Rated 18+

Alex POV
He wasnt quite sure what kind of relationship they had, they sure as hell weren’t platonic friends,they sexted every other day but when they actually got together nothing ever happen,all this danced round his head as he took a picture of his dick and sent it to her …2mins 5mins 10mins no reply he locked his phone tossed it to the bed grabbed a lotion off the table and proceeded to the bathroom to help himself
Kaffy POV
His Monstrosity of a dick had always scared her even as she zoomed in admiring all the veins that lined his tool her boyfriend had postponed his trip a week further at the very last minute and her vibrator wasn’t doing jack anymore yet she kept reminding herself why fucking him was a bad idea his womb destroyer would probably shift her womb and bust all her ovaries it was so massive in pictures she thought but then she was horny as a rabbit and decided to damm it all and have a some Alex for the night…so she quickly typed and sent the message before she convinced herself otherwise and settle for a guy with a small dick besides what’s life without the risk …“my place 15mins am naked”

Alex POV
After a couple minute of failed wanking he came out the bathroom visibility irritated and took a glance at the blinking light of his phone,sighed and opened it,a big grin covered his face ……………………………………………………….

10 minutes later he was at her place,and as she opened the door he didnt even bother kissing her,he lifted her up and placed her gently on the bed… pulled her bumshorts and panties to her knees, then raised her legs over her head, pushing it till her feets touched the headboard. Then he went to work.
His tongue on her clitoris felt like heaven. He teased her clit, licking and slurping up her juices. She moaned and called out his name, all trace of fear for his big dick evaporated. She had never been sucked like that before. His tongue was reaching places she never knew existed. His thumb was working magic on her clit, his tongue probing her honeypot, tongue-fucking her. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it any longer, he slipped his pinky into her asshole.


“Fuck!!!” She screamed “Oh my God….”

The sensations were insane. She couldn’t stop it any longer… her legs were shaking, she moaned and thrashed and came with a ferocity she had never felt. Her juices flowed out freely and he licked it all up. He dropped her quivering legs down and looked into her eyes and kissed her the kiss was soft, gentle and intimate . She could taste her juices on his lips. He kissed her so softly one would think he was savouring the taste of vintage wine. He sucked on her lips, his tongue digging into her mouth. She sucked his tongue and bit his lips… she couldn’t get enough.
He removed her shirt, took off her bra, bumshorts and panties… his eyes never leaving her body. Then he took her nipples in his mouth and sucked her like a hungry baby. He paused to tease her hardened nipples with his teeth and tongue then tweaked it with his fingers. He was rewarded with a moan as she ground her pelvis against him. Pushing him on his back, she sat on his tummy, bent over and kissed his nose, ears and cheeks… trailed kisses to his neck and all the way down to his chest before sucking on his tiny nipples. He sucked in his breath as she twirled her tongue around the miniature buds and heard him curse out.

“Fuck! Oh shit!! Yeah baby…. Fuck!”

She remembered from their sexting that, that drove him crazy. Placing light feathery kisses on his abs, belly button, thighs and around his crotch; she moaned softly and wished she could kiss him forever before taking his cock in her mouth. She licked the cap and stuck her tongue in the tiny slit on top of it then ran her tongue down the length of his shaft, lapping at his balls before sucking them. She took all of him in and sucked like her life depended on it. She wanted him to come in her mouth but he was all about pleasuring her. He dragged her up till she sat on his face and gave her pussy the royal treatment. He ate that pussy like it was royalty. She rode his face, rubbing her clit on his tongue. She never knew she was a screamer. She screamed, moaned and cursed… oblivious to how much noise she was making. He ate her till she came in his mouth.

Then, she got on all fours, raised her ass in the air and bit the pillow as he rammed into her and fucked her hard and fast. The pleasure was so intense she forgot the pain, her juices dripped as she screamed in pleasure. He pushed in from all corners, making sure his dick stroked every inch of her honeypot. He wanted her pussy to never forget him. He wished he could brand his name inside her. She “kegelled” on his dick like she was milking him with her pussy and he moaned aloud He couldn’t take it any longer, he held her waist tight to still her movement and fucked her hard. Still, he couldn’t keep her down. She rolled her waist and fucked him back with equal fervour. she rubbed her clit furiously as he thrust into her and just as she reached her peak, he moaned and called out her name, then spilled his juice into the condom.They both collapsed on the bed spent,




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