Starstruck 18+

It had to be her eyes,she has the most beautiful eyes ,I swear I could stare into her eyes for a living,her body was perfect with all the right shapes and curves,how can someone be so beautiful. My friends call it a Crush an Obsession , infatuation  but I know true love and this was it,she smiled at me again I loved her smile so I rewind the video and paused at her smile before zooming in
“Guy u are loosing it i swear why are you still drooling over this babe you Don forget say you be soldier abi u suppose gallant na, Ahhhh you dey even zoom her pic sef”
Elijah’s voice rattled me to reality as I struggled up grabbed my car keys, stuck my middle finger up his face and told him am going to get stuff at the mall.
As I sat in my car watching her I kept trying to convince myself I wasn’t a stalker,but here I was sitting in an SUV with tinted glasses on a Monday night, and I had just followed her from Ikeja city mall to omole phase 1,keeping 3 cars between us at all time just like the movies said, OK maybe am stalking her but not the psycho type of stalking she was just to fine to ignore,I contemplated saying something to her while she paid for her groceries but I couldn’t even say a word,she was just too beautiful,and yes I was starstruck i had seen all her videos I was practically in love with her, and there she was standing in front of me live in the flesh, I had to pinch myself to make sure it was all real.
She stopped at her gate and horned for a while before finally coming down in rage to obviously yell at her gateman standing there with her perfect body blue and black braids,black armless top and blue jeans. I took in a long last look and Just when I was about making a quick turn to head out of the estate and back home I noticed two guys with masks on  both carrying guns crossing the street towards her and in a mixture of training, Adrenaline and instinct I stepped on my pedal putting on my full light, which obviously startled them one stretched out his weapon about to fire before I ran him over,the other dove across the road and straight into their getaway car that I hadn’t noticed parked under a tree. Remmy was shocked not sure what had happened as I opened the front passenger door  of the my SUV and ordered her in she was about to protest but a series of gunshots from the fleeing bandits changed her mind as she crotched before rushing into the car while I drove off the only sound in the car was Remmy yelling Oh my god Oh my god She must have said it more than a hundred times before I thought I had enough of the yelling.
I could take you to a police station to let them know what just happened but I’ll advice getting to a safe place to sleep and get yourself together there is always tomorrow,so is there any place I could take you to? Remmy looked at me and as if for the first time she realized she had no idea who I was she began to panic,I noticed and decided to introduce my self adding my rank to make her feel comfortable, I’m flight LT Chris a pilot with the Nigerian air force, it must have worked as she calmed down a bit and introduced herself as Remilekun,I was tempted to say of course I know who you are,but rather asked where she would wanna go to,after thinking to her self for a while she thanked me for saving her back at her house while I gave her the best smile I could come up with before saying she was welcome.
Do you live at the air force base ?? She asked me  because if you do,I can think of no safer place I’ll rather be tonight,I swallowed the big lump that suddenly appeared in my throat and drove towards Sam ethnan Air force base.
I opened the door to the 3 bedroom apartment I shared with Elijah and Tunde I could hear them screaming over FIFA15 as usual,even as I led Remmy in, Tunde who was at the loosing end of the game was the first to notice me and I forced back a smile as I saw his jaw drop,Elijah almost fainted seeing me hold the door open for her to come in.Guys this is Remmy she would be spending the night here,the sound of her voice when she greeted them caused an instant blush on their faces as they stammered their greetings while I led her to my room…
  I laid on the couch watching TV and thinking about what had transpired I was tired from the question and answer session I had to endure with with Elijah and tuned…especially Elijah’s constant hailing of Badoo so una go fuck??, sleep wasn’t coming unlike my housemates I was off duty tomorrow so didn’t try too hard,I could always sleep all day I glanced at the clock it was 2:15am. I decided I needed a strong drink and went to the kitchen to get one from the fridge.
Remmy sat there wearing one of my  camouflage t-shirts a bottle of hennesy infront of her and a glass half empty she was obviously still in shock,i wondered how I didn’t hear her pass then noticed she was barefooted,I sat beside her at the dinning counter asking if she was ok,she smiled looked me in the eyes and said she was ,gawd those damm eyes again my eyes wondered down to her nipples pushing on her shirt the Ac was on full blast,I quickly stopped myself before she notices me notice her,but it was two late she had followed my gaze..
Are you checking me out?? She asked with a tone of amusement in her voice 
Well its kinda hard not to gropple your body you are way to beautiful and sexy i noticed she had packed her braids up into a bun.
So you think am sexy she said letting off a soft chuckle so what would you want to do to this sexy body then, the alcohol had kicked in.
Well for starters I wanna kiss you from your lips to ur kneck,round your nipples down set a fire trail with tongue from your chest down to your tummy and finally to your clit,
Remmy rubbed her thighs together she was wet already,come closer and tell me more she said before taking another gulp of her drink, I stood up behind her pulling her to stand I leaned down on her my hands went between her thighs I let them linger a bit before sinking into her core she held the edge of the counter while I continued teasing her clit with my fingers. whispring into  her ears I told her how I was going to spread her out on the kitchen counter put legs on my shoulder and feast on her pussy,she moaned at both the pleasure from my fingers and the thoughts of all I wanted to do to her urging me to continue,then I’ll join you on the counter and sink my dick deep into you while grabbing ur ass from under before fucking you in steady rhythm slow busts then fast,making you curl ur legs round my waist while you cum clawing your fingers deep into my back.
She pulled my fingers from her pussy putting them in her mouth tasting her self she moaned,using her left hands she fumbled my dick out of my track suits and gasped as she felt my thickness,she was filled with lust as she raised herself to her tippy toes and led my dick into her gasping and moaning loudly as she adjusted to my size OH FUCK me please she moaned as I held her waist and she held on to the edge of the counter I started fucking her as she mumbled and moaned in languages unknown to man….
The water was so cold as I trashed about trying to adjust to whatever it was that was going on people where running all at once “Alpha division platoon 8 you have 2 seconds to muster on this lawn” ONE!!! Elijah was struggling with his boot as he ran out yelling Chris you still dey sleep na water them baff you,next one go be koboko, I felt the sticky patch on my boxers fuck it I had been dreaming again,I was still undergoing training at NDA and now I was in some real training i was gonna be late for morning drills



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