Meeting with the client 18+

Amanda reached her destination; she was meeting a new client on a Saturday.  Pulling out her phone she dialed her boss’s number. “Hello  Ma? This is Amanda, I am at the cafe” Amanda nodded into her phone knowing her boss loved that she was now single as she had been working overtime to keep her mind off Dan. Dan was the perfect male specimen, tall and hand chiseled from heaven . She shook the image from her head as she sat down at a table “I will make certain we get this account Ma , Goodbye.” She hung up the phone and peeked over at the door, just then a tall man with jet black hair walked in, their eyes met,  Amanda gasped, she had never seen such a man. His broad shoulders and dark eyes bore into hers she let her eyes fall down his extremely hard looking body. Amanda licked her lips letting her mind wonder…. what would it be like, him sweating on top of her thrusting his hard cock…

Kunle walked into the cafe, his eyes met with hers, he couldn’t help but stare. A smirk lined his mouth as he watched her gaze fall down his body. It’s been a while since he had been with a woman, his ex walking out on him after he lost his job 2 years ago made it hard for him to even allow a woman to get close. He knew this woman was the insurance representative he was here to meet; he approached her and extended his hand.

Amanda’s heart sped up as the man walked confidently over to her table and extended his hand. She immediately felt her nipples harden at his closeness; she shook her head feeling her cheeks heat up. Standing she cleared her throat and took his hand in hers, or better yet his hand took hers. His hands were massive she thought as she spoke “Hi, I mean hello I’m Amanda, I will be going over the insurance information with you today.”  She took her seat watching his backside as he turned to sit down, of course, she thought perfect ass too.  Amanda put on her game face and went over all the details with him. When they were finished she grabbed her purse eager to leave his masculine presence, She extended her hand “Was nice to meet you Mr Kunle, I hope to hear from you soon.”

Kunle held onto her hand a bit too long, he grinned as he watched her cheeks turn red, oh how he wanted to conquer this woman and make her squirm, to hear his name come from that mouth. “Amanda, I know this might seem strange but would you like to come to my place?” He watched her facial expression carefully, damn this woman was beautiful, his gaze fell on her full breasts he knew she would fill his hand nicely.

Amanda nearly had a heart attack after hearing Kunle’s question, her nipples immediately harden at his gaze. She had never felt so horny for a man before, even Dan couldn’t make her body respond this way from a simple look. “Sure” was all Amanda could say, she couldn’t believe she said sure! What was she thinking! Sex, hot pure primal sex, that’s what she was thinking. Amanda followed Kunle outside and into his…..MERCEDES BENZ Amanda’s jaw dropped as Kunle opened the door for her. As she sat in the car she could feel his heat radiating off his hard body. Suddenly he pulled up in front of a huge building full of windows on the Island.

Kunle parked in his usual spot and hopped out of the car taking a deep breath, it took all of his will power to not pull over the car and take her right there on the side of the street. He walked around letting Amanda out and led her over to the elevator. They rode up in silence, all he could picture was Amanda beneath him moaning and squirming with pleasure from him. They walked to the door and Kunle let them in, he immediately turned and locked the door.

Amanda walked in and could hear the click from Kunle locking the door; she shivered and turned to face Kunle. He reached out and touched her face, Amanda could feel the moisture between her legs. “Damn how did he make her feel this way” she thought, that instant she felt Kunle’s lips on hers she moaned and slipped her tongue inside exploring his mouth. Kunle groaned and pulled her close, he ripped open her blouse. Amanda gasped at the sudden force; she could hear the buttons bouncing across his kitchen floor. kunle reached behind and unsnapped her bra letting it fall to the floor; she could feel the cool air brush across her already hardening nipples. kunle bent down and took one nipple into his mouth flicking his tongue across her painfully hardened nipple. “OH Kunle ” she groaned as she dug her hands in his hair. He stopped and spun her around her back facing him, he unzipped her skirt and slide it off. Amanda now stood facing his kitchen counter, she could feel his hot gaze on her ass and she spread her legs slightly anxiously awaiting his touch. kunle pushed her down so she was bent over the counter, she gasped as the cold counter hit her hard nipples.

kunle stood behind Amanda he looked down at her round ass admiring her heart shaped pussy showing through her thong. He slowly slid his hands up her legs he could feel her shiver, he smirked and hooked her thong under his fingers and slid it down. “That’s much better, now you’re right where you belong bent over with your legs spread ready to take my hard cock.” He grinned and smacked her ass. He leaned down and spread her ass cheeks “my my you are very wet, I better clean you up” He leaned in and lightly licked her clit swirling his tongue around it teasingly.

Amanda gripped the counter tighter as she felt his tongue teasing her clit, she felt completely exposed and vulnerable. She nearly came every time he talked dirty to her, she could feel his grip tighten on her ass as he ate her out she moaned as his tongue slid in and out of her went cunt. “oh baby, yes” she said breathlessly suddenly she felt his hand smack her ass, she moaned and felt a stinging. “Did I tell you to speak?” Kunle asked through gritted teeth. Amanda shook her head no and bit her bottom lip, she felt more excited than ever before.

Kunle stood up and ordered her to bend over further “Stick that ass up more.” He undid his pants and pulled out his huge thick throbbing cock, he teased her slick opening enjoying her whimpers. “Would you like my hard cock baby?” Kunle asked. “Yes please sir” Amanda responded breathlessly. Kunle smirked and pulled away, he spun her around “Get on your knees and show me how much you want it.” Kunle ordered in his most aggressive tone.

Amanda lowered to her knees shocked that she was letting him order her around like a sex slave, but oh how she wants his massive cock pounding into her wet pussy. Amanda peeked up at him through her lashes and began swirling her tongue around his tip, she then drove down taking as much of him as she could, sucking as she pulled out. She continued this until she could feel his cock pulsing in her mouth. “Ok, that’s enough.” Kunle said. She stopped and he ordered her to turn around again, she bent over the counter-top and felt his cock slowly pushing into her pussy. Amanda moaned with sheer pleasure as he shoved his whole cock into her.

kunle gave a satisfied grunt as he pushed into her feeling her pussy clenching his cock. He began to thrust in and out slowly savoring every moment. Kunle reached his hand around so she could suck on his fingers, he nearly came as her soft wet tongue swirled and sucked around his fingers. He pulled them out and began gently rubbing her clit; he loved how she squirmed beneath his powerful body. He began to thrust harder and faster.

Amanda couldn’t handle the pleasure any longer the feeling of his big hard cock pounding into her was the best sex she has ever had. Amanda could feel her orgasm coming she gripped the counter top as it tore through her entire body, she moaned so loud she was sure the neighbors could hear her.

Kunle felt his cock pulsing and hearing Amanda’s moan and feeling her pussy juices soaking his cock was enough for him, he grunted and moaned as he filled her with his hot liquid. He spun her around and gave her the most passionate kiss, he never wanted to let this woman go…….#crazynigerian add up: 7976D6BE




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