In Lust with the boss 18+

Kenya followed her boss’s hands as he shuffled the papers around on his desk. She never thought much about hands before, but her boss’s was the nicest pair she ever seen on a man. She developed a fascination with them since she started working here. They appeared strong and manly but didn’t have too much knuckle hair. His nails trimmed and manicured. His fingers long without appearing thin. Just over all very attractive.

“You’re probably wondering why I called you in here.” His voice was deep and resonated through her very being. Sexy.

Kenya had wondered. She had been at the firm for three months now, working as an intern for his secretary. The company only had a few intern positions and the best of the best applied, so when she got a call she was more than happy to accept. She thanked God every day for allowing her to see such a sexy man when she worked.

”Yes, sir.” Kenya moved her eyes from his hands to his face. Sexy gray eyes. Straight nose. Stern, yet soft lips. Chocolate short tendrils topped his head. And a smooth caramel complexion that tied the whole sexy package together.

“I wanted to know how you felt working here. Are there any problems that I should know about?”

Kenya quickly shook her head. This place was wonderful. Besides the fact that she got to see a sexy man every day, all the workers were nice. Diane, his secretary, was the biggest sweetheart. The work was challenging yet, dare she say, fun. She loved working here.

“It’s a great company, Mr. Santos.”

Mr. Santos smiled. “Thank you, Miss Diya.”

Kenya’s heart melted at the sight. The gorgeous man had dimples! How had she never noticed? They only made him sexier. Now she was beginning to think God was unfair when he created this man. No one should be so desirable. Yet he was. And by the air of confidence around him, he knew it. Her pulse quickened.

His eyes held an understated heat in them that was always there when their gazes met. She wondered if he felt the same the lust she did. Sometimes when they were alone, like now, the tension in the room seemed to increase. During those moments, her core began to ache and her panties became wet as if her body was preparing herself for him. It screamed SEXSEXSEX at her.  But that would never happen. He was her boss, after all.

Kenya began to rise, hoping her legs didn’t wobble due to his effect on her. “If that’s all, sir…”

“Not yet. Sit, Miss Diya.”

Suddenly nervous, Kenya fell back into the chair. Had she done something wrong? Messed up one of the important documents? Oh no. Was she getting fired?

“Don’t feel stressed, Miss Diya, you’re not in trouble.” Damn that voice.

Kenya felt instant relief. Thank goodness.

“Mrs. Roberson”- Diane- “has to leave early today. We were supposed to work on meeting materials tonight for tomorrow morning. I was hoping you could stay in her stead.”

Mr. Santos and her. Alone. At night after everyone went home. This was the man she had been having wet dreams about since she laid eyes on him. At least the bustling office kept her raging libido in check. Would she be able to not attack while others weren’t around to provide her caution? Hopefully.

“Sure.” She allowed her lips to spread into a smile which he returned. As if she wasn’t already hot and bothered enough.

The rest of the day went by faster than she wanted. Kenya dreaded, yet at the same time was excited, to be alone with Mr. Santos. Who wouldn’t be? The man was sex on legs. Before she knew it, she was back in his office with the materials Diane had given her for this little meeting. She sat on the sofa in his office that faced a long coffee table, adjacent to his desk. Mr. Santos sat beside her.

The sofa was small so his thigh was flush against hers. His body heat seeped through his designer suit pants to her body. He was slightly crouched over the coffee table, giving her a view of long, strong neck. Why was everything about this man so sexy to her?

“The beginning of the meeting should recap the last week’s in case anyone forgot. I made a sample presentation for us to fine tune.” Kenya pulled the presentation up on her laptop screen, trying to ignore her sex crazed body.

Mr. Santos had brushed her as he clicked through the slides. “Good. Eye catching, but not overwhelming.”

Kenya wondered if the man knew he was in her personal space. She could ignore, just barely, their thighs touching. But when he moved to change the computer, their entire sides touched, and his arm was crossed under hers for access to the laptop. Kenya never noticed he wore cologne until now. It was crisp and fresh. Addictive. Okay. This man needed to back up before her body went bat shit crazy.

“Mr. Santos,” she cleared her throat. “If you don’t mind.” She gestured for him to move over.

“I don’t.” His grin was devilish. That was the only word she could use to describe it. He had to know exactly what he was doing to her.

Her body respond to his close proximity intensely. Her nipples hardened and became achy. Her skin felt sensitized.  Her pulse quickened. Her breaths turned to short pants. And her pussy had soaked her panties so much that she felt her juices on her thighs.

“Mr. Santos-

Her next words were cut off by his lips. His mouth moved over her efficiently, instantly demanding surrender. And surrender she did. Kenya couldn’t help but get caught up in his kiss. One hand threaded through her hair then yanked her head backwards, giving Mr. Santos better access.

A niggle in the back of Kenya’s mind told her this wasn’t right. That she should be stopping this. Oh, but it was so good. And not smart. At all. But…

Kenya pulled back, breaking the kiss off. “Mr. Santos –

“Call me Alex, okay?” Apparently not fazed by her ending the little make out session, he went to nibble on her ear.

A breathless gasp escaped her lips, “Alex…” How was she supposed to think straight when he was doing that?

His lips trailed along her jaw line, to her neck, sucking at the point that her neck meet her shoulder. A very sensitive spot for her. She wonder how he knew it was there as a moan rolled off her tongue. That was definitely going to leave a hickey.

Alex pulled back and stared at the spot as if admiring his work. Then his gaze met hers. “I’ve wanted you since you first walked through the door.” His fingers began undoing the buttons of Kenya’s shirt. “If you wish for me to stop, tell me now.”

Indecision wracked through Kenya. Her body desperately wanted him, but her mind was telling her it wasn’t a good idea. After all, nothing good came from sleeping with the boss.

Then again, you only live once, right? “I don’t want you to stop.”

Alex’s grin hinted of a reward to come. “Good girl.” He untucked her shirt from her skirt before pushing it off her shoulders, leaving her nearly bare from the waist up. The only thing standing between her breasts and his gray eyes was her pushup lace bra. Thank god she decided not to be lazy yesterday. If she had been, Kenya would have been wearing one of her plainer bras instead of the sexy white one she had on.

His hands skimmed along her torso with a feather light touch, learning the curves of her body. She felt his fingers along the back clasp of her bra, but he didn’t unsnap it as she thought he would have. Instead, he pulled down the cups of her bra, freeing her breasts so they were propped up by the padded material. His gaze traveled over the naked flesh of breasts, producing a shiver through her body.

Kenya wanted him to touch her. Craved it. But instead he just looked, driving her crazy. “Are you stopping?”

“I’m only beginning, Kenya.” He dipped his head and once more captured her lips with his.

He gave her mouth a slow, seductive kiss as he trailed a sole finger down the valley of her breasts. It stopped briefly at her bra before sliding over to one breast. He circled her nipple with an almost lazy motion. Just when she was ready to cry out in desperation, he closed his whole hand over the breast and began kneading it with the just the right amount of pressure. His thumb flicked over her hardened nipple, sending a rippling spark straight to her wet core.

Kenya gasped when Alex tore his mouth off her and latched onto her neglected breast. A moan rolled off her tongue as he laved her hardened bud with his tongue sending more sparks down to her weeping pussy.

But then the touching stopped. Completely. Kenya was pretty sure she growled in frustration. “Alex, what- woah.” Alex suddenly picked her up in his arms. He strode over to his desk, knocking everything off with a sweep of an arm before placing her on it.

“The sofa’s too small for what I have in mind.” He pushed at her chest gently until she laid on her back. Taking a hold of her hands, he stretched them over her head. “Hold onto the desk.” Immediately, she obeyed. Then, grabbing her hips, he pulled her towards him until her butt was at the edge of the desk. He hitched her skirt up so that it was bunched around her waist before spreading her legs as wide as they could go.

As they did on her torso, his hands skimmed her thighs with a feather light touch. Only this time, a barrier laid between his hands and her skin. Her stockings. His hands moved along her inner thighs until they touched the lips of her pussy. Just as Kenya was wishing she hadn’t wore her stockings, she felt a tear on the thin material. Sure enough, Alex had ripped apart her stockings at the seam of her crotch. Without another thought, he repeated the action on the weak lace that covered her slick core. Kenya felt she should be mad, but in all honesty, she was only turned on more by his actions. She liked that he was just as desperate as her.

A finger traced along the opening of her slick core. “You’re so wet for me.” Kenya moaned as she felt his thumb graze her clit. Her inner thigh muscles clutched together, holding Alex’s hand captive between her legs. “And so responsive.”

Alex pushed her legs wide again. “Don’t move this time, or I stop.”

Stop what? The thought barely formed in Kenya’s head when Alex’s mouth covered her. Her legs almost snapped closed again, but she managed to stop them before her thighs touched his head. No. She didn’t want him to stop. Not when his tongue and fingers played with her in a way that had the coil inside her tighten, pulling her closer and closer to the release she seeked.

Her grip on the desk tightened. She was so close. Kenya bit her lip as the intense wave threatened to consume her. He shoved two fingers into her, sending a deep shock through her body, pushing her over the edge.

Kenya screamed out as her walls spasmed around his fingers. But those fingers didn’t remain there for long. In the midst of her orgasm, she felt something thicker, bigger push into her.

Alex began pumping his cock into her convulsing pussy. A wet, sucking noise filled the room as he rammed into her over and over again, creating the most delicious friction in her body. Without a thought, Kenya’s legs wrapped themselves around Alex’s waist, sending his thrusts deeper. His fingers tightly gripped at her hips, pulling her into each one of his thrusts.

Kenya’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she became lost in the feel of his thick erection moving in and out of her. All too soon she was once again at the edge of that cliff. Alex rubbed her clit with his thumb once more, giving her the push she needed. Another scream ripped from her throat as her body arched, trying to draw Alex’s cock deeper. Not long after she felt Alex’s body stiffen, a groan escaping his lips as he found his release inside her.

Afterwards, Kenya became aware of the material from both her skirt and stockings that clung to her sweat slicked skin. But she could care less. She loved how sated she felt, though she was still slightly eager for more.

Kenya felt a distant shake at her shoulder, a soft voice murmuring in her ear. “Miss Diya, wake up.”

Kenya eyes flickered until they finally opened, meeting the gaze of her boss. He smiled at her kindly, “I think it’s time we go home. All the work is done.”

What? Kenya looked down at her body, realizing she was fully clothed and still sitting on the sofa. Damn. Was it all a dream?

“Come. I’ll take you home.” Mr. Santos held his hand out to her, which she accepted. He pulled her too her feet with little effort. Maybe too much, she thought as her body collided with his. “Miss Diya, have I ever told you that you have very pretty eyes?”

Kenya shook her head. Mr. Santos grinned. “It is a deep pleasure of mine to escort such a beautiful woman home.”

His grin made her wonder what he had on his mind? Maybe if it was along the lines she was thinking, they could act out her dream once they arrived to her apartment. If not, it was a good thing she decided to charge her bunny this morning …addup#Crazinigerian 7976D6BE


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