Midweek special part1 Dare’s Delima

Dare finally freed from the car, walked up to his house only to notice the silence. Juliet usually had her music going, the television on, or at least something to cause background noise. Hell, he didn’t even hear his Friend in the house.The silence caused him to be cautious, only then did he notice the noise. It was far too muffled for anyone else to hear, yet he heard it. The noise drew him curiously closer and finally into the living room. Dare saw his girlfriend juliet on all fours her ass in The air while his best friend Wale was fucking her into d next millennium,he felt a bulge in his pants and wasn’t sure why he should even get hard to what he was seeing  “what the Hell is going on?” Upon hearing his voice, Juliet looked over at Dare from the doorway. Her eyes seemed to widen, and she tried to stand up.
Juliet was quickly pushed back down, looking more like a doll in wale’s embrace. Dare was about to blow,why wasn’t he attacking and punching the devil out of his best friend , pulling her hair aside then forcing her to face her boyfriends stare. “What do you think, Dare? Isn’t she pretty?” There was a blank look on Dare’s face , this guy must be mad, Dare took a better look at his Girlfriend wale had clearly outdone himself. Juliet ass was red, probably from being spanked, her face was flushed, not to mention the dick buried deep into her ass. It was only after Dare took this all in; that wale withdrew his dick from juliet pussy. “What? Can’t think of anything to say?”
Dare tore his eyes off Juliet long enough to look wale in the face. His voice was hard to hear, especially with Juliet pleas for Dare to forgive her. “She’s beautiful. The sex becomes her.” Laughing, wale said and gently ran his fingers down juliet’s back he held her firmly and she couldnt break free despite her struggle . Her body pressed back against his, her ass starting to Bounce against his cock. As he fucked her “Jealous?” The word hung in the air, and finally Dare screamed Olori buruku ni e “Yes, that’s my Girlfriend  you’re fucking.” There was a soft gasp that came from juliet at his words. Hearing it, Wale grabbed her by her hair. He forced her down on her knees at his dick …..to be continued next week.. 7976D6BE #addup


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