Your next Orgasm

So how’s my lover tonight? I’m on my knees in front of you as my hands slide stealthily up your skirt, my fingers tingling your smooth, sexy skin, and you shudder under the touch as you feel yourself getting wet and hot between your legs, knowing what comes next when I get into this position. My fingers begin where you wish my tongue will end up. My index and middle fingers work together to massage you gently through your panties, but then pull them aside to find your pussy lips wet and willing. My fingers make you hot, don’t they? I mean, hotter than you were before. On a scale of 1 to 10, your heat index is rising quickly to an 8, but I’m just getting warmed up. Now I increase the pace of my strong digits on your wet, silky passion before reaching up with the other hand to your breast, and the touch of my hand on your rock-hard teat makes you moan. These panties have to go. When they’re down and off, my tongue rides in like a horse to its owner and finds your shaved pussy. You gasp and throw your head back, your fingers gripping my long black locks, pulling my face into you. You’re gasping in bursts now, a short scream each time, as my tongue works masterfully over your pussy, teasing and driving, gentle and rough. My tongue is the brush of a master painter, and it works over the canvas of your labia. Yes, lover, don’t resist. I want to take you to orgasm again…… 7976D6BE #addup


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