only youth could manage. He discovered that she has pierced both of her nipples, small pink bars stared back at him.

She continued to undress, maintaining eye contact with him the entire time. He could feel his heart racing, he didn’t think this could be real and he was tempted to pinch himself to try and wake up. Another pink bar greeted him from between her legs completing the set. The smooth clean lines of her pussy set his blood boiling. He let the silence hang as he watched her deftly shed the last of her clothing. His breath caught as she approached him. Her hand slid over his thigh, caressing the outline of his cock, which by this time was straining against its cotton prison. Without saying a word she started to undress him, pulling off his hat and coat before undoing the buttons on his shirt. She ran her hands across the exposed skin of his chest.

He reached out and encircled her in his arms pulling her body tight against his. He thrilled at the sensation her skin, the tips of her breasts pressing against his chest. Her hand stroked his cock and their mouths met in a hungry kiss, their tongues doing battle in their mouths.

His cock responded in her hands, rising to attention and pressing against the smooth skin of her stomach. As their kiss broke she looked up at him, her eyes hazy with lust. She led the way to her bedroom and sprawled out on her bed, her legs spread wide in invitation. He climbed onto her bed and buried his head between her legs. The scent of her pussy was intoxicating and he found her already wet with anticipation. He slid the tip of his tongue along the lips of her pussy and savors the taste of her excitement. Her clit was easy to find, the bright pink piercing serving as a beacon of its location. He pulled it into his mouth, pinning it gently between his teeth and flicking his tongue back and forth across it. The reaction was immediate, her hips bucked and her back arched in pleasure. She let out a moan as he continued stimulate her clit. First one finger and then two found their way into her eager hole, increasing the stimulation and bringing her closer to an orgasm.  She exploded at last under his tender care, screaming her pleasure for the world to hear.

She lay back, panting as the throes of her passion washed over her. Finding her strength again she rose up pushing him backwards onto the bed. A trail of kisses found their way from his collar down the line of his stomach, ending on his cock. He groaned as her mouth enveloped him fully. Her head rose and fell in a hypnotic pattern, each stroke rising fully to the head of his cock down to the base again. Her tongue encircled his shaft with each stroke and her teeth brushed against the head of his shaft. On of her hands gently cupped his balls, squeezing softly in time with her motions.

He stopped her before it was too late, pulling his cock from her mouth. He didnt want to end so quickly, not before he had a chance to enjoy her waiting pussy. He pushed her back again, leaving her sprawled on the bed her legs again open and inviting him. Positioning himself above her he paused only momentarily to align the head of his cock with her pussy before sliding his cock inside of her. He almost came in that moment, the radiant heat and tight grip of her young pussy was almost more than he could handle.

She moaned again, more loudly this time, as he increased his pace. Each thrust lifted her off the bed and caused her breasts to bounce enticingly. Every aspect of her body was hypnotic, the gentle curves of her breasts and hips, the smattering of freckles across her neck and shoulders where she had been kissed by the sun, the way she closed her eyes and bit her lips as he slammed his cock into her.

They moved in sync like a well oiled machine, each of his thrusts was met by a return thrust as she lifted her hips off the bed to meet him. He gripped her shoulders for leverage, thrusting against the whole of her body weight. He lost track of time, lost in the dance of lust and passion he wasn’t sure if they had been fucking for a few minutes or a few hours. Several times he heard her cry out that she was cumming again.

Finally he reached his limit, he could feel his body tense as his orgasm approached.

“I am going to cum!” he said

“I want it inside of me!” she responded “I need to feel your hot cum in my pussy”

He obliged her desire. Increasing his pace to the point that he thought he would  collapse he managed one last thrust, his cock erupting inside of her, coating the inside of her pussy in his cum. He vaguely heard her say that she was cumming too but so lost inside the moment was he that this was but a passing thought. His cock continued to pulse and twitch, pumping more cum into her unprotected pussy. The stray thought that she might get pregnant entered his mind but it was quickly dismissed.

They fell into each others arms, a sheen of sweat covered them both.

“I have to go or my wife might wake up and wonder where I am.” he said

She smiled and nodded, pulling him in for one last kiss.

He gathered his clothes, dressing slowly, distracted by her bare skin, still enticing as she lay in bed watching him.

He kissed her again when he had finished, groping one breast as he did so, eliciting another groan. He left her in bed, still leaking his cum as he headed home to his sleeping and indifferent wife…#ff crazynigerian on IG



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