Teaser 18+

It was late afternoon. She crawled over the bed playfully, her shirt dipping down to the sheets and revealing two perfect tits. Her white teeth bit over the right curve in her smile, and her chuckle purred seductively. When she got close enough, she sat on my lap. I tried not to focus on it but the only thing that separated her from me was the thin cotton lining of her red undies. She kissed my cheek, first. Her lips were thick and soft. I could smell pomegranate chap stick. She moved to my earlobe, tenderly biting. The exhale of her breath spoke to needs in me I could barely control. She descended to my neck, and I could feel my heartbeat throb against her tongue as she sucked on my skin. Lower she went, and I flinched several times as she bit my chest and my stomach. She smiled every time I squirmed. The lower she got, the farther she scooted back, and soon her ass sat up in the air and her back arched down right into my lap like a slide. I was fully erect the moment I had begun undressing, but at this point I felt like I could break through a brick wall with my pulsating dick. She finally got down far enough, and she kissed along the base before completely immerging me into her. I felt my head drop back against the wall, and I tried my best to think of spiders and clowns in efforts not to cum yet. But peeking down at her slender body and where it curved up into that perfect, plump ass and realizing that this creature was intent on experiencing my orgasm was a definitive tipping point. When I told her I was close, her bright green eyes flickered up at me and she hummed a deep groan of approval. The experience was toe curling. I grasped onto the nightstand and nearly knocked the lamp down. She took it all in, briefly flinching as she tried to keep up with my load. When I was done, she remained in place, using her tongue to ensure she wiped me off entirely. She pulled away, breathless and rosy cheeked, and smiled.
“I told you.” She breathed. “Under a minute.”
I was embarrassed, but I only grinned. “I bet I could beat you.”
Her left eyebrow rose skeptically. “I don’t think so.”
I leaned forward and tackled her down into the sheets.
“Watch me.”
The way the sun shone into the room made her hair look golden as it lay sprawled out over the white sheets. She giggled as I tugged her shirt up and over her head, revealing her perky breasts and flat tummy. I suckled on her nipples until they were hard and moved down her abdominal and to her hipbones. She swayed them eagerly against the pressure of my hands, and I gripped my fingers over her undies and slipped them down her legs slowly, kissing her down her thighs in pursuit of the red cotton. She was ticklish before sex – always was. I assumed it was the excitement, the way the blood rushed under her skin. Whatever the reason, I used it to my advantage, nipping her with my teeth and making her body tense and then helping it relax with tender kisses. She giggled a lot. Nerves, and excitement. But when my lips finally reached her, she became quiet. Between her legs, I could look up and see her slight frown and her parted lips. I studied the rise and fall of her chest, determining when her breath became shallow and her heart rate sped up. Her hands found my head and her fingers entwined into my hair. Her toes gripped the blankets beside me, and I could feel her calves tense. I sped up the flick of my tongue and increased my suction and her voice cracked in involuntary moans. Faster still, harder as we climbed up to her climax. The closer we got, the harder her grip. Her thighs pressed up against my head: a familiar sign, and before either one of us expected it, she came and I tasted the sweet release eagerly. I lingered as she had, until her body couldn’t handle it and she moved up and away from me. I sat upright, smiling with her sticky cum still fresh on my lips like a transparent Got Milk commercial. I chuckled, and her eyes met mine with a look of exhaustion and dizziness.
Before she let her head drop back into the sheets, she smiled. “It wasn’t under a minute.”
I glanced at the clock on the wall quickly and cursed when I realized she was right. “I’ll have to keep practicing…” crazinigerian add up 7976D6BE

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