Sunday specials 18+

Yomi wasnt so certain he made the right decision as he pulled up abiola crescent ikeja a date with his Ex was still a date with his Ex even if they had broken up 5years early and considering the way she dumped him he should be running for the hills now ,she looked stunning in a black mini gown as she came out her apartment, a hug and peck on the cheeks he opened his car door for her,always the gentleman she complimented amidst a slight smile before getting into the car and they drove off to his place on the island ….
He watched the way her fingers trembled slightly as she fought to remain in control, yearning to touch him, but holding back, wanting him to make the first move, she was still obviously scared he hated her for what she had done to him, but she still waited for him to prove how much he wanted her, after making her so vulnerable.Their bodies were answering the natural pull between them without them even noticing… over the course of the evening of food, film and music, their bodies had gone from defensive stances to turned towards each other constantly, mere inches apart.Their breath was laboured, indicating to each other they were both losing the battle.That they both wanted each other as badly as the other.He felt her hot breathe against his neck, as she finally gave in and raised her finger to the dip between his neck and chest, feeling his light fluttering of hair beneath her fingers.What they were watching was abandoned, neither of them liked TV anyway, it had just been a distraction from what was growing… a way to extend the tension for the last 3 hours, to the point that they were both in serious danger of losing control. Neither of them looked directly at each other, for to do that would be admission… his face was turned towards her, his breath hitting the sensitive part behind her ear, the curling anticipation in her stomach making her damp and fighting to hold on…All he had to do was kiss her, and she would be lost. They both knew it was too soon, but a call like this, a want, a need, could not go unanswered.He placed his cool hand on her heated skin, her chest flushed and so hot to the touch, he knew his hands soothed her. For a moment everything stopped. Time stood still. He could feel the hammering of her heart, and felt like his own was about burst out of his chestThey were nose to nose, their lips mere millimetres away from each other. She had kept her eyes closed this whole time, basking in the feel of his touch on her, willing herself to get up and walk away, but if she tried to walk away she wanted him to pull her back into his arms, crush her to him, and not let her go… So she opened her eyes, and stared back into the eyes that had been waiting for that very moment.He looked at her, knowing she had made the biggest step he could ever have asked of her. And he didn’t even ask. She viewed her eyes were the windows to her soul, and by letting him look into them, she was bearing all to him, laying herself out for him to savour, with a flicker of her eyelids, he took it in, the pain, and anguish, and the hope and anticipation, and the lust of what was to come. His hand moved up from her chest to the side of her neck, her eyes closing momentarily as the coolness of his hand slid up to hold her jaw and his fingers slid behind her ear, her lips parting as he ran his thumb over them, as she involuntarily turned her face slightly to the hand that was cradling her. He slipped his other hand up to hold the opposite side, now sat face to face, him slightly forward and her with her legs cradled beneath her, between them, using both his hands he pulled her towards him, and their lips met.They both froze at the initial touch of their lips, the pits of their stomachs falling away as fresh need and want took over, the needing and longing for something other than their lot in life. They froze because if they didn’t it would all have ended there; there would have been no slow going, no savouring. There would have been ripping of clothes, throwing to the floor and devouring of each other’s bodies . They froze, then pulled back, as she opened her eyes to find him still looking at her, staring deeply into her as he push himself slowly forward on to her, both their lips meeting and opening to meet each other, pulling away from each other only to have the magnet that acted between them pull them back together in a more furious exchange and duelling lips.Months of agony and anguish poured through that simple exchange, her hands pulling through his hair, pulling him closer as he grabbed her waist and pulled her across him, making her straddle him so their bodies could finally touch, her above him in his favorite position
As they made out each searching the other probing deep with their tongues,before long they were both naked without breaking the kiss, she touched herself while they made out until he pushed her back to lay on the couch his tongue replaced her fingers She bucked and raised her hips to match the steady pressure of his tongue, warm and wet at the same time massaging her clit.he licked, fl,sucked and twirled it around that tiny button till she lost my mind.grabbing and pulling his hair she  exploded in his mouth moaning in pleasure and satisfaction
Yomi kissed her tummy and set fire blazed trail with his tongue going up her body while twirled beneath him,he  tweaked a nipple and shuddered in response,Grabbing the entire length of his dick and stroked him while massaging the cap of his dick,he sensed he was close to his release from the pleasures of her hands damm she was always so good with her hands ,having her flat on her back with her legs on his shoulders. He ran his fingers lightly down her parted thighs,Holding her gaze, he slid into her slowly until he filled her tightly he began to move,as she screamed in pleasure. Long, deep strokes that hit her core sending ripples to her soul Swift, sure strokes that hit her spot with perfection and drove her  insane as she trashed aimlessly about lost in the pleasure he gave her,soon they were in rhythm and she moved her  hips to meet his thrusts.he paused for a minute and her eyes flew open in protest, smiling he tenderly linked their fingers and covered her palms with his. Holding her gaze, he slid slowly into her and out again,her body shuddered with the intensity and on the fifth thrust,she fell over the edge cuming violently 
All tenderness gone, he flipped her over and thrust into her, hard.she was left with no choice but to back her ass up on him The strokes were fast and rough, her ass jiggled with every movement. She felt the sting of his palm on her ass and a corresponding throb on her clit. More spanks followed; sharp, calculated smacks that tingled deliciously and smarted with pleasure. She couldn’t hold out much longer, she was going to cum again. The sensations were too much; the fullness of his dick sliding rhythmically in and out of her core, the jiggling of her ass in response and the sting of his smacks hurled her over the edge as she orgasmed  and he  followed  after with a groan as he spilled his load into her..Yomi,I want us back am sorry..she said and dozed off into a deep sleep



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