Mark,  Azeez  and Mira…
“ouch, hey calm down”
Mark felt a little embarrassed but that didn’t stop him from kissing her one more time. For months he had fantasized about her, he had looked at her lips as they moved, chewed, curved when she smiled, and how they looked when she kissed her boyfriend, his roommate.
Yes, he had fallen for her really hard, his mind went back to the exact moment his need for her defied all reasoning, he remembered how her naked back looked so smooth as she rose up and down his friend’s cock, how her ass bounced and slapped as it came down, her hair thrown back, the fast movement of her hips as she ground down on his friend’s crotch…he had sneaked out before they could sense his presence, His friend, Josh had not informed him he was going to be home with her when he saw him at school earlier.
His mind snapped back to present as he felt her smooth skin, she looked beautiful in the dull light of the hotel room, she was perfect, a tiny smile played at the corner of her lip.
“So, after all the trouble you went through to get us here, you decided to become a cannibal?” she teased him, kissing the tip of his nose.
“Sure, I just want to gobble you up, I am caveman like that” he said and did a Tarzan howl imitation that got her giggling.
They sat and looked at the soundless television for a while, neither made a move to get too close, he was aware of her every movement, her blinking eyes, her slightly parted lips as she watched Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda twerk video, the slight rise and fall of her chest as she breathed, her breast clad in nude coloured lace bra, which made her look naked already.
Her voice was low and serious, no trace of humour in it.
“yes, boo”
“Do you think we should stop now?
His heart hammered so hard, he thought it would explode, oh hell no, he thought.
“Why would you say that? He asked calmly.
She looked down as her pretty manicured nails, his gaze followed hers.
“It’s just that, you know, Azeez” her voice trailed off, her eyes stared into his, it looked watery like she was on the verge of crying.
No, not the waterworks he thought, not now.
He shifted closer to her, drew her into his arms, and kissed the nape of her neck
“No babe, it’s perfectly alright…I can’t force you, but look at it this way, you are not married to him, not even engaged”
He planted a kiss behind her ear, she shivered and her skin bumped.
“You said you caught him cheating right? In the act? He murmured against her ear, and blew soft air into it, she wiggled a little and relaxed.
He traced the outline of her bra and unclasped it from behind, her full breast bounced freely, he made no move to caress them, he traced the tips of his fingers lightly on her back, he moved behind, kissing her back, she leaned into him, moaning a little, his palms cupped the flesh below her boobs, his fore fingers grazed lightly against the soft flesh of her breast.
“baby, say you want to stay and enjoy this” his lips kissed a hot trail down to her butt cheeks, her body vibrated a reply as she whimpered unable to say a word as pleasure coursed through her body.
She pushed her right hand into her panties and rubbed against her wet cunt, moaning her nipples hardened, pushing herself fully into the bed, she watched his cock grow in his boxers, the sight made her wetter, she spread her legs wide, finger still in cunt and moved her waist up and down, beckoning with her eyes, she could see the intense need in his.
He knelt down against the edge of the bed and drew her wet panties down her hips, she was clean shaven, her cunt was swollen and extremely wet, he watched her finger dip in and out fast, bending down he kissed her cunt, finger still in his mouth caught it as she brought it out, sucking her juice off it, his nostrils flared as her scent hit him, it was pleasant and musky, kissing her mould, he tapped the tip of his tongue against her clit, tasting her, he tapped faster, his hands grabbed her ass firmly, she wiggled, moaned and begged him to fuck her, he licked her like a serving of sweet ice-cream, sucking, licking and tapping.
She pushed away from him with a strength the surprised him, her chest heaving heavily, her breath came in short burst
“Stop teasing, fuck me already” she said in a tight shaky voice.
Mark smiled at her, his dimpled cheek making him looked incredibly sexy, she groaned. He pushed down his shorts, his cock was hard and fully erect, it looked like a weapon, she swallowed, he got on the bed, drawing her towards him, he got in between her legs, straddling her mid sideways, he bent and kissed her full lips, his shaft pressed against her pussy, it throbbed and pulsed, she couldn’t hold on much longer, she grabbed his cock and pushed it against her wet hole, her cunt seemed to tighten and say thank you, as he pushed in as far as he could go. He paused for just a moment and moved, he fucked her like sex was going out of season, changing positions as often as possible, she screamed her delight until she became hoarse, he kept fucking and changing condoms, she had cum twice already, but her body craved for more and more.
“Stand up” he told her and pulled her up,
he walked to the bathroom, and beckoned to her, she tried walking her steps were unstable, he took her in his arms, and kissed her brow, pushing her against the edge of the porcelain sink. She looked into the mirror over the sink, her eyes were big and glazed, her bright red lipstick smudged, she smiled at him through the reflection, her mouth formed the ’O ’ as he pushed his cock deep into her, she arched her back to accommodate him more, then he started thrusting, slowing at first, each thrust calculated, his cock slid against her clit, pressing against the soft sensitive tissue, her moans built up with each thrust, her body spoke a language of its own, vibrating, fuming, stretching, pussy contracting, as waves of orgasm washed over her, her skin tingled from touch, she barely heard his loud moans and heavy breathing as he came right then, increase his pace till she felt her cunt would fall off.
Then he stilled and pulled out of her, his cum collected in the condom seemed quite a lot.
Gingerly she stood straight, not bothering to shower, she walked back into the room, rummaged through her bag and brought out a bar of Mars chocolate, using her teeth to tear open an edge, she plonked onto the bed, and bit into it.
He looked at her as she ate the chocolate, and smiled, she seemed innocent and pretty, her nipples were as brown as the chocolate, he felt his cock stir a little, he looked to her, and back at his now growing cock, she followed the gaze.
He took the first step towards her when the knock came…
He looked to her his brow cocked up, he had not ordered room service, his mind’s eye replayed scenes from movies like this.
“Well see who is there” she said cheerfully… “I have a surprise for you”
That could only mean one thing he thought, a threesome, wow! She was freaky…
Smiling he grabbed the towel from the bathroom, wrapped around his waist and opened the door just as another knock sounded.
He was speechless, his cock deflated immediately
“Mark? … What the? Azeez asked, his eyes wide open, his hand still posed to knock on the door, his fist tightened.
“Oh you are here, would you like to join the party? She asked while laughing.
“Fuck” that was all Mark could manage as he looked at his friend…..#hotpie Addup 7976D6BE


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