He showed up

My phone vibrated. I picked it up, hoping, hoping . . .
And it was HIM. My heart banged.
HIM: I’m at a meeting downtown. Could be at ur house in an hour.
ME: Geat!
HIM: Sorry abt the short notice.
ME: No worries. Can’t wait to see u.

I flew out of the library and ran across the campus to my car. Once home, I jumped into the shower. Moments after turning off the blow dryer I could hear his car pulling into my driveway.
I met HIM at the door with a towel wrapped around me.
There was no ‘hello’, no ‘How are you?. He grabbed the towel, yanked it off me and pulled me against his body. His kisses came hard and fast. Without stopping, he led me to the sofa and bent me over it. Then in one quick move he unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop. Once he entered me, he showed me no mercy,fucking and pounding me with such strength,I orgasmed in minutes and fell on the sofa while he stepped out his pants
His Dick was as hard and dark as ebony wood,Beautifully bold.
He told me not to touch and just enjoy the tongue action I was receiving.
Even though it felt so good I needed him to feel the same.
I leaned down but kept my pussy on his mouth, he loved when I sat on his face.
To try and distract me he started to nibble lightly on my clit and stuck a finger in my ass.
Damn he really knows how to turn me out.
It took me a moment but I continued on my quest, his dick looked delicious and I wanted a taste. 
I started to circle the head of his dick with my tongue to get my initial taste, a mixture of his cum and my juice from our earlier round. 
He taste good but I taste better and tasting both of us was just heaven. 
I wasted no time in deep throating that dick, well his dick, actually my dick. 
I needed him to cum quickly because I was losing focus, the skills of his tongue was killing me.
Wanking and deep throating was my go-to.
He started to moan and so did I but I refused to stop. 
He started to fuck me with his tongue and I used my free hand to grab his balls, he loved that shit. 
I could taste his pre-cum and I knew he was close. 
My legs started to shake and he could tell I was close.
He started to finger me fast and bit down on my clit, I came instantly all over his face.
I put his dick between my breast and carried on sucking and in no time my mouth was filled with his essence….. 7976D6BE #addup



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