18+ Games

She sat with her bare feet tucked beneath her on the couch while he skimmed through DSTV boxoffice suggestions for the umpteenth time. She was itching to do something like check instagram for the day but didn’t want to seem rude. It wasn’t as if she didn’t want to spend time with him, she just wasn’t a big movie fan. He cracked his neck absentmindedly while muttering about odd suggestions on his account.

“Let’s play a game,” she said, more animated then he was used to seeing her. She turned to him with eager, bright green eyes.

“What kind of game?,” he asked without glancing away from the screen.

She replied as if the answer were obvious, “a fun one,” and gently rested her delicate hand on his thigh.

OH, that kind of game. He clicked off the power, put down the remote, and gave her his attention.

She leaned in slowly, and pressed her soft pink lips to his. His body responded on autopilot, drawing her lower lip between his gently. He’d always been a good kisser. She leaned into it, peeking her tongue out to play with his when he opened for her, nibbling his full lower lip because she knew it drove him to distraction. She moaned softly into his kiss.

A bright spike of desire surged through her and she pressed herself more fully against him, breathing hotly. He answered with a groan of his own and claimed possession of her lips as he pulled her halfway onto his lap. Her fingers fisted in his shirtfront. She had been gently teasing him for weeks and he wondered briefly what she had in mind this time.

Before long she pulled away, near panting, “upstairs?” He merely nodded and led the way. At the top of the stairs he stepped aside to let her head first into the master bedroom. She kicked off her shoes, hopped up onto the bed, smoothed imagined wrinkles from her skirt, and turned to him with a lascivious grin. He wasn’t sure how something could be both demure and wanton, but she was full of contradictions. He set his glasses on the nightstand and followed her down atop the floral bedspread.

Her body was warm, skin soft against him. Her curves melded to his body as if she were made for him. She wasn’t what society deemed petite but she was lean enough with an elegant neck, heavy breasts that led to a narrowed waist, a soft stomach, gently flaring hips, full thighs and legs he imagined wrapped around him. He kissed her cheek, trailed kisses down her neckline until she giggled and ground against him. She nursed his lower lip gently, eliciting a moan. He cupped and kneaded a tit through her clothing as his hunger grew. He loved how free she was with her passion, her breathy mewls and unabashed pleasure.

He rolled beside her, refilling his lungs. She pouted at him, almost comically, and stated, “you’re wearing too much”.

This was a problem that he didn’t mind solving as he shucked his polo shirt over his head and tossed it aside. She licked her lips and ran her fingers over his pecs, flicking a flat nipple playfully. He dismissed his moment of self-consciousness. She liked his chest, even if he was far from “cut”, and the blatant lust that flared to life in her eyes was proof of that. She seemed to hesitate, the boldness of a moment before seeping out of her as she averted her eyes from his direct gaze. A pretty hint of a blush tinged her cheeks. Her alabaster skin made hiding things a near impossibility and that secretly thrilled him. Some days he could read her like a book.

He pulled her down to kiss him again, delving in to taste the wet heat of her mouth as she arched against him approvingly. He stroked his tongue against hers and stoked her passion higher. Something hot pooled in her belly.

Dizzy from her own lust, she sat up and pulled her t-shirt off. He palmed her full breasts through the lace bra that she wore, kissing her collar bone as he eagerly tugged at one of the delicate straps.

She smirked inwardly, at least he was clear about what he liked. She could never keep a bra on long enough for him to see the full matching set. She obliged him by helping him to unhook to flimsy bit of lace and allowed it to slip from her frame. He supported the weight of her breasts in his hands and leaned down to suck a nipple into his mouth. She threw her head back with a moan as he took a long pull. He used a thumb and forefinger to tease the other pebbled nipple. Her breasts were pale and full with large rosy areolae topped with pert gumdrop nipples. They were amazingly sensitive and yet he knew she liked them handled roughly. He groped her flesh and drew his teeth across the nipple in his mouth and felt her body clench.

She gently pushed him away, reaching to awkwardly grapple with his belt buckle. He took over for her, unbuckling, unzipping, and divesting himself of his jeans, boxers, and socks. He nearly sighed with the relief of being unrestrained, his hard cock bobbing up against his stomach. She had managed to wriggle out of her skirt beside him and sat only in a pair of lace boy shorts, which obscured little. Her tongue peeked out to wet her lip as she wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft.

He briefly wondered why her mouth was so magical. He’d always enjoyed receiving head but it was different with her. Part of it, he knew, was talent, but he thought a larger part was her eager enjoyment of it. There was no hiding the fact that running her tongue over the flared head of his cock was turning her on as well as him. She stroked his shaft firmly, blowing hot air from her pursed lips before rocking back on her haunches with a satisfied smile.

Little tease, he thought. The next moment his entire cock was enveloped in the wet silk of her mouth as she hummed contentedly, sending a delicious vibration through him. He loved it when she deep–throated. She worked her way back up, pausing to swipe her tongue over that spot that sent tingles all the way to his curling toes and made all his thoughts scatter. She repeatedly this pattern a few times, stopping to tease his head with the flat of her tongue and gently kneading his full balls with her free hand. He felt his release start to coil tightly inside him and pushed it down, determined to enjoy her treatment. He gently fisted her messy bun to help guide her head. It was something he’d been hesitant to do before, but her increased bobbing and excited whimpering around his cock was proof that it aroused her as much as it did him. The edges of his vision started to go fuzzy.

“Fuuuck,” he hissed at she swallowed on the next down-stroke, relaxing her throat and allowing him to slide deeper. Her muscles fluttered against him in a way that had him biting his lip to keep from crying out. He was so close.

He tried to slow her rythym with the hand buried in her hair but she wasn’t having it. If he didn’t stop her soon, this would be over before he could feel her tight pussy milking him. “I need,” he gasped, “I need to be inside you”.

She sat back with a cocky grin but continued to stroke his shaft firmly. She leaned down again and ran her tongue over his balls. He nearly lost it. She backed off of her firm grip but continued to stroke him, lowering herself until she was flat on the bed. She alternated between gentle licks and caresses, clearly enjoying teasing him.

He wasn’t above begging and told her as much but she only smiled and wrapped her lips around his cockhead again. Between her talented hands, tongue, and throat she worked him back up to the precipice in no time. He groaned and clutched the bed sheets, warning her that he was going to cum.

Again she maddeningly backed off, reducing the pressure of that hot little mouth and lightly stroking his cock. When he regained some of his senses he looked down pointedly at her. Damn she was beautiful with those big green eyes, darkened with lust, and her lush pink mouth wrapped around his cock.

“Enjoying yourself,” he asked? She mumbled an affirmative around the thick shaft in her mouth. “Like being in charge, huh?”

She winked at him and pulled off to reply but before she knew what hit her, he had her stretched out beneath him with her slender wrists pinned above her head. Her face registered the shock before flushing excitedly. She writhed gently, testing her bonds, but his hold on her was firm as he lowered his face to a whisper above hers.

“Two can play this game,” he near growled. There was no hiding her shock at his sudden change in demeanor but the fire in her eyes and her smile made it clear that she was enjoying it. There was no hint of fear about her. For the first time, he noticed how on display her breasts were in this position, her back arched slightly to alleviate pressure on her wrists, although he didn’t hold her too tightly. He roughly grabbed a tit and pinched her nipple causing her to gasp. Her writhing increased.

“Is this what you wanted?,” he asked her. She merely nodded, her breaths coming quicker then before. He thrust his knee between her thighs, splaying them outwards, and felt the heat of her core against him. She mewled appreciatively but when she tried to thrust against it, he moved his leg just out of reach and a look of frustration flashed across her face.

“Now, now,” he mock scolded her, “you aren’t in charge of the game anymore”. She bit back what he was sure was an argument, her eyes glinting with the challenge. He gave her a bruising kiss, claiming a stake, and her whimpers of pleasure turned him on like no other.

Dear G-d, who is this and what has he done with my adorable, nerdy boyfriend?!!, she thought. She had no idea what had come over him but she sure as hell wasn’t going to complain about it. Seeing him like this was hot as fuck. He roughly invaded her mouth with his tongue and mimicked what she only prayed he’d be doing to other places soon enough.

When he pulled back they were both breathing heavily and he was pleased to note that her eyes were slightly glazed with passion. “Are you wet for me?,” he husked.

Before she could respond he shoved her panties aside and teased her pussy lips with his finger. He bit back a groan. She was soaked. She writhed against his hand and he reigned in his passion with a tight leash. He shoved her panties down her thighs and she wiggled and kicked her way free of them, splaying her legs to grant him access. Christ, even her thighs glistened with her juices.

He teased the dark curls of her landing strip before parting her lips and making a gentle stroke from her clit to her sopping hole. She whimpered. “Please,” she whispered although it was clear she wasn’t sure what she was asking for. His finger delved inside her, feeling the slick flesh part around it. He loved the way she clamped down even on one finger and she loved the way he skillfully stroked her with his thick digit. He gave a few teasing passes over her G-spot and her hips arched off the bed. Her mewls became a sort of keening wail, increasingly insistent.

She closed her eyes and threw back her head as he told her to cum for him. Her thighs quivered and she felt stretched taut like a bowstring. “Cum on my hand, babe,” he commanded and she snapped. Something behind her eyelids shattered in blinding lights as she sobbed out her release. He continued to stroke her gently until the aftershocks began to die down, and then slid his finger from her slick sex.

On a whim he brought the finger up to her mouth and she surprised him by eagerly sucking it into her mouth. Her tongue swirling on his finger had his core tightening. He freed her wrists but grabbed her hips and flipped her over effortlessly. He pulled two pillows from beside her, instructed her to lift, and tucked them beneath her pelvis. It lifted her ass invitingly. She wriggled her hips to get comfortable and he stole the moment to sheath himself before returning gently to the mattress.

“Do you trust me?,” he asked huskily. Her face was partially in the pillows but her saw her nod emphatically and heard her muffled yes. He nudged her thighs apart and guided his erection to her opening. It took him a minute to figure out the best angle, during which she writhed in what he assumed was frustration, but at last he sunk into her with ease. She hissed as he filled her.

Fuck she felt good, her tight muscles giving way only slightly to the invasion as he sunk into her welcoming heat. She was even tighter in this position then he was used to and he worried briefly that he wouldn’t last long. He stood still for a moment. She began to wiggle her ass back against him and he forgot what he was waiting for.

He gripped her hip roughly but took slow, deep thrusts, bottoming out over and over. If the endless mewling was any indication, this was the right choice. He chuckled to himself. He didn’t know how something could simultaneously be freaking adorable and erotic as fuck but it was. She almost sounded like a kitten.

She rocked back to meet each of his thrusts with increasing urgency although he could already feel the telltale spasms of her orgasm beginning around him. He grit his teeth as her walls milked him and she sobbed into the pillows.

“Fuck…so tight,” he ground out. He tilted his hips and sped up his thrusts, putting more force behind them. It was like he’d turned the decibels up on his Girlfriend’s Pleasure album. Her hips rocked to meet his and one orgasm seemed to roll into the next for her. He gripped her ponytail and tugged gently, tilting her head back on a strangled gasp from her. He kissed the nape of her neck, her shoulder, then lightly sunk his teeth into the spot between her shoulder and neck which prompted her to clamp down almost painfully on his cock. He couldn’t take any more of this.

He quickly withdrew from her and before she could issue the complaint on her lips, her flipped her back over, hauled her hips back up onto the pillows, and sank himself to the hilt. Her eyes flew open on a gasp and he locked gazes with her. He could already feel his ball churning and knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Mine,” he growled possessively and her eyes widened. “You’re mine,” he managed between hard thrusts that rocked them both against the headboard. She closed her eyes in pleasure and submission but he tilted her chin up slightly with a finger and they flew open once more. He needed her looking at him for this.

“Whose are you?” he asked, surprising himself with the primitive thrill.

She tried to speak between moans, licked her dry lips, and whispered, “yours”.

“And,” he punctuated, “I’m,” each word, “yours,” with a thrust. Her eyes filled with unshed tears, though she smiled, and when one escaped to roll down her cheek he brushed it away and then came on a low growl.

She was breaking apart at the seams. Never had she imagined such blinding pleasure and such erotic assertiveness from such a tender heart. She gasped at the feel of him pulsing inside of her, filling her with spurt after spurt of heat, which set her off again. Her whole body clenched, forgot how to breath, and in some distant part of her mind she knew why the French called an orgasm “the little death”.

She was weightless, painless afterwards, a puddle of panting jelly quivering with aftershocks. She had wrapped her legs tightly around his hips and now uncrossed her ankles and sunk back into the mattress, dizzy from so much pleasure. His own ragged breathing heated her ear as his comforting weight settled over her. She waited for the hazy glow to pass and merely clung to him, her anchor in an endless sea. She felt his heart beating inside of her.

He peppered her face, her cheeks, her jaw, her eyelids with gentle kisses and she smiled exhaustedly. After long moments, her voice hoarse from moaning, she whispered, “wow,” into his chest. He smiled back.

He gently rolled to lie beside her, feeling a distinct loss when he pulled from her body. She barely moved as he went to clean up. The mattress dipped softly with his return and he gathered her up to the warmth and safety of his chest, kissing the top of her head.

She repeated her amazement and he chuckled, low and throaty. “You’re not the only one who’s been paying attention.” She settled against him with a contented, sleepy sigh.

Right before he nodded off he thought he heard her whisper, “I’m in love with you”….#crazinigerian #addup 5C3B7306


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