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Characters, places and scenarios are purely fictional and doesn’t represent any actual sexual activity that happened…adult contents 18+ and above only …….#crazinigerian

There just wasn’t much to say, he was failing. Ayo wasn’t entirely sure how he could fail english, after all he SPOKE english didn’t he? But the grade staring him in the face simply couldn’t be reasoned into compliance.

He knew how it had happened, it was his lecturer. At 18  his teacher miss Ifunaya a corper recently posted to his school, was simply not something his raging hormones could ignore. She consumed almost all of his waking thoughts, and totally sent any chance of him passing her class out the window. He studied her like he should have been studying his books. He watched the way she moved, the way her hips swayed in the short skirts she seemed to prefer, the way her ass looked when she bent over to help another student right next to his desk, and the worst thing of all, the way she smiled. Something about her smile just melted him in his chair. Even though he knew she was  probably the same age has his eldest sister he was hopelessly in love with her. He had even gone to the point of secretly finding her facebook account so that he could learn more about her. He knew that she studied engineering in Futo owerri, he knew that she liked to go out dancing, and he knew that he absolutely had to have sex with her. It wasn’t so much that he thought he could improve his grade if he did, he had all but given up on passing her class at this point, it was that he simply had to have her. His body seemed to ache at the way her breasts pressed against the thin silk shirts that she wore to class, pressing the detailed pattern of her lace bra through the cloth. They seemed to strain to expose themselves and he swore that since she had noticed him watching her she had started leaving a few more buttons undone on her blouse, as though to encourage him to approach her. He knew what he had to do, he would simply have to come clean with her and tell her why he was failing, she was so understanding he was sure she would give him some way out of this problem he was in.

He waited until after school, walking through the empty halls of the now abandoned school building. He knew that she was still in her classroom grading papers because he had been watching her room from the parking lot, hoping that she would stay until the other teachers had left, he didn’t want any chance that another teacher would hear her reaction to what he had to say, undoubtable a great deal of laughter…

Approaching the door to her classroom he gritted his teeth before raising one hand to tentatively knock on the wooden door. His knocks echoed loudly in the empty hall and he could vaguely see her silhouette through the frosted glass as she jerked up, in what he was sure was suprise.

“Come in?” her voice responded hesitantly

He opened the door slowly, his heart beating through his chest, first in anxiety and then in lust as the object of his affection entered into his gaze.

“Ah Ayo” she said, confusion on her face “What are you doing here at this time of day,shouldn’t you be back to your hostel ?” she asked. She glanced out the window where the sun was clearly setting in the distance, a clear indication as to the time of day.

“I needed to talk with you” he said nervously

“Is this about your grade?” She asked, raising an eyebrow “because if it is there isn’t anything I can do about it”

“I want you” he stuttered

“excuse me?” she asked, her eyes widening in shock

“Listen, I know you probably would never want anything to do with someone like me but I haven’t been able to take my eyes of you since I met you. You are simply one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.” he said. He was too embarrassed to meet her gaze, shocked at his own confession. He looked up at her as the silence in the room stretched on and was shocked to find desire in her eyes.

“I would be lying if I said I hadn’t noticed you watching me” she said “I would have to be blind not to. But I would get in a lot of trouble if we…”

“I am 18″ he interrupted her

“It is not just your age!” she protested “besides you wouldn’t want someone like me, I am old enough to be your aunty for christ’s sake!”

In a move that he would tell his grandchildren about one day he reached out and kissed her, silencing her protestations. He expected her to hit him, he expected her to push him away or scream. He did not expect her to kiss him back. Their kiss broke and their eyes met, her eyes were filled with a passion that spoke of need and desire mixed with fear.

“I am sorry I shouldn’t have…” he started

“I want you too” she interrupted

She slowly undid the front of her blouse, exposing the lace bra that she was wear, the quality clearly indicating that it was part of a matching set. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as the two symmetrical spheres of flesh were exposed to his sight. She smiled seductively and he could tell that she was enjoying his reaction.Her breasts strained against the material of her bra, begging to be let free into the cool evening air of the classroom. He reached out tentatively and cupped one of her breasts, receiving no hint of rejection he squeezed her flesh. A shiver ran through her body at his touch, conveying a sign of both fear and desire. He knew that if they were caught she would be in big trouble  and he would likely be expelled, but this did nothing but heighten their desire. He circled her waist with his arms, pulling her body against his, he looked into her eyes and saw the hot furious passion of her desire. He cupped her head gently and pulled her face towards his, their lips touched and instantly she pulled his bottom lip into her mouth, pinning it between her teeth. She bit softly and he gasped in surprise. His hand slipped from her waist down to her ass, grasping one cheek he squeezed it roughly, eliciting a gasp from her in return. Her body melted against his and they pressed together. The raw heat of her body radiated into him, adding to his lust and desire. It was all he could do to keep from cumming right there in that moment.

She took one of his hands and guided it down the front of her skirt and down between her legs. In that moment he found out that contrary to what he had believed there was no matching set of panties, or indeed any panties at all, to obstruct his touch. His hand slid over the smooth mound of flesh of her pussy and the damp, wet heat filled his touch. He had heard girls say this or that made them wet, but before this moment he had no idea that it was literal. Her pussy was wet and ready. She whimpered at his touch as his finger dipped between the lips of her pussy. He pulled his finger out from between her legs and slipped it into his mouth savoring the taste. She looked embarrassed but aroused in equal parts. He pulled her in again, making her taste her own cunt upon his lips.

She slipped her hands under his shirt, running the tips of her nails across his stomach, she moaned at the sensation of his young, tight flesh, as yet untouched by the ravages of age and finely toned by years spent playing football for the school. At her urging he slipped his shirt off, exposing his chest to her shyly. Her hands dipped down to his waist and deftly undid his belt, her hands slipped down the waistband of his boxers and freed his cock . She groaned again at the feeling of his thick cock in her hands,he was huge. Her hand slipped along his shaft, stoking it slowly as they looked into each others eyes savoring the moment. Both of their eyes were dimmed by lust, each enthralled with the other.

She dropped to her knees before him, a supplicant seeking penance and a sinner seeking deliverance. She never broke eye contact as she took his cock in one hand and slipped his shaft into her mouth. The moist heat of her mouth combined with the skillful use of her tongue almost undid him immediately. The furthest that he had gone with a woman before this day was some second base with an ex-girlfriend, and she had not been built like this. His hand found the back of her hand and he encouraged her to go deeper, taking the full length of his cock into her obedient mouth. She bobbed up and down, sliding her mouth along the length of his shaft. He watched enthralled as her large, full breasts swayed with her movement. With one hand she gently cupped his balls, squeezing and massaging them in time with the movement of her head as she enveloped his cock in her mouth.

She had always been skilled at sucking cock, but never liked it or did it of recent, she had worried that she would have lost some of her skill with the long absence from use, however if her new lovers sounds were any indication, she had as much skill as she had ever had. She was amazed that he was able to keep from cumming, she had felt his balls shift and was sure that he was about to fill her mouth with cum the moment that she had started but all that she had received for her efforts was a slow trickle of sickly sweet precum.

Standing up she stripped off what remained of her clothing and stood nude in front of her young lover. She shuddered as he gaze took in all of her body, with every aspect of her exposed for his examination. He hesitated for a moment and despair filled her, but it was vanquished as he too shed what was left of his uniform and took her in his arms, pulling her body tight against his. She could feel his eager young cock pressing against her stomach in their embrace. His hands again reached back and grasped her ass, pulling her more tightly against him, as though he were desperate to become one. Their lips found each other again and their tongues did battle, each one desperate to gain dominance against the other. Her hand again found his cock and she stroked it in their embrace.

He felt her enormous breasts press against his exposed chest and his cock twitched again in response, he couldn’t believe what was happening and it felt like some kind of amazing dream. His cock pressed against the opening of her pussy and he felt the tickle of the thin tuft of hair that was left directly above her cunt brush against the head of his cock. He yearned to be inside of her, he wanted to fuck her more than he had ever wanted anything in his life up to this moment. His desire beat in his ears and it felt like the whole world was pulsing in time with his need.

She motioned him to sit on the couch that rested against the wall behind her desk and he eagerly obliged her. She straddled his hips and guided the head of his cock to the opening of her pussy. With one swift motion she sat down, taking his cock inside of her.

Just like that his virginity was gone.

She lifted her hips up, sliding off the length of his cock before dropping her weight back into his lap, slamming his cock into her cunt all in one motion. She quickened her pace, rising and falling with rhythmic skill.

His hips started to keep the time, rising up to meet her when she started to come back down, increasing the force of the thrust and making a wet slap as his balls beat against her ass filling the empty classroom with their sound. He started to increase his pace, taking the lead. His arms snaked around her waist and pinned her against him. With a quick series of rapid thrusts he impaled her with his cock, leaving her to mewl in pleasure. He felt her cunt tighten around his cock as her first orgasm rocked through her, reducing her to little more than mush in his hands. She took his head in both hands, kissing him passionately to convey the force of her desire, her mouth was cold with their lips met.

“Fuck me from behind” she begged, her voice still shaky and uneven

He nodded his assent and she climbed off of him, whimpering slightly when his cock came free from inside of her. She lay on the dirty floor of the classroom floor and spread her legs invitingly. He knelt beside her and lined his cock up before slipping it back into her silken folds. Her cunt was so tight and wet, filled with a glorious heat that seemed to soak into his cock. He embraced her from behind, their pace more languid, taking time to simply enjoy the sensation of his cock inside of her. She kissed him again, every bit as passionate as before but now without the hunger that had been present before. One hand found her breast and he idly played with his nipple, teasing it into attention and flicking it between his thumb and fore finger.

“I’m going to cum” he whispered in her ear “where do you want me to do it?” he asked.

“On my breasts, I am not on the pill and I dont want to get pregnant” she said

He pulled his cock from inside of her and she immediately rolled over onto her back, presenting her breasts and pressing them together for him. He slipped his cock in between the enormous mounds of flesh and pumped it in and out a few times before cum erupted from his cock, covering her breasts in the sticky white fluid. She ran her finger the a stream of his cum and slipped it into her mouth, mirroring the gesture he had done earlier. She made a satisfied sound and indicated that she enjoyed his taste.

“Can we do that again?” he asked

“Well I guess they can only sack me once…” she said “I am still not changing your grade though so dont ask” she said

He nodded in agreement, he wasn’t sure if this was going to improve his focus in her class or distract him more, but he was sure that it was worth it…#crazinigerian http://weeklyfixpay.com/?ref=232531


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