Part1 18+

NO!!! Me ke I can’t do it jor I love my boyfriend too much for that…..
Chioma yelled in protest the moment Whitney  suggested sleeping with one Alhaji for money…
Whitney: Hian every time you love your boyfriend what is he giving you sef?? You will cook for him with your money,he would still fuck you like panel beater that is doing body work later you would come here and be crying he shifted your womb with his long dick without one naira in your purse to compensate yourself ..RUBBISH!! Someone that would leave you the moment he makes money as if you don’t know all this guys Please dont ask me for money again when you can’t even hustle for yourself after all its the same body we have.

Chioma: babe stop na don’t say that you know uzor is still looking for a job,am confident he would make it and we would get married one day all my suffering would pay off………..

Chioma replayed that conversation over and over again in her head it had been 3years since she had that conversation with Whitney but she remembered  every word clearly even as she sat on her bed in tears,remembering how she had giving Uzor 6years of her life, and now that he has become successful he decided she wasn’t good enough for him, Uzor had gotten a job at an oil servicing company in lagos and had started smiling to the bank when his attitude towards her changed,beating her for no reason, insulting her and finally telling her to her face that now that he is a big boy he needed a girl that would match his class before kicking her out his door and out of his life…
  Chioma threw herself first into drinking but after scolding from Whitney she transfered her all into her work trying to drown the emotional pains by putting in hours of overtime and this did not go unnoticed, Damien her boss began to notice that no mater how late he stayed at the office or how early he got to work he always met his receptionist at her desk,so one night against his better judgement of don’t mingle with his employees he summoned her asking why she over worked herself, even as she smiled casually assuring him nothing was wrong he could see through her smile and into the sadness of her soul that a lot was wrong,and so he took an interest to her,she got promoted three times in four months and was employee of the month for all four months,soon they became friends having the occasional late night after work snacks together and hitting a bar for some drinks right before he dropped her at home until she helped him one night in sorting out files one thing led to another and she was riding him senseless  fucking his brain out in his office…..
After that She kept telling herself that it was just sex until she caught herself falling for him only to come to work one day and found out Damien had left the Lagos office she was depressed and quit her job and went back to alcohol…
Chizobam wasn’t sure why she was even sad,they werent even dating she mumbled to herself while sitting at the secluded part of the bar she usually shared with Damien .
I don’t expect you to give up drinking entirely I mean soberity doesn’t fit you you re much more fun drunk but still you have to learn how to be a functioning alcoholic chichi..damien blurted out having his trademark smile on his face as he taunted chioma and her drinking problem.
Damien please What do you want from me again Can’t a lady drink in peace?? and please am not an alcoholic!
Yeah I know you aint an alcoholic you  are a problem drinker,damien had added still maintaining his smile and eye contact she had to admit she loved it when he called her chichi but there was no way she was gonna admit it,not out loud atleast..So still angry with me?damien asked still mantaining eye contact his eyes filled wit amusement
Nahh am entirely happy with you I mean u didn’t do much you only fucked me,never called and transfered from lagos to who knws where!!what are you even doing here?
I came to explain and  apologise chichi I owe you an explanation for what I did..
An explanation you think chioma cut him short,he still had his smile damm why did he have to smile so much and so good and look so good damm he is hot..she stopped herself from thinking way out the point and looked at him as if urging him to keep talking
Have been really sad about what I did,you have no idea what’s been going on in my head since the other day at my office
Don’t fucking talk to me about sadness chioma yelled out
Don’t swear at me damien yelled right back and kept quiet as she went on okay Damien we fucked and I caught feelings,I literally can’t stop thinking about you forget fairytales nonsense I can’t help it maybe it was a mistake maybe am not even sure what I want or maybe I just want more but what am sure right now is I dnt want you here right now with me
Damien’s eyes danced at d sound of more,okay you have had more than enough to drink am taking you home standup he pulled her closer and got a whimp of her familar scent as he forcefully steadied her and walked her to his car
Chichi followed him sheepishly struggling for balance while damien hailed a taxi and helped her in,and sat in beside her as she cuddled down on his shoulder,crying Damien felt like the worst person in the world even thou he knew the reason he asked for a transfer and left was because he knew he was falling for her and that was the last thing he needed in his career,but now he had been made ceo he had everything he needed career wise minus chioma,he knew he wanted her so bad and now he was back to lagos for her and he was gonna have her…
They got to his place and he scooped her right on his shoulder walked into the house and dropped her in bed and was walking out when she muttered No please don’t go damien don’t leave me make love to me ordinarily he would have declined seeing she was partly drunk but there was nothing he wanted more,this was clearly the reason he came back to lagos,she was clearly the reason  he came back and so he reached down to her and she met him halfway and they started kissing passionately exploring the depth of each others mouth like they were feeding on each others soul soon clothes came off and Damien flipped chioma over ripping her clothes off and kissing her back tracing his tongue down to her waist he slipped out his dick and sunked deep into her holding her down letting her adjust to his size
He held her waist tight to still her movement and fucked her hard. Still, he couldn’t keep her down. She rolled her waist and fucked him back with equal fervour. she rubbed her clit furiously as he thrust into her
Damien couldn’t hold himself anymore as her muscles clenched even tighter around his cock, he shot into her with the force of a piston, and kept on thrusting, his groans of pleasure mingled with hers, as they climaxed together. Breathing hard, he looked down at her beautiful face beaming up at him, at last she was totally his, this made him feel warmth and certain love for her, as he looked at her  face, sweat beaded her skin and his chest. He pulled out of his slightly hard cock out of her , and spooned against her arse. Kissing her lips As he whispered more promises that he would never leave her and he meant it….to be continued 7976D6BE #addup


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