Amanda’s Cookies

I kept staring wondering who she was,damm she was hot. I was literally drolling as she stepped out of the pool in a red bikini,her legs went on for days,light skinned with a body to die for and gosh those eyes,this babe was perfect with her nice ass and full boobs,I kept watching her as every regular pervet would do. The pool side was empty and I wasn’t bothered about any other guy approaching her first,I was gonna take my time I thought to myself as i watched her dry her hair and tie a blue bandana,towel in hand she disappeared to the changing room.few minutes later she was back wearing a white top and a grey joggers,I did a quick run walk to her as I sensed she was about to leave and introduced myself,she seemed to study me for a second before telling me her name was Amanda and just when I thought we were about to have a conversation, she walked away leaving me staring at her bouncing behind.. 
  I wasn’t sure which was dozie’s apartment as I stood on the hallway contemplating on knocking on every door. His number was off. after making me drive 30 minutes I was so sure he was fucking some chick as usual and so I started knocking on every door asking for dozie’s apartment, no one seemed to know anybody else,typical mind your fucking buisness so i knocked on the 3rd door and as it was open the smell of kush hit me and a familiar face stood by the door,it was the chick from the pool a week earlier,her eyes were tinted as she looked at me and started laughing for really no reason,”leonard right??Are you stalking me” she asked still holding her joint and smiling at me and I was just there looking at her pointing nipples which WERE stressing her black singlet ,come In she said, pulled me inside, locked the door behind me and led the way. I caught a glimpse of myself grinning as I passed a mirror just beside the door, you lucky bastard I said to mysef, she handed me a joint and  jumped on her bed laid out flat while I took off my shoes


An hour later and I was as stoned as a hippie,laughing at everything, couldnt emember exactly how or when but I was in my boxers and she was wearing just her panties,the room was really cold and her nipples were really hard so I reached for them and grazd them. she moaned
 and smacked her lips,she was enjoying it,I eased closer and teased her nipples with my tongue,she grabbed my head and moaned louder as the effects of my mouth sent shock waves through her, I started kissing her lips, her tongue searched through my mouth digging deeper,her lips were harsh from ash of the joint,then I broke the kiss and teased her neck nibling and sucking her neck tracing my tongue and I went back down to her boobs played around them for a while leaving a blazing trail with my tongue as i went down south,then i was on her tummy and kissing her as I went more slowly now lower,the suspense killed her and she pushed my head to go lower,using my teeth I pulled her panties lower and pulled them down,she was cleanly shaved and I spread her legs apart as i stuck my tongue into her core,she went wild cursing out and wiggling her waist as I dipped in two fingers stroking her as I ate her out till I felt her pussy tighten and she orgasmed,she pulled my fingers out and put it in her mouth as she sucked on my fingers tasting her self I was going crazy, “my turn” she said and pushed me to lay on my back,my boxers was off in seconds and my dick WAS throbbing in her mouth,she sucked me like a real pro,her warm mouth sent signals to my brain and I was twitching in pleasure. I felt my cum build up so i pushed her up and glanced round for my jeans,I saw it on the couch. I got a pack of condoms from one of the pockets ,Amanda watched me as i struggled in my high state to slip on the condom, so she stood up and helped me slip it on,”let me tell u now  I don’t want slow boring fucks ok? I want you to fuck me really hard and fast”,she laid on the bed and spread her legs so far apart her pink pussy was so inviting. I dug in deep, she moaned excitedly I started fucking her like my life depended on it she was lost in the wave as I fucked her deeper and as hard as i could; I was loosing my breathe.’then she orgasmed grabbing my waist holding me firm in place inside her while she vibrated ,she let go of me, turned around laying flat on her tummy her legs closed she put her hands behind her back and ordered me hold her hands firmly behind her and insert my dick back inside her pussy I willingly did, and started fucking her increasing the tempo as her bouncing ass turned me on the more I looked at it,her moans had turned to screams I was hitting the right spot. I didn’t relent, i left her hands and spanked her ass really hard before grabbing them tight and pounded her pussy. this drove her mad,she let out a loud shriek,she was in between her multiple orgasm and was closer to the next cum as her ocassional vibration and squirting made me fuck her more wildly,her pussy juice had given the sound of my dick going in and out of her pussy a clapping sound this mixed with her really loud moans and screams drove me crazy. I held her waist and thrusted deeper as I felt my cum build up, I felt her vibration she was having another orgasm,I pulled her up into a proper doggy position and grabbed her waist and continued hitting her fast till I shot my load filling the condom as she fell to the bed in orgasm….The end 7976D6BE #addup


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