PART5 Needy in Gidi rated 18

This was originally posted on NEEDY IN GIDI  really good stuff check out part 4 here NEEDY IN GIDI
Jide’s POV  

I looked sleepily at the bedside glow-in-the-dark clock it read 5pm. Nana stirred In her sleep beside me. We had probably been asleep two hours give or take. I climbed out of bed quietly suddenly feeling the need to shower. Going to the bathroom I saw nanas half eaten ice cream had melted in its cup on the floor by the bed. I picked it up and put it in the fridge then proceeded to take a warm shower. 

I walked to my drawer in nanas closet and took out my antipespirant. Nana and I each had one personal drawer in each others flats. I put some on and got in beside nana pulling her nude form against mine. And drifting back to sleep.

Nanas POV

I woke up a bit confused about why I was nude and laying in the arms of a man and what man was even in my bed.

Slowly I started to remember; jide barging into my flat yesterday, and the line of thought that followed gave me butterflies, then my thoughts spiraled back to last week and the real reason jide came to see me yesterday. 

I started feeling a dull ache in my chest. I really hadn’t even decided if I was even willing to continue the relationship knowing that my trust issues were going to make things a lot harder than before  for us. I turned to look at the bedside clock it said 9:00pm. I had been asleep for over 5hours. I tried to wiggle out of jides arms but I only succeeded in waking him up instead. He leaned in and found my face with his lips, pulling me tighter against his body, my breasts pressed against his strong chest. 

Jide kissed me on every part of my face before finally capturing my lips, his lips soft against mine, his toungue nudging my lips apart. I opened up, deepening the kiss. for a while, We just lay like that our lips moving against each other in a passionate frenzy. Jides hand slipped downward grabbing and kneading my ass making me hot all over again. 

My mind was in a mess I loved Jide so much I had always prayed we ended up together. I also thought I could always trust Jide with my life but I guess my expectations were too high. 

as much as I wanted to walk him out of my flat that moment, I also loved the feeling of his body against mine, I loved his lips I could kiss him forever. And the sex? It was bomb. 

Jide paused his assault on my lips and leaned back. “Baby girl, I hope this isn’t tears”? He put the side of his face against my tear stained cheek. I hadn’t even realised that I was shedding tears. 

“Nana please don’t cry you’re breaking my heart. You’re making me scared baby, I told you the honest truth. That girl was a big mistake I made, she just kept throwing herself at me for months I didn’t even ejoy it one bit nana. Please I’m sorry”

 jide was staring into my eyes and even in the darkness I could see that his eyes were moist. “Baby please I don’t want to loose you, what we have, nana its priceless. Baby please tell me you forgive me and you’ll put this behind you so we can move on. baby please” I still hadn’t decided but I just nodded in the affirmative so we could just have peace. I was still going to revisit this at a later time for now, I had other needs. 

I pulled him towards me so he was on top of me and laying between my thighs. His already hard dick grazing my pussy, his lips kissing my neck then continuing lower till he took one nipple in his mouth and sucked it so hard it was almost painful. My breathing became heavier, every fibre of my body needing release. I put my arms around his head pulling it to my boobs. His lips worked their magic he was alternating between using his teeth to graze my nipple lightly and using his toungue to lick it thoroughly.

I was so wet and hot, all I wanted was hard thrusting till I passed out from exhaustion. 

It seemed jide and I were thinking the same thing. Because at that moment he pushed his turgid dick into my Pussy hard, stopped halfway and pulled out. Pushed it in a second time, this time he touched down his hard cock grazed my cervix drawing an involuntary moan from my lips, he pulled out a again. He did this continously till my pussy was dripping juice down my butt crack my breath coming in short gasps In between my begging jide to shamelessly to fuck me hard. 

The next time he pushed his dick into my pussy, I locked my legs around his waist and held him deep inside. I could feel his cock in every part of me as I clenched my pussy tight against his stiff cock again and again struggling to move my hips against his. my walls caressing his cock as I grinded against him.

What I did probably worked because Jide started ramming me hard and fast. His gaze holding mine, it was like a trance. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his, his eyes dark with need as he looked so deep into my eyes I though he could see my soul. 

jide drove me wild with his strokes, fast and hard, unrelenting. my mouth open in a silent ‘O’ Jude fucked me like he was trying to drill me to into the matress. 

I was approaching my release when Jide stopped abruptly and pulled out. He wordlessly got out of bed, walked towards the small fridge in the corner of my room and pulled out my small cup of ice cream.

“Open your legs” he growled in a low voice. I parted my thighs, my fingers playing with my clit. 

jide stood at the foot of the bed staring intensely at my finger caressing my cunt his cock bouncing  lightly 

“wider nana. Hold your two legs wide apart with your hands and don’t move an inch”. 

He got into bed as I obeyed his command. I gasped when I felt the cold ice cream hit the hood of my clit, quickly melting and running down my slit. Time stopped in my head when jides hot mouth covered my cold cunt.

he sucked in my whole Pussy into his warm mouth, his toungue licking up all the ice cream. He put more ice cream and licked it all up again. The cold and warm sensations driving me crazy. Jide licked me till I was the one grinding my pussy against his mouth, his jaw, his beards, all the sensations swirling in my head driving me faster towards the edge

I couldn’t help it I let go of my feet and let them rest on the bed while I used my hands to hold his head against my pussy.Silent pleas falling from my lips. imploring him to give me the dick. plea’s that fell on deaf ears.

Instead, he stuck his tongue deep in my pussy and was sort of twisting it in circles till I could hold it no longer and the first wave of my orgasm hit me, jide knowing my body and it’s signs, knew I was at the brink of letting it all go, he turned me on all fours in a second and pushed the entire length of his dick into me, held on tight to my waist and proceeded to fuck me hard and fast like a mad man.

He was fucking me so deep I could feel his dick hitting my g-spot hard. I tried to move away from his brutal assault on my cunt, instead jide held my waist tightly with his two hands, pulled out and rammed hard and deep into me, five shallow strokes then he pulled out again and rammed into me again, the pleasure coming in waves my orgasmy rushing forth as Jide leaned forward and whispered in my ears “cum for daddy, I know you want to cum for daddy” his waist moving like it was made to only thrust for me and then my back stiffened as my orgasm came and swept away all my sanity. My pussy in orgasmic contractions, jide didn’t slown his assault on me either, he came hard joining me on cloud nine. He held my waist tight till he had emptied all his cum into me, then he released me gently to the bed and collapsed beside me facing the wall, we both fell asleep again. Satisfied…#needyinGidi


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